Is Volvo the Saab alternative?

It would have been obvious - after Saab's disappearance from the new car business - that Volvo would occupy the market share in Sweden. At least a significant part of it could have captured Gothenburg with a home advantage. One thinks and suspects ... Wrong! The successful pirate troop did not come from Sweden ...

Volvo as an alternative to Saab
Volvo as an alternative to Saab

The victorious buccaneers come from Lower Saxony. Amazing, but according to an investigation by Ynnor fact. Almost single-handedly, the Wolfsburg-based core brand has gained Saab's market share in the Swedish market. Starting from the year 2010 VW could increase the market share of originally 12% by nearly 19%. The other German suppliers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi also increased during this period, but by no means as strong as Volkswagen.

The successful pirating of the Saab market shares by the pirate troop of VW, according to Ynnor, the complete failure of the Volvo sales department in mind. While it is understandable that Saab driving individuals would refuse a move to Volvo (!), But it was in the volume mainly to the fleet business and contracts for company cars. As far as the study.

The Volvo market share stagnates in Sweden at 19 to 20%; The most popular model is the V70, which is about to be replaced. The Volkswagen Group now controls more than a quarter of the market with its Audi, Seat, Porsche and VW brands. Long history is the time of a Volvo 240, where almost every second car in Sweden came from the factory on Hisingen.

Probably the majority of readers, like me, would have bet on a transfer of the Saab volume to Volvo - at least in their home country. We would all have been wrong. According to unrepresentative surveys by the blog, the situation is similar in Germany. In the first wave, with the change of company car drivers and kilometer kings, Volvo seemed to have the hood in front. Some readers with an affinity for Sweden moved to Gothenburg in 2011 and 12 and wrote - like so many others - a farewell email to the blog.

In the long term, however, the German brands also seem to be clearly ahead. At the felt tip BMW, followed by Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg.

It's only partially clear to me why Volvo can hardly beat the Saab riders. Okay, the philosophy of Saab has always been different from that of the big neighbor. In addition, probably missing the appropriate, Saab driver-compatible product. The practical and likable V70 is too old for me, the 60er series with station wagon, sedan and SUV do not pack it on my radar. After all, the new XC90 is interesting and an exciting prelude to the renewal of the offer.

It may be that the situation will soon change fundamentally. Waiting for NEVS is pointless given the current facts; Miracles are more likely. Volvo, on the other hand, has a plan and there are a lot of former Saab engineers working at Volvo. In the next 4 years, the entire range of models will be renewed, there may be a new product that you like and that could replace one of our Saabs as an everyday car.

The blog will approach the topic in autumn. A Saab-Volvo story is in preparation, and in a very special way (with a lot of Saab in the heart) we dare to this experiment.

How do the readers see the topic? Is Volvo the Swedish alternative to Saab, or is not it? Saab to the bitter end, as long as there is a wheeled pedestal from Trollhättan somewhere, or Saab as a hobby and a Volvo in everyday life? I look forward to the opinions and the result of the vote.

Is Volvo the Saab alternative?

  • An alternative in any case! (47% 258 Votes)
  • Once Saab, always Saab. Who is talking about Volvo? (31% 174 Votes)
  • No idea. I'm undecided ... (13% 72 Votes)
  • The alternatives do not come from Sweden! (9% 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 554

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51 thoughts on "Is Volvo the Saab alternative?"

  • Hi,

    Urlaubbedimngt I'm something to read.

    As far as the registration figures are concerned, GM slept most of all, as they have the addresses of the Laesingnehmer through their GMC bank. For those it would have been easy to fill the Laesing fleets with Opel or whatever.

    There are not really any alternatives because no other brand makes such a cool, not-for-nothing difference in traffic possible. But I still have some time with the 9-5NG!

  • For me in April 2012 professionally asked what it should be after Saab. Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW? During the visit of the merchants they left now. In each case for different reasons, usually a mixture of non-versed sellers and partly emotionless, qualitatively questionable products.
    The shortlist was won by Opel Insignia and Volvo V70.
    Sure, the 2012er V70 was an older model, but it had done to me and was worth a try.
    In January 2015 was no longer the question after 180.000km what now. In the good 2,5 years I did not have a problem with the vehicle, just changed a light bulb and a aktzetable consumption.
    It was again a V70 as BE with the new D4 engine. Here I could now find a real quantum leap through the model care. The engine consumes only 6,4l / 100km, chassis is much better, seats finally top and long-distance fit, traffic sign recognition works without problems, etc. Only the center console in self-supporting execution could get away.
    But after all this praise I have a very big drawback - unfortunately it is not Saab.

