IntSaab2015: Day 4 / Tag 4 Team Dinner

Finally a relaxing day Gammelsaaben's Venner with boat trips etc. But instead we had a calm day. In the evening it was time for the main dinner event at Hotel Alexandra in Loen. What a fantastic hotel this is. We had an amazing three course dinner.
Finally a quiet day to relax. Gammelsaaben's Venner organized boating, etc., we decided to have a quiet day. In the evening it was time for the official dinner together Hotel Alexandra in Loen. What a fantastic hotel! We had an excellent 3 course meal.


Günter12_5_Klaaspeter Kuperus

We were welcomed by Mr. Øystein Sannes. There were some 300 participants attending the dinner. It's been 18 years since Gammelsaaben's Venner held an IntSaab event, which was the Northering Lights Callenge 1997.
We were greeted by Mr. Øystein Sannes. Approximately 300 people attended the dinner. The last IntSaab organized by the Gammelsaabens Venner has been 18 years ago. It was the Northering Lights Callenge 1997.

Traditions are important as Saab Club UK pointed out. First of the Polish Saab Club handed over to the oldest member of Gammelsaabens Venner Mr. Olav Faleide who gave birth to 3,5 month old grandson.
Traditions are important, Saab Club UK said. First, the Polish Saab Club of "The Spirit of Saab" handed over to the oldest member of the Gammelsaaben Venner Mr. Olav Faleide and he passed it on to the youngest member. To his 3,5 months old grandchild.

We were also given information about IntSaab2016 by the Swedish Saab Club. It will be held in Linköping & Vadstena.
We also received information about the IntSaab2016 from the Swedish Saab Club. The IntSaab2016 will take place in Linköping and Vadstena.

This is the 12th post from Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt as “Team Günter” about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. They are now reporting from Norway, enjoying the IntSaab2015 event in their jet black SAAB 9-5NG. Some two weeks earlier they started a pre-tour from their home town Tranås in Sweden to Germany, via France, Belgium and Denmark to Norway. Their earlier posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!

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    What a very nice report from the trip and it was nice so many nice people.
    Just a few things to comment.
    Mr. Klaaspeter Kuperus is Øystein Sannes and his youngest member is his grandchild.
    Jorun Sannes

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