NEVS announces new Chinese partner

Some minutes ago, NEVS sent out an invitation to a press conference to be held at 11:00 CET in Trollhättan. The invite is confirming that NEVS has come to agreement with a Chinese vehicle manufacturer on long term strategic partnership around vehicle development, purchasing and distribution. NEVS President Mattias Bergman. More information to follow during the day on the name of the company involved and how this new partnership fits in the earlier announced strategy.

NEVS President Mattias-Bergman-owner-Kai-Johan-Jiang
NEVS President Mattias Bergman and Chairman Kai-Johan Jiang

Over the past several months, NEVS has announced several new partnerships to underpin their three pronged strategy of securing Industrial, Technological and Financial partners and even set the first steps to build a new factory and R&D center in China. While the previous partnerships are key, today's announcement is likely going to be even more important as the “big bang” partner to execute on “Plan A"Is still missing from the list. This partner was earlier rumored to be Mahindra from India, but given earlier developments and now the specific mentioning of “a Chines vehicle manufacturer” in the press invite, my cards are on D.

More details as they become available!