  • The different opinions are interesting. From “Volvo = no alternative at all” to “Volvo = very much an alternative”, everything is represented. I think it also depends on the demands on a vehicle. So for me, Volvo was the only alternative. Our 9-5 had to go because a diesel was needed due to the annual mileage. At that point it was clear that it couldn't be a Saab. Saab and Diesel ... others can do that better. The old Opeldiesel in the 9-3 and 9-5 are certainly robust but loud, annoying and without any mileage. There is no need to say a word about the 3.0TID Isuzu crap and the newer TIDs were in for me
    “New” cars. The 5cyl. D5 in the Volvo is a completely different league: Robust, decent performance, economical and great sound. If I compare the MY02 S60 with my MY01 9-3I, the Volvo is much better quality. You feel almost a vehicle class higher. The comparison is certainly unfair as the 9-3I is more or less a development from the 90s.
    As far as the design is concerned, this is certainly a matter of taste. A little less “gray” in the interior would certainly have done the Volvo good. Where, for example, an accountant 9-5I in the interior is not really "exciting".
    The extent to which there are alternatives also depends on marketing. Why Saab is “born from Jets” or why there are echoes from aircraft construction is not really clear to me. Yes, night panel possibly. But otherwise a Saab has as little to do with a fighter jet as a Peugeot has with pepper mills. At Top Gear, I think, that was well illuminated. That was just a very follow-up and appropriate marketing. A jet engine would have been the logical evolution at Saab after the turbo 😉

  • Have been driving a Volvo for a year now and have not regretted the “change”!
    Whereby I will not give my 9000!

  • actually people only need VW Golf. I also have it, Variant version, very economical, 12 years old. But actually only to get the parts that my SAAB urgently needs now. Actually sad but true, there is hardly any alternative for me.
    I have to get the body stainless again. Not innocent
    a statement of a great Saabist from Wr, Neudorf that remains with me
    : In the Saab 9000 are things inside, the
    you can no longer pay with money. And inside the new cars there are THINGS THAT I DON'T WANT TO OWN! So I thought about it and decided for myself: he must live on! I have to save him!

  • Saab is something special, there is nothing there. I “only” have one and therefore probably don't belong in the circle of true fans at all, but that doesn't matter at first, I still enjoy it. What fascinates me is not just driving, it still does it great, but many, many other cars and brands can do it just as much, if not better. But even after 8 years and 230 kilometers (just run in) I still love to see this car and I like to go up to it and enjoy the way there like I have never experienced with any other car. And that's exactly what is so special about Saab for me. Something new just has to be in the driveway at some point, not immediately but at some point. And I like Volvo's image and orientation very much. I find it exciting where they were and what will be on the market in the near future. Clearly no Saab, but also no VW, Mercedes, Audi or BMW, the cars are all great, maybe even the best there is (technically), but also tainted with an image that I don't want to have. Good Volvo has one too, but I get along well with that. So I think it would be great if Volvo could find a place here and finally there was something to read about new cars and new technologies.

    • I know. No matter which one of our Saabs I see -> what a nice car! Would that still be the case for another manufacturer after so many years? Probably not.

      • Probably !!

  • You can do what you want - a real SAAB driver is lost in the search for an alternative.
    Like the old leather jacket that your wife has often put in the bag for the Red Cross for you - nothing will fit you - you take it out again and again.
    After my 96er came an OPEL (Irmscher Tuning)
    Then an 900er Sedan (I could bite where I gave it)
    A Chrysler Voyager (Reputed for the place)
    The rescue - a 9/3 tuned by Rinspeed.
    Relapse to a jaguar (half of my hair was the price)
    Finally a 9/5 in scarab green - a dream come true.
    Hingemeuchelt three years ago.
    Four SAAB dealers who were too stupid to offer me a replacement.
    Landed on a 350er C-Class plastic car (with funny pops and crackling sounds)
    I don't feel well - even though it's the more modern car.
    Is it up to me?
    Or has something been lost to us?
    I'm afraid not only the cars.

