Is Volvo the Saab alternative?

It would have been obvious - after Saab's disappearance from the new car business - that Volvo would occupy the market share in Sweden. At least a significant part of it could have captured Gothenburg with a home advantage. One thinks and suspects ... Wrong! The successful pirate troop did not come from Sweden ...

Volvo as an alternative to Saab
Volvo as an alternative to Saab

The victorious buccaneers come from Lower Saxony. Amazing, but according to an investigation by Ynnor fact. Almost single-handedly, the Wolfsburg-based core brand has gained Saab's market share in the Swedish market. Starting from the year 2010 VW could increase the market share of originally 12% by nearly 19%. The other German suppliers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi also increased during this period, but by no means as strong as Volkswagen.

The successful pirating of the Saab market shares by the pirate troop of VW, according to Ynnor, the complete failure of the Volvo sales department in mind. While it is understandable that Saab driving individuals would refuse a move to Volvo (!), But it was in the volume mainly to the fleet business and contracts for company cars. As far as the study.

The Volvo market share stagnates in Sweden at 19 to 20%; The most popular model is the V70, which is about to be replaced. The Volkswagen Group now controls more than a quarter of the market with its Audi, Seat, Porsche and VW brands. Long history is the time of a Volvo 240, where almost every second car in Sweden came from the factory on Hisingen.

Probably the majority of readers, like me, would have bet on a transfer of the Saab volume to Volvo - at least in their home country. We would all have been wrong. According to unrepresentative surveys by the blog, the situation is similar in Germany. In the first wave, with the change of company car drivers and kilometer kings, Volvo seemed to have the hood in front. Some readers with an affinity for Sweden moved to Gothenburg in 2011 and 12 and wrote - like so many others - a farewell email to the blog.

In the long term, however, the German brands also seem to be clearly ahead. At the felt tip BMW, followed by Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg.

It's only partially clear to me why Volvo can hardly beat the Saab riders. Okay, the philosophy of Saab has always been different from that of the big neighbor. In addition, probably missing the appropriate, Saab driver-compatible product. The practical and likable V70 is too old for me, the 60er series with station wagon, sedan and SUV do not pack it on my radar. After all, the new XC90 is interesting and an exciting prelude to the renewal of the offer.

It may be that the situation will soon change fundamentally. Waiting for NEVS is pointless given the current facts; Miracles are more likely. Volvo, on the other hand, has a plan and there are a lot of former Saab engineers working at Volvo. In the next 4 years, the entire range of models will be renewed, there may be a new product that you like and that could replace one of our Saabs as an everyday car.

The blog will approach the topic in autumn. A Saab-Volvo story is in preparation, and in a very special way (with a lot of Saab in the heart) we dare to this experiment.

How do the readers see the topic? Is Volvo the Swedish alternative to Saab, or is not it? Saab to the bitter end, as long as there is a wheeled pedestal from Trollhättan somewhere, or Saab as a hobby and a Volvo in everyday life? I look forward to the opinions and the result of the vote.

Is Volvo the Saab alternative?

  • An alternative in any case! (47% 258 Votes)
  • Once Saab, always Saab. Who is talking about Volvo? (31% 174 Votes)
  • No idea. I'm undecided ... (13% 72 Votes)
  • The alternatives do not come from Sweden! (9% 50 Votes)

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  • Hi,

    Urlaubbedimngt I'm something to read.

    As far as the registration figures are concerned, GM slept most of all, as they have the addresses of the Laesingnehmer through their GMC bank. For those it would have been easy to fill the Laesing fleets with Opel or whatever.

    There are not really any alternatives because no other brand makes such a cool, not-for-nothing difference in traffic possible. But I still have some time with the 9-5NG!

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