IntSaab2015: Day 5 / Tag 5 Olden-Trollstigen

We left Olden early morning and had a nice couple in Team No 9 from the Netherlands behind. They want to stay home for another day. Wonderful car though!
We left Olden in the early morning and unfortunately had to say goodbye to the nice couple (Team 9) from the Netherlands. You will stay in Olden for another day and then - due to vehicle problems - drive carefully home. Otherwise a wonderful car!



We start the day with a tour to a place outside Grådås. Günter really wanted to see this big famous toad. Günter is because of the so very famous Günter Kastenfrosch from Janosch. Known by some countries in Europe. If you want to follow Günter you have like our Facebook page., Günter now has a friend so we found him in Germany and had to save him. Loen to Åndalsnes, via Geiranger.
We started the day with a pre-tour and drove to a place outside of Grådås. Günter wanted to see this big famous frog. The reason why we called our team "Team Günter" is because of the famous Günter Kastenfrosch from the children's books by Janosch. Known in a few European countries. If you want to know more about Günter you can read our Facebook page Günter now also has a friend, whom we found in Germany and had to rescue. At the frog-stature we had breakfast and then we started today's tour from Loen to Åndalsnes via Geiranger.


So we made a trip to Dalsnibba 1500 moh Europe's highest fjord view from a road.
On the way we also made a trip to Dalsnibba. Dalsnibba is 1500m above sea level and offers the highest view from the road over a fjord.


The trip was hard on team nr 7. The car was thirsty.
The trip was hard for Team No. 7. Her car was thirsty.


On the Ferry to Linge, many nice Saabs
On the ferry to Linge were many beautiful Saabs.

We made it to Trollstigen! Now we just had to take the narrow road and the last kilometer for the day.
We made it to Trollstigen! Now we only had to cope with the last kilometers of the day down the narrow road.

Günter13_10_And we have arrived at the main camp for tonight at Trollstigen camping. This would be a post-tour of IntSaab2015 via Hunderfossen, Arvika and to Trollhättan. We want to continue with the rest tomorrow to Hamar but then we have to head home to Sweden.
And we arrived at the official campsite for today. On the Trollstigen Camping. This is actually the end of the IntSaab2015, but there is also a post-tour about Hunderfossen, Arvika and then to Trollhättan. We will drive to Hamar with the rest of the participants tomorrow and say goodbye to drive home to Sweden.

This is the 13th post from Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt as “Team Günter” about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. They are reporting from Norway, enjoying the IntSaab2015 event in their jet black SAAB 9-5NG. Some two weeks earlier they started a pre-tour from their home town Tranås in Sweden to Germany, via France, Belgium and Denmark to Norway. Their earlier posts can be found here and the next one will follow soon too!

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    Oh man, too bad for the Dutch (Team9). That's annoying. But in the day trips makes a catching up the group after a successful service probably no Sin- ;-(

    • Yes, that was really a shame. We drove so many (hairpin) bends up and downhill that they didn't dare. Team 9 was unfortunately not the only team with vehicle problems. Other Saabs could be repaired at short notice. But we also saw teams that had rental cars ...

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    Fantastic pictures, beautiful nature, many thanks to the team Günter for providing the pictures and reports. That's one of the best things ever written on this Saab blog.

  • Have you been lucky with the weather !!! I was up there a couple of years ago in summer (detour from Geiranger) in the fog, snow and ice, there was nothing to do with the great view.
    Get home safe

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