    • You put it nicely for me.
      For me, the colleagues are now awed silenced because they have consumed in the time many-many leased cars and often were not satisfied.

      2,5 years ago I bought a 9000CS as a spare parts store (Joe). Because of its good condition, it became a “Daily Driver”. For personal well-being, I converted it step by step to a CSE, air conditioning and the great SAAB stereo system were already on board. In the spring, the last thing that came in was a “Bridge of Weir” leather suite, now everything is fine (the leather jacket says hello). During the many hours of work and screwing, which were also really fun, I took him to my heart as much as my other two SAAB. I'm definitely not going to trade it for a soulless modern box.

      When I watch the daily company car races on the freeway, I feel more pity, I enjoy my tour 🙂.

      • It was the same for me with a 9000CS ... meanwhile it has mutated from an LPT to a full turbo and is fantastic to drive over long distances. Thanks to careful preparation and only 90 TKm, it is as good as new and stays in the fleet forever :-),
        Unfortunately he doesn't have leather, but “velor” on board. So can you tell me more about “Bridge of Weir” (processing / cost installation)?

  • PhiBo has put it in a nutshell: The Volvo models are very synthetic and strangely tasteless. Especially the new Volvo XC90 in white, almost sad, the vehicle seems.

    For me there is no particular other brand that I overrun. But there is a favorite here and there in every vehicle class. And one must let the German manufacturers, even VW, I find the interior and exterior design is not as strange neutral as Volvo.

    Nevertheless: A new Saab 9-3 Aero car would have been mine ...

    • VW can Volvo in terms of design enough water, from the top. Maybe the Niedersachsen are the better Swedes, so to speak, and therefore run the rank of Volvo.

      But that also means something, because what was the saying again? “If your car is boring, it says VW Passat” 🙂

  • No - I mean the one with a straw hat and the crocheted toilet roll.
    What do you think I have to listen to as a militant SAAB driver for decades with such a cart.
    I am even praised - because of the (late) insight. Awful !
    But you are right - if you are passionate about it, a JAG could actually be more of a question.

  • Look what “OVE” thinks of Volvo.
    As he calls BMW drivers or even those with the “wavy headlights” - pretty clear!
    I dread it every day at Daimler - we just call HIM “the Wamsler”.
    SAAB - sans pareil!

    • Halloli Gallix, I hope you mean Stern-Daimler and not Jag-Fauch-Daimler. Fauch-Daimler are really snappy and wonderful, without horror, rather Fauch, hahaha

  • Grüezi Saabgemeinde. So I only drive Saab since 1988.

    Ok, to enjoy an 95 Jaguar Daimler XJ300 12er, simply because it is so completely different from the others.

    Volvo is not an alternative for me, why? Just because she comes from Scheden?

    I was born in 1967, my father bought a Saab 99 at that time because it is different, because it is special, because it is idiosyncratic, because it is Saab, because it was horribly yellow, because it accents like the absolutely beautiful Citroën DS, the goddess. This was followed by 99 LE, 3 times, then 900-1, an insanely funny, beautiful car, with the feeling of being a pilot above the clouds, where freedom is boundless. Then 2 9000, CD, CS. then the last real pure Saab, the 9-5 (well series 1)

    Wow. Hey, forget all those modern I-phone cars, with 72 airbags and 34 parking assistants, lane assistants, ESP and so on.

    Saab will always be there, young, old, ancient, Veternan. No matter. You are cherished and cared for. My father always did 400 km and more with each of them. Rust? Never if you have a hearty Saab doctor workshop that still provides real service. I'm infected, Saab infected .. Uiii, I have to drive around Lake Zurich afterwards, for my own sake.

    Alternatives? Yeah, used Saabs. I Switzerland still has real pearls.

    It does not always have to be a new car. Saab built such good gliders, which last a long, very long time with appropriate care.

    Before I forget to write, I'm infected, Saab-infected.

    NEVS? A company like any other, you do not understand what passion to a Saab really means.

