IntSaab2015: Day 6 / Tag 6 Trollstigen-post-tour

The goal today is to take part in the post-tour of Lillehammer and the Norwegian Road Museum and then leave for Sweden. We left the amazing location Trollstigen early morning because we had a long trip ahead of us. We first make a stop on the other side by the "troll wall". The mountains are really high and I tried to capture the scenery on this picture.
The goal of today was to follow the first part of the post-tour to Lillehammer, visit the Norwegian street museum there and then leave the IntSaab2015 in the direction of Sweden. We left the fantastic area around the Trollstigen early in the morning because we had a long way to go. Our first stop was on the other side of the troll wall. The mountain is very high there. I tried to get the whole scenery on the picture.


The Swedish-Norwegian border. There is no customs or anything just a sign. We made camp in Sälen for the night and then headed for home.
The Swedish-Norwegian border. At the border there is no customs or similar. There is only one sign. On our way home we spent another night in Sälen.


Back in Tranås, Sweden 6000km. Thanks to Gammelsaabens Venner has been to amazing trip and my first adventure to Norway. I must come back soon. Thanks for taking part in our adventure. We are not so good at writing but are always nice to share. Hope to see you at IntSaab2016 in Sweden. If you want to follow Günters adventures you can add him on Facebook.
Back in Tranås, Sweden 6000km. Our thanks go to the Gammelsaabens Venner for an impressive tour and my first adventure in Norway. I have to get back there soon. Thank you for participating in our adventure. We are not so good at writing, but we always like to share photos. Until the IntSaab2016 in Sweden. If you want to continue Günter's adventure, just add Günter as Friend on Facebook!

This is the 14th and final post from Marcus and Manuela Bergfeldt as “Team Günter” about their experiences in participating in the IntSaab2015 event. They were reporting from Norway, enjoying the IntSaab2015 event in their jet black SAAB 9-5NG. Some two weeks earlier they started a pre-tour from their home town Tranås in Sweden to Germany, via France, Belgium and Denmark to Norway. All their earlier posts can be found here. Enjoy!