The Aeolus project

Business is good when everyone involved has its advantage. Sometimes you have to search to see the benefits of each party. The Dongfeng - NEVS partnership belongs in this category and made me a bit pensive yesterday.


What the hell is the agreement of an industrial giant like Dongfeng with its 176.000 employees with a dwarf like NEVS with 300 employees? Where at first glance the advantages only seem to be on the side of NEVS ...

Access to the Dongfeng dealer network in China, development support, joint purchasing, access to the parts shelf. And what does NEVS deliver? NEVS does not announce precisely that it wants to help Dongfeng with the development of markets in North America and Europe; Chinese products are to be brought up to European standards.

Openness and transparency have never been part of the corporate culture at NEVS, on the contrary. Deliberately not calling things by their names, leaving out facts, that is the usual approach. Blogger Alfred Tian from Beijing provides answers to the open questions. First of all, the advantages that NEVS draws from the cooperation in its well-founded opinion. NEVS does not yet have a permit for the upcoming Tianjin plant. The current laws favor manufacturers of plug-in hybrid vehicles and purely electric drives, but that alone is not a guarantee, as only a few licenses are to be issued. The partnership with Dongfeng ensures NEVS support on site and improves opportunities.

The Aeolus project

Dongfeng Fengshen = Aeolus
Dongfeng Fengshen = Aeolus

NEVS is helping the Chinese in another project. The solution is called Aeolus. The little-known Dongfeng car brand, founded in the year 2007, competes with domestic labels such as Red Flag of FAW, Xiali and Besturn, but is developing noticeably more subdued than its competitor. The products are based on cooperation with Nissan and Citroen. The Aeolus (Fengshen) S30 was developed with Citroen on the basis of the Elysee and carries in the course of the model maintenance and the entry into the PSA company for some time also a motor of the French under the hood.

A new generation of Aeolus (Fengshen) could be based on a modified Phoenix platform and carry Swedish genes.

Until then, in a few years' time, NEVS engineers will bring Aeolus vehicles to European standards and make them ready for the global market ... which somehow seems to be a Trollhättan tradition. In the past, Korean Opels and Korean Chevys were made fit for Europe. Geelys are currently on the site of the former Saab Powertrain complex; now Aeolus follows. So far so good. One question is solved, another is coming.

NEVS will also help Dongfeng to set up sales of Aeolus products in Europe and North America, including the after-sales business. Which would be an old topic on the table. NEVS has no experience in after-sales, has no sales network - on the contrary! Service and spare parts supply for the NEVS 9-3 have been outsourced to Orio AB. Is there an answer? Not from my side.

The cooperation with Dongfeng secures long-term work for NEVS engineers and drives the development of the company in China. NEVS has become a little bit more solid because of the cooperation; additional jobs will be created in Trollhättan. Yesterday was a good and successful day for NEVS. Without question.


Saab AB should have little joy in the development. Dongfeng is also in the arms business and competes with the Swedes. In the past, disapproval has already been expressed about the upcoming cooperation. If the opinion has not fundamentally changed, the willingness to release the name Saab for use again will have decreased further due to the close alliance between NEVS and Dongfeng.

The word Saab yesterday did not go to NEVS and Dongfeng's mouth. So, in the end the question in the round: What has all this still to do with Saab?

Answer: Nothing.

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  • Aptly said, about the electric car. I'm a big advocate, but we're actually too early. I have now formulated the requirement “triple two” for myself, i.e. the car should be able to drive for 2 hours at 2 00 km / h. And he should be allowed to pull 2 ​​tons.

    We are still a long way from that. With 200 the Tesla S manages about 180 km, less than an hour. My 9-5 TiD consumes about 200 liters per hour at 28, and thus comes with 70 liters in the tank so well over 2 hours far.

  • Mountain goat; it could not be expressed! And that's exactly how I do it!
    Greeting Hans S.

  • An electric car, whether from Tesla, Saab or anyone else can never be a full-fledged alternative at the moment. As long as you can not tilt electricity as easily as gasoline or diesel will stay that way. Especially if you take the name Saab in your mouth. What is often associated with Saab? Long haul, travel vehicle. If you want to build cars you have to offer or combine both techniques as is the case with other manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler or the VW Group. It also went yesterday by the press (not only in my daily newspaper as I commented yesterday). Saab AB has taken a clear position and does not want to release the name to NEVS. No matter what NEVS will produce in the future, I will certainly not buy a product from this company. There have been some gravediggers that have brought Saab automobiles closer to the end bit by bit, but NEVS was the last death blow. NEVS had the chance to repaint the name Saab and make something of it, and they did not do anything. I do not buy anything from such a company. The only thing that NEVS has to do with Saab is that they own the former Saab factory.

  • Yes, it's no use. NEVS's open-minded romping about is really unpleasant, but as you wrote so beautifully, they keep the work occupied. And what happens to it would interest me - despite NEVS.

  • I like it ☺!

  • So Dongfeng has just become a partner without the money flowing. Nobody buys anything from the other or gives money for new products. Just “cooperation” as I understand it.
    A Tesla engine with powertrain sits in the Mercedes B-Class, Renault engine in the Mercerdes Citan, SAAB has bought engines. The ashtrays in the Golf are from Audi. Audi engines are built in Hungary, among others. It feels like a dozen automakers have Magna Steyr produced. Ferrari belongs to Fiat. WMF manufactures completely in China. AND? That's the global world.
    NEVS lacks (only) another investor, an investor. Still waiting for 2 years with the brand change. Yesterday I looked at the Tesla S in Hamburg. I miss the Night Panel function. But otherwise a real alternative

  • Actually, there is no way for NEVS past Saab, because how could one work and maintain the work without own production?
    Only by contract manufacturing it is unlikely to succeed (and the prerequisite is you ever entrusted a manufacturer of NEVS production)
    Or do you want to let these China boxes run off the assembly one day in Th.

  • Then Tim has sold his BMW and closed his BMW blog and is back at SAAB? Or am I wrong?

  • We already noted the report about the Saab Festival. Nothing new.

  • Tim says about trademark rights, that might not be safe. The original contracts probably come from the 70 years (nanu) and have all disappeared.

  • Very beautiful! Always true to the motto “It's safe to crash with a Volvo. If you sit in a Saab ”😉

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