SAAB passion and a wedding


Once Upon a time…

... back when I got my driver's license, I noticed a SAAB 900 during my driving lessons. This car looked very exotic, extraordinary and impressive compared to the Golf III generation, which was represented in our place.

Wedding Saab. Report by Martin.
Wedding Saab. Report by Martin.

So I decided, I would like one like that. But where do you get it? Since I did not find anything then, but urgently needed a car, the decision fell on a Nissan Almera, which was offered for sale by an older couple. So I put my first money in this car and he did 4 years of faithful service before he made it clear to me that we would not be happy much longer. So began the search for a new car.

The next contact with the trolls I had then through my uncle. When he came to visit us, he drove with a SAAB 9-3 SC. That surprised us already, because he has previously driven only VOLVO. The car I liked immediately, even before I got in. When I was allowed to sit in the cockpit, I was immediately infected by the SAAB spirit. This laid the foundation for the SAAB wish again. A short time later, a test drive with my future 9-3 was started in Dresden. After the formalities were clarified, I was a proud SAAB 9-3 SC pilot.

On the numerous cross-country flights with the 9-3, I discovered the SAAB friends Saxony. Which meet in the spring and fall to common trips in Saxony. With so many SAAB enthusiasts I met a lot of nice people. Among the pilots were also 900 drivers. These infected me more and more with the 900 virus. What I was again interested in an 900. The search then took 2 years, until I finally found a suitable offer.

After an intensive search it was time to go to Berlin to bring the SAAB 900Turbo 16S Aero to Saxony. Of course, it had minor signs of wear, but these could be remedied with careful manual work. Now he shines again, almost like it did in '89 when he rolled off the production line.
Both SAABe run to the fullest satisfaction and will hopefully accompany me for many years to come.


My parents came to me excitedly this year and said my sister would marry. The joy was of course great and so it was decided that I should drive the wedding car. The choice of my parents fell on a German make, which I did not think was good. For a special day belongs a special car. I told them, let me do it, I'll find the right car. And then Mark came into play, I asked him if he would loan me his SAAB 9-3 CV for the day.

Mark immediately loved this idea and said YES. Of course, the bridal couple did not suspect anything of all this. They only knew that they should be picked up at the registry office.

On the wedding day it was time, secretly was the CV in a side street without attracting attention. After the ceremony, the newlywed couple was showered with congratulations by the family and many friends and acquaintances, and the first pictures were taken in and around the registry office. Then followed my appearance, with the top still closed, was stopped before the bride and groom. They first looked puzzled, but then they beamed over their ears as the hood opened and many, filled with helium heart balloons from the CV rose. Beaming with joy, they took their seats and enjoyed the moment. Then they said: James, drive!

The ride went through the picturesque old town of Dresden, along the Elbe via Moritzburg, to the photo shoot at the castle, high up to the Spitzhaus in Radebeul, where the celebration really started.

Thanks a lot to Mark for contributing to this great day with his SAAB.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Thanks to Martin for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

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    Many thanks for the great convertible drive and thanks also to the driver who drove us through the city center to the Spitzhaus and Moritzburg, it was really unforgettable and our best day! Greetings the bridal couple

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      Hello dear bridal couple;

      Full throttle into common happiness !!! May your journey be paved into communal life with many great and precious experiences that will further solidify and deepen your love.

      The blog team

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    Hey Marco, you got a PN. LG Mark

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    A very nice (Saab) story. Especially with the surprised bridal couple and the very beautiful pictures of Moritzburg and the Spitzhaus. Similarly, a few weeks ago, I also parked in front of the Spitzhaus with my 9³ SC and ate extremely tasty eggshell there. The Spitzhaus can be recommended as a beautiful (Saab) destination in any case.

    I have still one question. Do you also have something on the internet about planned activities of Saab-Freunde Sachsen? Should there be the next few times something in the Dresden-Görlitz area, I would also like to try to take part in it.

    Many greetings from Lausitz - Marco

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      Spitzhaus egg piebald is also delicious. 😉

      Greetings Andreas

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