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Quietly, almost unnoticed, I said goodbye to the blog to spend a few days of vacation on the beach of the Baltic Sea. Saab 9-5 and 9-3 were fully loaded; More than 650 kilometers to the north lay ahead of us. The goal: a small town on the Baltic Sea, even smaller than Trollhättan.

Evening atmosphere. Saab 9-5 on the Baltic Sea.
Evening atmosphere. Saab 9-5 on the Baltic Sea.

There was a beach house near Kappeln and 7 days of relaxation with the family at the sea. Enjoy the sea, let the sailors pass by. Read a book or several good books… and no obligations. What a wonderful perspective!

As always, it doesn't work without Saab. A Saab is not a Saab, but two Saabs are a topic of conversation. Anyone who parks two cars “Made by Trollhättan” in front of their holiday home will attract attention. The 9-5 is still an eye-catcher and, in conjunction with the 9-3, a topic on the beach. Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche park in front of the houses, with the other cars from the Volkswagen group in between. The exotic ones are our cars and a new Toyota, which typically comes from Sweden to vacation on the Schlei.


Why do you drive (still) Saab? Career break, committed believer, Sweden fan? The brand is history, there is nothing left to discuss. With headlines in the German press, NEVS ensured that everyone, really everyone, who is interested in cars, knows the drama down to the smallest village. But NEVS is not Saab, they are just (initially failed) investors from China. Saab, on the other hand, is Sweden, and - according to the beach opinion - Saab has always built good quality. Safe, excellent cars from Scandinavia. Regrettably, so the result of the gasoline talks at the sea, that the brand has disappeared. It becomes clear: the break is there, Saab is history. With a lot of sympathy and a good reputation, and the general suspicion that whoever drives Saab could be a man of conviction.

The new owners in Trollhättan would have had the opportunity to seamlessly continue the old tradition. That was thoroughly screwed up, and after fruitless years you are still left empty-handed. Anyone who wants to revitalize the brand in Europe at some point - they will feel the turning point in recent years and have a very difficult time.


Kappeln is on the Schlei, Trollhättan on Göta Älv. Both cities are not prosperous, both have a bascule bridge that can effectively bring car traffic to a standstill. With that we have already listed the similarities. Under the code name "Deekelsen”The region came to short-term and dubious fame with a series of doctors. The country doctor's program was disposed of graciously, and you don't have to know Kappeln, really not, but then you would have missed a friendly, friendly town. Beyond tourism, there are pearls to discover on the loop that are worthwhile.

If you like fresh fish, you will find the fish smokehouse near the northern harbor Föh. The associated restaurant with terrace has no frills, self-service is the order of the day, communication with guests is sparse. The fish is unbeatably fresh, unbeatably good and just as cheap. The smokehouse has a tradition of more than 100 years - Kappeln without Föh is impossible. We were regular guests there during our Baltic Sea week.

They are small family businesses, run over several generations, giving places a special flair. This includes, with a long tradition, the Pottery floor. If you appreciate craftsmanship from the Baltic Sea as a souvenir for good friends or for your own pleasure, then Debora Stock is the right address. Our Frida is cuddled as a greeting, we can look around in a calm, nice atmosphere - and of course we find it. Craftsmanship, “Made by Kappeln”, we like it.


Which brings us to Frida. Some readers know my dog ​​story, which ended in a time without a dog. Frida has been here for a few weeks, shortens my nights and has tons of crazy ideas. She is three months old, pretty cool for her age, already certified to 100% Saab 9-3 and Saab 9000. Of course, she is long-distance compatible and travels, as befits a decent Labrador, always protected in a special transport cage.

Her mission: less desk for Tom, more exercise. This is her success.


Of course, every vacation comes to an end at some point. After a week we torture ourselves over overcrowded Baltic Sea roads back towards the motorway - which are just as full. It is the main travel season. The Swedes are on their way south. With one exception - a 1999 9-5 station wagon, which will roll out defective on the hard shoulder at Hanover, we don't see a single Saab with Swedish registration. The Swedes prefer BMW, Audi and Volvo. How do you think you feel when 9-5 and 9-3 go by? Do they reflect that a piece of Swedish industrial culture has been lost ... something that would have been worth doing?

Anyway, our two cars are downright long-haul vehicles. When fully loaded, we are relaxed and economical on the road. There is a little surprise when it comes to consumption. The large, heavy 9-5 with its automatic beats the smaller and lighter 9-3 with manual transmission; even if only barely! After a return trip with traffic jams and heavy traffic, the Saab 9-5 has 8,9 liters, and the 9-3 station wagon 9,0 liters. The explanation is simple. The big 9-5 has a direct injection turbo, the 2011 9-3 still has the “old” engine with Trionic. Progress made visible, even if the Saab story is at a preliminary end point. Too bad.

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  • It wasn't that completely unnoticed - I noticed that your articles have been few and far between lately. I was just irritated because no summer break had been specifically announced.

    When I think of Kappeln an der Schlei, I immediately think of my French teacher PF - we call it “Caesar” because of his nose, facial expressions and hair on his head. He always liked to talk about three things: Kappeln, rowing on the Schlei and his time as a military police officer (he often used the techniques he learned there ...).

    Speaking of career kink: I would put it that way. Anyone who drives a big 9-5 has made it so far in his career that he can buy his own car and no longer needs a free service BMW (or Audi) ... 🙂

  • blank

    “Why do you (still) drive Saab? Career kink, committed believer, Sweden fan? ”…

    is interesting, if you do not drive a current car is already suspected that the current economic life is no match. Or you're just a quirky Sweden fan.
    I drove the 9000er over 10 years because I was absolutely missing (except four-wheel drive) and despite a career kink to the top, or that's why I've got myself the 9-7x and 9-5NG. It could also have been Q7 or Panamera.

    The 9000er was already far ahead of its time, the other two on the amount of time, I hope that in the foreseeable future replenishment.

    • blank

      So, bergsaab, that sounds a lot like a “man of conviction” in a positive sense.

      Even my better half and I are waiting for additional supplies from Trollhättan, while continuing to enjoy pleasant rides with our 9-3er and 9-5er (each run around the 200.000 km). It does not really interest, if the dear fellow humans try to explain something here!

      While waiting for possible replenishment (this could take a while), I will probably start looking for a suitable 9-5 II with diesel engine for me - even if I won the lottery, my approach would certainly not change to change.

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    In Stralsund one sees regularly Swedish saabs.
    And one is unfortunately on the schrotti without papers.

    • After all, Friday morning 2 Saabs (9-5 SC) with Scheduled license plate arrived with us with the ferry in Kiel. most Swedes had a different kind of motoring, quite the opposite of the area north of Gothenburg. Probably the Swedes with their Saab prefer to drive around there than in a traffic jam on the A7

  • Congratulations to Frida Tom! Which surprise…

  • blank

    About a year ago I met a white Saab 9-5 NG near Kappeln (Mohrkirch). I stopped, because I had the impression that the driver is looking for the way. In fact, he was looking for the birth? House of the grandmother. I drove an 900 convertible. Can it be that you were that?
    Would be a madness coincidence!

    • A white 9-5 NG is very, very rare. No, I was not. It was my first, but definitely not my last visit to the Schlei

      • Hello Tom,

        Last year we were also at the Schlei, and can understand your enthusiasm, really a beautiful spot on the Baltic Sea! This year we were on the North Sea towards Denmark, and I have a very high Saab density, it was even greeted each other!


  • blank

    Well that sounds like a successful holiday! Nice

    But finally there are amounts again because we already missed you!

    Happy weekend anyway 🙂

    Greetings from Hessen

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