IntSaab2015: Day 3 / day 3 Skjölden-Olden

We started from Skjölden at about 10:00. Every day you have two routes to choice from and we decided to take the short one via Sogndalsfjora, Skei & Utvik to today's destination Loen. We unfortunately could not find a place to stay there so we'll be camping in Olden for two nights.
We started around 10: 00 clock in Skjölden. Every day you can choose between two different routes and today we have decided to take the shorter route via Sogndalsfjora, Skei and Utvik. Today's goal for the day is Loen. Unfortunately, we have found no accommodation in Loen. That's why we live in Olden for two nights.

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Just about when you think it can not get any better, it does get better! What a view, again. This is a glacier in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. So we are coming to Geiranger and Trollstigen and yes: we are coming on the day after tomorrow!
Whenever you think that it can not get better, it gets even better! What a view. This is a glacier in the landscape formed by ice and water of the Jostedalsbreen National Park. We also met some tourists who said that we absolutely have to go to Geiranger and Trollstigen. And: Yes, we will do that the day after tomorrow!


The day ended with a meeting at the base camp in Loen at 17.30 with 140 plus participants and 40. We then drove a short tour through 2,5 km. It was time for barbeque and then to say goodnight. Günter wants to like very much. We just want to introduce the reason why we are named "Team Günter" ...
The day ends with a meeting at the official campsite in Loen. At 17.30 the 140 participants met for a tour through Loen. In addition, 40 other Saabs came, who had decided to accompany us. Together we drove a tour of 2,5 km length through Loen. Then it was time for the barbecue and then it was time to say good night. For tomorrow there were several tours to choose from. We will do our own tour and visit a place that Günter will like very much. Tomorrow we will also explain why we have the name Team Günter ...


Goodnight from us in Olden.
Good night from us from Olden.

This is the 11th post from Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt as “Team Günter” about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. They are now reporting from Norway, enjoying the IntSaab2015 event in their jet black SAAB 9-5NG. Some two weeks earlier they started a pre-tour from their home town Tranås in Sweden to Germany, via France, Belgium and Denmark to Norway. Their earlier posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!

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  • 🙂 We can really recommend Norway as a holiday destination! But you should maybe take a camping kitchen. The food there is quite expensive! 😉

  • I have to say, the pictures really make for wanderlust! 🙂

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