    So, sit back, run ABBA, thank you for listening to the music and enjoy

    Always good trip and best regards from Zurich


  • Tom, you stung a wasp's nest - it was definitely intended 🙂.
    I feel like most here. Whenever I drive in another car, I always look forward to sitting in one of my SAAB's again. I think I'll buy / lease a cheap work tool for the future, because there's no such connection as with our brand.
    I've also looked around Volvo, but it just did not appeal to me. I found the space available in some models not just lush for the vehicle sizes and prices lifted.
    The other day I was with the English and I once looked at the new XE, which I found more interesting, but unfortunately no hatchback in sight, not even a station wagon. Very good I think the XE, that you do not get the full package of questionable assistant übergebraten, which are partly in the special equipment list.
    Otherwise I can't really think of anything that could really interest me. I hope what's in the garage will last a long time….

    • I think the time was ripe for it ... If I look at the current vote, it would have been very different a year ago. Exciting!

  • I've been driving a Volvo S1,5 for 60 years now, if no new SAAB is available in the next 1,5 years there are only 2 alternatives for me. 1.) Jaguar XE or 2.) Looking for a SAAB 9-5 II with low mileage, possibly also from the USA and a cheap company car ...

  • The problem with etl. German companies that offer their MA company car should be that the model selection is often limited to “local” products. Which often also allows group brands, in the case of VW e.g. Seat or Skoda ...

    Saab used to be GM and GM had Opel, they were German and that's why you could drive Saab.
    Volvo used to be Ford and Ford builds in Germany and that's why you could drive a Volvo.

    Now Saab is history and Volvo belongs to the Chinese and therefore not in the leasing car offer.

    But that shouldn't be the only reason. Volkswagen Leasing offers such good leasing terms that you can't help but take a vehicle like this. VW probably controls a large part of the so-called representative vehicles (whoever drives in it, whether Golf or Passat class) via these leasing offers. If, after 2,3,4 years, the wagons are also affordable for ordinary consumers, the second use follows.

  • For me, Volvo has the charm of a practical family suit. No more and no less. Somehow I miss the sportiness and the aircraft genes. Then I would rather switch back to the German manufacturer with the 3 letters back. But I still have a lot of time there. Maybe something will happen in Saabcity.

    • That hits the nail on the head - I don't drive Saab because of Sweden, but because years ago I simply ignored test results from the Stuttgart trade press and allowed myself a momentous test drive with a 901. And that opened up a world beyond any measurable criteria that still exists. Volvo builds and built undoubtedly good cars, but none of them has given me this “that and exactly what and exactly what” impulse - just like the various rental cars that I inevitably use over and over again. And if Saab is no longer used at some point, then I'll just look what alternatives are available - and then I don't really care where they come from, but unfortunately it will probably only be an arithmetic: how much does it cost for the leasing period really…

  • I changed to Tesla and I have to say the car is from another star! But Saab will always be an important part of my automotive passion.

    • What is Tesla looking for? Indeed. Either you have a second liquid-fuel vehicle or you drive a little. What the hell, Tesla at run 1000 km in a day?

  • Alternaive just to drive a car from Sweden ???? I do not know? whether Volvo has changed completely in recent years. is not a SAAB. I (you) do not always have to drive the latest model of his brand, as long as there are still parts, the Saab is driven and should the 9,3 SportCombi from 2005 last as long as good care as my old 900 without care about 500000 km to me unfortunately I had to hand it in then I no longer need a new SAAB from the old

  • Volvo certainly makes good cars. Nevertheless, the 5-series BMW and Tesla are in the lead for me at the moment - if there is a change.
    It is amazing that when we look at the cold, our SAAB still keeps up quite well with the current vehicles from other manufacturers.
    Driving on the SAAB is therefore an option.

    • Take the Tesla! I also changed and the car is amazing!

    • Tesla yes - BMW no (I have problems with the behavior of a certain Quandt family).

      I can also see that a 9-5 can still keep up with comparable other cars - so keep driving until a change to the NEVS-Elektro-SAAB is possible. If this takes too long or Bergman & Co. can't manage anything according to Plan A, Tesla remains - the more vehicles I see of them in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein every day, the more I particularly like the design.

  • Possible alteranive. Let's drive an older V40 T4 at home and an XC90 D5 at work.
    However, I feel like our blog writer, I'm not into SUVs, the new 40 is too small, only V60 T ... (or Polestar) and V70 could be an alternative.
    German cars rather not, although I like the Skoda Octavia RS quite well.
    Even the Japanese comb in question. (Subaru, Mazda or Honda)


    • I have to admit I didn't even have the Polestar Volvos on my radar. Doesn't exist in Germany, but a V60 Polestar would be a very nice alternative. With V6 Turbo and all-wheel drive ... You could (possibly) get weak.

