Experiences of a junkyard junkie

Swedish scrap yards are not just due to the recent forced burial of the new ones 9-5er prototypes became interesting for Saab freaks. No, for over 30 years, these cemeteries, at least for a junkyard junkie like me, exert an irresistible appeal. Basically, I returned so far after every stay in Sweden with a fuller trunk back as at the beginning of the trip, of course, filled with Saab parts.

Junkyard impressions from Sweden.
Junkyard impressions from Sweden.

In summer 2006 this should not change according to my plans. After the end of a business trip to Copenhagen, the "short distance" to Trollhättan was so appealing that even the alarm of the alarm clock at 4 o'clock triggered great anticipation that even the rental car, a VW Touran, could not tarnish.

Of course, after arriving in Trollhättan, the first thing we wanted to do was visit the Saab Museum, and then we went to our Swedish office, which, fortunately, is located only 300 meters away from the museum. The most important question right at the beginning: Where is the next junkyard? This question could not upset anyone, since almost all knew my Saab mania.

Great, a great place was located only about 10 km outside the city. So into the Touran, past the beautiful Kopparklinten and further into the dark forest. Finally, the desired sign "Bilskrot" on the roadside and - the very high gate was just before 12 clock inviting open. Pure happiness! After 100 meters, the first adrenaline rush: Did not a vermooster Rover 2000 TC peer out of the bushes to greet you? On the way to the office a battered Ford bathtub, which endured a Granada piggyback ride. A Mercedes pontoon with no windows, which had certainly defied the Swedish rain for years. A hunchback Volvo, still in a pretty passable condition.
But where are the hoped-for Saab?

In the office then the redeeming information: "Look at the other end of the square, there are dozens around". "Stand around" was really understated. Perfectly lined up all Saab stood next to each other: 96, 99, 900, 9000, even two 93 were to be seen. Four round 96er backs in all colors next to each other waiting for better times, just great!

Everyone who carries this Schrotti bacillus can understand what happened in the next two hours: every little alley of the junkyard was used in the hunt for ever more beautiful photos. This place breathed automotive history in every corner. Without a souvenir I could not go here: A complete front for the 96, although rusty, but headlight and wiper motor almost as new, had done to me. That could not be too expensive.

By now it was 15 clock, time had passed by in a flash. So back to the office, the last crown bills already in the hand. But what I saw made my breath fall. The door was locked, no one else was visible. Should they really .... ???

With dark premonitions I climbed the Touran and drove to the exit. In fact, the nearly 3 meter high goal was too !!! Insurmountable and monstrous, the obstacle stood in front of me. The fence next to the gate was not much lower either. Now I also discovered the sign on the fence: Friday open until 14 clock, Saturday and Sunday "Stands". Rarely has a word shocked me so much. Stängt. Point. Out. Spend two days without food here, also the ferry was reserved for the late evening. Panic rose slowly.

On the other hand, every fence is surmountable, you just have to look for the right place. This was then also 20 meters next to the gate. Only 1,5 meters high, this part of the fence was to create. Okay, I was outside, but inside the Touran looked questioningly at me. A walk to the next farm followed, where I told the nice Swedish family my situation. The redeeming answer: "Sure, we know the owner, we'll call him right away."

With a guilty conscience, I trotted back to the closed gate, expecting a hearty pomp. After 15 minutes, a peculiar, rattling noise broke the silence of the afternoon. And indeed, a light blue Citroen BX with a porous exhaust stopped in front of me. What would follow now? ...
An elderly man got off a bit awkwardly, obviously a little alcohol was involved. Instead of cursing me with legitimate reproaches, he greeted me warmly, opened the gate lock - and the Touran was freed. And now came the incomprehensible: He invited me into the BX and drove to his office, where he showed me his true treasures. A Mercedes from the 30er years was protected in a barn, next to a Panhard PL 17, a Facel Vega, a Saab 95. All the stress was forgotten, the junkyard junkie found its way back into my body.

But the time of departure was pressing. Far too short was this unforgettable meeting with the charismatic Swede. Of course, the addresses were exchanged and the front of the 96 he gave me as a gift on the trip.

What a great day, Sweden was this Friday much, much more sympathetic than ever!

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

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