IntSaab2015: Enjoying the last day in Germany

Today we made a trip to Warsteiner World. We traveled via Winterberg practicing for IntSaab2015 😉 High mountains and many tourist from The Netherlands. I always liked Warsteiner and Bitburger. Another local favorite is Licher. I had no idea how much this place was and would recommend a visit here. They have head phones so you can take the tour in English.

Today we made a trip to the Warsteiner world. On the way there we drove over Winterberg and practiced for the IntSaab2015


Warsteiner even had a train yard full with containers and their own train for export to the world! They have 250 lorries daily picking up deliveries. Really amazing.

The Warsteiner brewery even has its own station full of containers with its own locomotive to transport the beer all over the world. In addition, 250 trucks pick up deliveries every day. Truly amazing!

This is the fifth post by Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. SAAB 9-5NG from their home town of Tranås in Sweden to the Hesse region in Germany, and ultimately via France, Belgium and Denmark to IntSaab2015 host country Norway. Their previous posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!


3 thoughts on "IntSaab2015: Enjoying the last day in Germany"

  • For me, my first holiday in Sweden is coming soon. Is there also good beer or other drinks there? Can anyone recommend something to me that I must try it?

    • Hello Peter,

      so my favorite in Sweden is “Mariastad” I hope I spelled it right ??? You should stay away from “Nordlansgult” and “Pribsbla” but that's my opinion !!!


    • Hello Peter, Yes Norrlands Guld and Falcon beer “pils” is very nice 🙂

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