Saabig ... KW33 / 15

Copy should be a form of recognition ... they say. If a Saab advertising slogan from 2010 reappears, it could be remarkable. But if it happens in conjunction with a small car, it could be embarrassing ...

Saab, the original
Saab, the original

Copy: Anything but ordinary

Ssangyong borrowed the Saab 9-5 slogan. Of all things! The new Tivoli is advertised with it. The managing director of Ssangyong Germany has Saab's past - and that could suffice as an explanation.

Maybe thrift is doctrine in the Mahindra Group. Traded as a long-term Saab prospect in Trollhättan you could not land a bite. Because you almost wanted to have everything. That is how it is told.

Ssangyong, the copy
Ssangyong, the copy

Things are similar in Italy. The poker around Pininfarina is a long one, because according to Indian sources you are on the hunt for the absolute bargain. In September, the negotiations go into the next round.

And Ssangyong? The brand remains at about the production level of Saab. 141.047 vehicles have been sold to 2014 worldwide, growth from planned 5 to 8% does not support an international move.

Press: Saab 9000

The actual Autobild classic pays tribute to the Saab 9000 Turbo. The test report from 1990 describes the Saab as an airplane for the road and states that the Swede accelerates better in 4th gear from 60 to 100 km / h than a Ferrari Testarossa. Nice to read, over and over again.

Saab 9000 Turbo. Plane for the road.
Saab 9000 Turbo. Plane for the road.

Klaus Pilger, chairman of the 1. German Saab clubs , also has his say and talks about the Saab 9000 and the decline of the brand. On the subject of 9000 he states "When the turbo is in full swing, the smile no longer goes out of your face ...... with normal care it is reliable, reliable, reliable.“Thank you, that's well spoken.

Barn find: Saab 90 for sale

They still exist, the barn finds. In Upper Franconia, for example. The Saab 90 has long since disappeared from the consciousness of the world. It is a mix of Saab 99 and 900, produced in Finland and positioned as an entry-level model into the world of Saab.

In three years, only 25.378 vehicles were built; around the 600 Saab 90 found a customer in Germany. The barn find was admitted to 1985 for the first time. It waves the H-mark! It ran about 164.000 kilometers and has not been moved for around 10 years. The clutch slips through, the Saab is capable of rolling, must be brought with trailer. The price is a matter of negotiation; if interested, the blog establishes contact with the owner.

Worth preserving? Definitely ! A place at every classic and youngtimer event is guaranteed with the rare Saab 90.

Saab Original Thermo Mug
Saab Original Thermo Mug

Saab Original = Drive safe!

What would the Saab hobby be without the small collectibles? Modelcarworld has reissued the Saab 99 Turbo Combicoupe from the year 1977. In the typical signal color of these years, at a reasonable price.

And the Saab thermos come from Sweden. Hot or cold - drive safe! A nice idea from Orio AB, the supplier for Saab spare parts. Belongs to the basic equipment in every Saab. Now available in our fan shop!

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  • and ordered!
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  • is in white
    and I have now signed the graphics by the artist Nr 2 / 93

  • nice convertible ... if it is also in white like n the graphic ...

  • Of course he fits and sits perfectly. We have just completed the compatibility check

  • Hey there!

    I assume that the thermo mug fits perfectly into the cup holder of my 9-3 CV MY2008? Then he will be ordered!

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  • Oh yes, the article caught my eye immediately and gave me something to screw on the aero! 🙂
    I can only shake my head for advertising, marketing and all the rest of the brand.
    As for the poll, if Volvo would be an alternative, definitely not for me. I do not reward what the Swedes did with SAAB.
    For me it will probably be nothing more from Sweden, except the classics from Trollhättan.

  • I can actually remember the article (especially the headline), I also have the newspaper somewhere. 25 years, I think now better not after

  • RIP: Saab 9000 2.3 turboS “BSR / Aero Edition”. Spinning wheels in 3rd gear, Porsche Cayenne S for breakfast.

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