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The last few days the dark side of power has been a topic on our pages. The Stallbacka plays the China card, mood of change, emigration; the question of whether good cars are being built a few kilometers down the Göta Älv. For a moment it seemed that the Saab world is heading towards doom. But that's not the case !

Saab Drömbill: 9-5 NG Pilots Wanted 2014

It still exists, the indomitable, proud Saab community! The light side of power. For them, Saab is part of their lives and part of everyday automotive culture. They drive their Saab very consciously and look after the cars from Trollhättan. Regardless of which leasing box the neighbor drives up with - he cannot score with it. Why also? Because we drive Saab ...

A small snapshot of what happened last week in terms of Saab at the fan base.

Rust prevention!

An important, but not very pleasant topic, if you want to drive Saab in the long term, is rust prevention. Almost all our Saabs have received a comprehensive measure, and we know of two readers on the blog who also took this step last week. Each in Kiel and in Bamberg. The Bamberg Saab customer would not have had a slightly longer journey ...

As is well known, Saab is at home on long journeys, no way is too far when it comes to our exceptional vehicles from Västra Götland. Nevertheless, this journey was particularly long, because this Saab 9-3 Cabriolet normally drives on Spanish roads. Unfortunately, the Saab workshops there hardly care about the issues of value retention and rust prevention.

Having become aware of the blog, the vacation trip this year went via beautiful Switzerland to Upper Franconia. A few days of Franconian hospitality in Bamberg - during which time the convertible was able to enjoy extensive rust prevention and cavity sealing. From Spain to Franconia ... because of the 9-3! If that's not a Saab Spirit ...

While the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet from Spain got its rust protection in Bamberg, a Saab 9-5 V6 XWD was prepared in Kiel. It belongs to a Hamburg Saab friend. He wrote an email with the following statement:

“… I don't want to drive a VOLVO or Jaguar after the Saab 9-5 NG era. But maybe we're lucky and the 9-5 will last a long time. For the "long endurance" I have finally taken to heart what you have already done:

Intensive conservation of the battleship…. At the moment I can only drive with the window open until the stench has cleared in the interior. But what not to do to protect your baby from possible corrosion… ”

Two Saab, one 9-5 NG and one Saab 9-3 Cabriolet. Two dream cars from Trollhättan. Where the last Saab 9-5 generation seems to be in the first place of desires.

Dream car Saab 9-5 NG

From Switzerland also came in the last week, the mail of a reader who wants to sell his very neat Saab 9000. Not because he turns his back on Saab, but because he wants to put a 9-5 NG in the garage. The last big sedan from Saab is the dream car of many fans par excellence.

A dream that is rare, expensive and not always realizable. The prices for less well-equipped models with very high mileage are falling. But sought-after variants remain expensive.

What's in the nature of the matter. A simple calculation: Only 11.280 pieces were built. Which is next to nothing. Half had probably gone to North America, a significant part got the steering wheel on the wrong side. What was left over for Sweden and the rest of Europe were perhaps estimated 3 or 4.000 vehicles. Half of them stayed in Sweden, the rest is shared by the rest of Europe. If we subtract the lean variants, which are not in demand, this explains the situation.

If 11.280 copies had been produced instead of 112.800 ... the situation would be different. But so the 9-5 will stay what it is. ..rare, expensive, an eye-catcher and, as the last Saab, a dream car - probably the most individual way of driving a modern car “Made by Trollhättan”. Our buying advice on the blog, divided into Part 1 and Part 2, comes from the year 2014. It is still valid, but with the addition that good copies have tended to become more expensive since the article appeared.

Everyday cars - poorly maintained and with high mileage - will disappear in the next few years. The stock is shrinking. What remains are vehicles in the hands of enthusiasts. Saabs that are cared for and loved. There will always be people who are enthusiastic about the brand, who see a Saab as more than a car. More than ever, the following applies: Saab is what is at our door.

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    Oh, I'm glad to have secured one of the last 2012NG 95 in February! And since I can use several vehicles (3 Saab, 2 Lancia and 911er), my TiD has only 30000 km on the beautiful hump, er Heck of course I mean! I think this car will give me pleasure for a long time! Greetings from the CH, Hans

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    There are several ways to give a car a rust prevention treatment. The best I've heard and seen is in Zweibrücken / Pfalz. Before the whole car gutted, so everything including engine and transmission ect. removed from the dealer in his workshop. Then the body is blasted with ice under high pressure in Zweibrücken, so everything comes down to the plate down. Then basecoats and the original paint as was made by the manufacturer, reapplied. All cavities (doors, side panels, etc.) get either Mike Sander fat or fluid film missed depending on the customer's request. After that, the whole is about 24 hours dried. The car then goes back to the workshop covered by a trailer, where then engine, transmission, etc. is installed. The whole is in relation to other rust treatments and for value maintenance, an expensive thing, especially if a long-standing original Saab workshop has to install and remove all parts.
    It is also cheaper as far as I know. Then only the cavities, the underbody and the wheel arches / side parts are blasted and preserved.

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    This probably also has something to do with the quality of the paintwork and the workmanship of the vehicle.
    I recently wanted to sell it with 276 km. However, when I look at the new alternatives, the SAAB is still doing quite well and there are few reasons for a change. I'll keep it and keep going. I can still put it away with 000 km. There is already a shortlist for the successor. NEVS with the potentially upcoming SAABYong-Dragon (Smiley) is not there.

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    On my 9-5 Aero SC OG there was nothing to do on the bodywork and underbody. Cavitation treatment by a person skilled in the art has cost 400 CH-Fränkli. You drive then about 1 week with open windows.

    • blank

      Luck! We are salt road area, there was (unfortunately) more to do.

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    Hi Tom.

    Thanks for the information. Hmmm, ui ... now I have to think about it ...

    I have to go to the “annual inspection” soon anyway. Then I can really ask about an offer without obligation ...

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      If you do not drive season, but throughout the year, then that makes sense 🙂

      • blank

        Well .. you know how I ride the X ... a little, but also for a whole year.

        There is just one other bigger thing that I would like to have in Sweden too….
        Let's see what is more important to me first ... "gimmick" or "protection" ... 😉

        • blank

          I would have it done. You want to drive "it" for a long time, it is rare ...

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    Nice article. Nice cars!

    Hmmm .. I've also thought about “rust protection”.
    After all, I would like to drive my current “Sweden” for a long time.

    Are there any rough “reference points” with what one can / must expect in terms of price?

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      Is important and the price depends on how good the condition is, whether rust must be removed, the car ground down. Start in my experience for the 1000,00 €, may be less, but more. I would have an individual offer made locally.

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      hey mac 9-5. Depending on where you do it, the price certainly looks different. It was my familiar workshop on my 9-5 Aero MY 04. Price was more than ok! There is also price well below 500.

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        certainly the variant of Tom is much, much longer / elaborate with the grind and everything.

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          Absolute. Effort = price. We had our last new car from Saab prepared in the first year by Ralf Muckelbauer. The price was lower than what was mentioned here.

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    An article about cars, very beneficial after all the NEVS stories of the last days. BTW: The 9-5 NG is still one of the nicest sedans ever 😉

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