SAAB meet Emmaboda honors Erik Carlsson

25C mark as a result It took a while to go to Sweden but the weather finally turned a few weeks ago, with clear blue skies, bright sunshine and average day temperatures above the XNUMXC mark as a result. SAAB meet in Emmaboda, hero of the late Erik Carlsson.


We arrived relatively late to the venue, a former airfield in Emmaboda in the south of Sweden. I had had the meeting on my radar for quite a while and actually hadn't planned to attend (after all, it's about a 6 hour drive from Stockholm) but as I had to change my summer vacation plans due to some shifting business priorities, I ended up being in the neighborhood after all. My wife normally is somewhat hesitant to attend SAAB meetings but this time it was actually she who both reminded and encouraged me to make a short detour when we saw the road sign “Emmaboda”.


SAABs that were quiet around. SAABs that were silent around. There have been several hundreds of SAABs lined up on the old air strip earlier in the day. The event set up by Svenska Saabklubben and car magazine Bilsport was organized with a separate section, a track and a prize ceremony at the end.

It was great to see all the cars and to speak with the many SAAB fans. It seemed that I was not by far the one who had traveled the furthest ... there were two cars that had just completed their tour through Norway as part of the IntSaab2015 event and another SAAB with Swiss origin ... Anyway, as I only arrived relatively late, the pictures I took don't include the racing part and the full overview of all the attending cars, but I trust you'll enjoy the images that I was able to capture anyway ...

7 thoughts on "SAAB meet Emmaboda honors Erik Carlsson"

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    Nice to see that they are so successfully are organized. And that's not only in Sweden but everywhere. We can be proud to belong to this family.
    Thanks for this fine article, Michel.

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    Thanks for the pictures. Can you tell me something about the yellow car that looks like a hatchback 9000 two door or maybe sonnet 4?

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    Nice pictures Michèl. Nice event.
    This is different to Germany. This is different to Germany (in Trollhättan).

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      Thanks for the feedback! As for the 900NG, they are indeed quite rare on the Swedish roads. I especially like the design of the back part inspired by the 9000.

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