Saabig ... KW32 / 15

It is unusually quiet around the brand with the griffin, which could also be due to the high summer temperatures. 37 degrees and more on the freeway, traffic jams to the south ... at least our turbos don't find it sparkling.

Turbo X by G. Welge
Turbo X by G. Welge

Saab fan Götz is traveling on the big island at slightly more moderate temperatures. Of course, with the legendary, unique, legendary Turbo X! His holiday picture with Saab is in front of a hangar of Shuttleworth Collection added. The forward flying object is a German Albatros aircraft from 1917, reconstructed in New Zealand. And despite the real summer hole, there is Saab news.

Blog Supporters: Viking Parts

The blog can report a new supporter. Viking Parts is a spin-off of the legendary spare-part department of the former Saab Center Bonn. The name is new, supervisors and advice at the familiar high level. Wikinger Parts sells original spare parts for our Saab, including classic parts, some of which are no longer available in Sweden. It's always worth calling.

The Saab blog is happy about any support, because running costs money. The fact that we have had almost no downtime for many months is due to the hardware and software and the investments - and thus the numerous supporters who keep the blog organism alive with their contributions.

We would be happy to receive further supporters from the Saab area. Every euro counts, he is well invested and keeps the brand in public.

Oh, another Turbo X. This time the one from M. Meise.
Oh, another Turbo X. This time the one from M. Meise.

Migrant: Saab Service Tit

So far, the possibility of blog support - in addition to providers of Saab spare parts - is only available to authorized Saab partners. The independent workshops are outside. The decision was made in 2011 and only partially honored by the partners. Maybe it has overtaken and should be changed. Mark and I think about it ...

A free Saab workshop operates Matthias Meise near Bad Hersfeld. He has made a profession out of his absolute Saab passion, and he lives the brand with all his heart. Again and again he goes to Sweden, gets special parts, and has an open ear for the special requests of his customers.

Passion and success can go hand in hand, and his Saab business model works. He moved his workshop into new, larger rooms in July. The blog team wishes him every success in the new building.

And of course Matthias also drives a Turbo X as a station wagon - the particularly rare version, because only 20 of the 90 vehicles that Saab sold in Germany have the rear with loading compartment. The limousines are in the majority.

More than 700 subscribers

Somehow I missed the renewed number of subscribers. Saab, that's the niche within the niche, and it's getting more and more laborious to run a good blog every year. Our readers honor that, because the blog is growing and growing slowly. 700 subscribers are also a vote of confidence. The fact that we don't deliver spam to the mailbox every day, but do a good job.

We, the blog team, are doing everything to ensure that it stays that way in the future!

We give away ...

in the next few days something Saabiges of value. Exciting ! Once again back to the blog supporters. Your donations help keep the technology behind the blog up to date, they pay for it Saab readers cups, they help us to keep events free for the Saab drivers.

Sometimes one of the sponsors sends us a small package so we can try something out. And we give away the content, with some value, then on. For a small consideration.

Saab 9-3 drivers should read the blog very carefully in the next few days. It will be worth it…

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  • The SAAB convertible t9-3 are among the most beautiful on the streets. Congratulations on ownership. Can also be found in beautiful colors. Unfortunately, I could not convince my partner of a used vehicle ...

  • Hello Tom and Mark,

    Cih just wants to say thanks again for your nice blog. I always like to read your articles, or even the contributions of the readers.

    Greetings Cetak

  • Do not know Mr. Meise, but I think it's good if workshop owners drive the brand, with which they earn their money. Is with him with the TURBO X the case. My coffins will come in the future only to the service where SAAB is lived, nowhere else.

  • When my wife is traveling with the 931 Cab lately, she is often asked what a nice convertible it is. My wife then answers yes and he is already 15 years old! SAAB greetings Wolef

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