IntSaab2015: Arrived in Norway!

The first day is running to its end at Flåm Camping. We had a great day and have seen so many Saabs around. It's an amazing thing to be part of such a gathering as this. Goodnight from us in Flåm.
The first day comes to an end at the campsite in Flåm. We had a fantastic day and saw so many Saab around us. It's great to be part of a big event like this. Good night to you all from us Flåm.





We arrived in Bergen at 12.30 and it was raining so it was a short stop to see down town and then continue with the route at once. What an amazing road to Flåm from Bergen. These photos are from the area around Stalheimskleiva. Amazing views and the weather was getting better also.
We arrived in Bergen at 12.30 o'clock and it rained. Therefore, we have only made a small round of sightseeing through the city and then drove straight on. What a fantastic way from Bergen to Flåm. This photo is from the area around Stalheimskleiva. Fantastic views and the weather gets better too.


Fjord Line


After Loeken We arrived in Hirtshals and now the ferry. We only saw 4 other Saabs around here and only 2 of them were going to IntSaab2015.
After our visit in Loeken We drove on to Hirtshals and are waiting there to board the ferry to Bergen. On the way, we only saw 4 other Saabs in the area and only two of them drive us to the IntSaab2015.

This is the 9th post from Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt as “Team Günter” about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. This is actually their first post from Norway, so their pre-tour in their jet black SAAB 9-5NG from their home town Tranås in Sweden to Germany, via France, Belgium and Denmark has come to end and now “the real work” can start: enjoying the IntSaab2015 event. Their earlier posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!