      • V760 engines have been history at Volvo since the Volvo 6…. Starting with the Volvo 960, the built-in 6 cylinder engines are arranged in series 😉

        • Thanks for the tutoring. In a row sounds very good ... 😉

  • It's exciting, especially the comments from certain people ...
    As a long-time driver of both brands, I can only say one thing …… a Volvo is in no way inferior to a Saab …… And why the philosophy should be so different is also a mystery to me… .. both companies have always been for safe, environmentally friendly and durable vehicles known.
    In my opinion, SAAB has always been the more active car, the Volvos are usually more comfortable….
    Why a current V70 should be too old does not reveal itself to me personally either… .. the last 9-3 are based on a vehicle that was released in 2002/3…. and almost all fans clap their hands when they see you 😉

    • I can only join that!

  • Sometimes there are still used cars with low mileage ... they are not new cars, but it is always better than German uniformity.
    Personally, I think it's a shame that Acura (Honda's premium brand) is not available on the European market ... that would still be an acceptable alternative for me ... at least they have a very pleasant design

  • With Volvo I always miss the last bit, the impulse that skips. Partly obedient, sometimes boring, sometimes I can not do anything with the design. A means of transportation no more, not less. The models that I had looked at were often priced ambitious and I was not worth the money (in contrast to another known former Swedish company). You will be good quality, but it does not appeal to me.

  • I also spent some time with Volvo, but I find the models delivered from there very synthetic and strangely tasteless. In addition, one arrives at the pricing properly, for example, BMW is actually there in no way inferior.

    At the moment I am also itching to change or at least to supplement the fleet, and the preferred alternative for me comes from France. Thankfully, Peugeot ended the Jérôme Gallix experiment and finally found a worthy successor to Gérard Welter with Gilles Vidal, and after a brief trip in the spring, the 508 is my clear favorite at the moment.

    And how will SAAB continue? Well ... either keep the current one, put it in the large service suit and leave it in the garage for Sundays. Or, should the opportunity arise, swap for a new 9-5 or 9-3 convertible. But that has to be found.

  • Sensitive topic, actually I want a new SAAB. But trust in NEVS is below 0, so you inevitably look for alternatives. VOLVO has nothing that would appeal to me, the new XC90 is too bulky. Simply a box on wheels ...
    The hope is in the direction of ALFA, maybe a comeback will finally come. There are always better chances than with NEVS ...

  • Good morning.

    So the station wagons of Volvo have actually always been pleasing to me from the outside.
    (Can you say something like that in public as a “convinced” Saab driver !?) 😉

    And Volvo always had some special models, which I liked too.
    (P1600, 262c Bertone, C30, V40, some SUVs, etc.)

    One of “my previous“ Saab workshops ”is also a Volvo dealer.
    And so I always looked at the “competition” while waiting.

    As I said - from the outside optically quite chic.
    But what I always and cruelly found in the more recent models, was the center console!
    Even the new XC90 I do not like.
    And that alone would have been a knockout criterion for me.

    Because I always liked the “idiosyncratic” center console of the Saab - also in comparison to German manufacturers. That counted and for me is one of the more important criteria when buying a car, because after all, you always have this area in view and you have to feel comfortable and find your way around when "operating"! 😉

    • Absolutely okay, especially in terms of the center consoles!

      • That pleases me!
        I thought I was the only “crazy” person with rather idiosyncratic and atypical (not to say “slightly eccentric”) reasons for choosing a car! 😉

        Since I (actually, you actually do) mostly sit in the car, things like center console, seats, space, instrument operation and even the type of instrument lighting are almost a little more important to me than the usual criteria such as horsepower, displacement, details in terms of appearance, top speed and sprint speed, etc. And the center console has a very central element there! 🙂

      • Yes, I always lose my shoes when I look at the center console of my SAAB 9-3 I Cabriolet… .. Above all, the value… .. It looks much better with our 740 Turbo and our 240 Classic Sedan.
        But I have to say very clearly that the dashboard of the 901 is great…. The dashboard / center console of my former 9-5 Aero from 2003 was also absolutely top class !!

  • Exciting question. I do not see Volvo. Presumably, due to business and rational reasons, a Passat will soon make its debut here. Saab stays for the beautiful moments in life

  • No SAAB - no drive.

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