Saab 9000 Anna Project (Teaser)

Of course there are rules when buying an old car. You have experiences ... the head says exactly what to do and what not to do. And it's not that the warning lights have completely failed at the Anna project. But sometimes you break your own rules because you can. Or because you really want to have a car. Or because you just feel like unreasonable ... and life is so short.

Saab 9000 Anna Project
Saab 9000 Anna Project

Before 30, Saab delivered the first 9000ers, and when the Anna project kicked off in 2013, that anniversary was far from over. That Anna would slide into the anniversary year, was not foreseeable. The scene around 9000 has changed radically in the last two years, as has the offer in the major portals. Good, well-maintained vehicles are harder to find, cheaper nuclear waste dominates and is worth no investment.

Good vehicles are wanted - but rare.

The blog gets in the last few months repeatedly emails with Saab 9000 requests. That too is new. In demand are vehicles in good condition, priced around the 5.000,00 €. Often a Saab 901 is replaced, which was previously an everyday car and now mutated into a collector's item. The interested parties have concrete ideas. It starts with the color, the equipment, the gearbox desire and turns to the question of whether a sunroof must be or not. The motorization is, actually surprising, less interesting. Sure, with a Youngtimer you do not necessarily have to clear the left lane with 200 kilometers per hour. Even if some Saab could and it is a lot of fun.

Our Anna project has become more extensive than originally planned. I have been writing for days on the story that is not finished yet and is evolving. Anna is now in daily use and surprises with peculiarities. The 9000er project will accompany the blog for several weeks and will start the next week with the purchase alone, which is a story in itself, because it is a snapshot of the Saab community in the year 2013. Because actually Anna was, following the comments of a forum, condemned to export.

I write in the sequels about a badly neglected car. 100.000 kilometers, during this time only service in a free workshop without Saab background - this is a test of endurance that leaves its mark. As if that was not enough, comes to the rust on the window frame, which is the result of the disc exchange at a certain provider. So that the story is not boring, there is one or the other nasty surprise. Yes, and what experiences do you have with a restoration over 600 kilometers away?

Saab 9000 - Performance.

It's also about what a Saab 9000 is worth and what it should be worth. And because unreason is always there, the topic tuning comes on the blog. Turbos are best suited for these actions; 9000ers with 400 PS are a topic in Sweden (and not just there). We do not do it that way. But: we treat our 9000er project with some extra horsepower and thus completely enthusiastically clear the left lane (almost) completely empty.

Starting next week, we will be flying the 9000 theme in a relaxed sequence on a weekday. The first big Saab has found a circle of friends in recent years. At the Saab Festival we had some very nice cars from Germany and Switzerland in our convoy. Maybe the Anna project will please even more fans. It would be nice !

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  • Good start to the week, had already asked me where ANNA remained. Cars have been on the blog lately too short

    • I agree! The fruitless discussions about the unprotected eggs from NEVS and SAAB AB do not work either way, so the 9000 project is much more pleasant.

  • Moin, yes, I would like one too. I have been looking for a clever 9000 CSE for months. I've seen the days with Luxembourg marks in black with white rims and darkened windows and paint like new. A real cream pie. Who gives away one?

    • So I still have a Saab 9000 for sale ... But there's some work to do and unfortunately some heavy scratches and bumps all around ... But the substance is good ...

  • To build is still one of us in the garden.

    9000 is great no question. A completely different world than 901. I love the car again and again.

    I think the 9000 just great

  • I have an 9000 Griffin and I am very satisfied, too, if the engine is from Opel the V6 is always happy

  • Hello 902, Where is your garden? I would like to have a look at the fruit. Greeting Trollifan

  • Luckily I did not have the vision to sell our 9000 CSE Anniversary. Since 1997 in the family possession, only that also a story; The restoration has been taking place for the past two years and since the spring I am back every day 9000er. Although I still have a 9-5 SC Aero and a 9-3 Convertible Aero-Stag, I am thrilled with the big sedan every day.
    (Among other things, the seats are unequaled) If then, as happened last week, a BMW 5 driver stops to say how great he finds the car .... Happy but also the Saab crazy. For my son, we are now also building one !! So maintain your 9000er.

  • Outside 900 - inside 9000 - that would have been. The 9000er unfortunately shares the fate of many sturdy kilometer eaters. With luck and patience, however, there are still good specimens. However, he will not reach the status of 900er and older Saab automobiles. At the moment you have to be a well-groomed 9-5er of the 1. Set series aside, he expects a similar fate. The seats are almost unbeatable in the 9000er, but in my opinion are outbid by the 9-5er.

  • With luck you will find a good copy. With a friend, I had seen many ruins in the spring, or nuclear scrap as Tom writes. The sellers are beyond reality and think that scrap is equal to gold.
    By chance, it was then a grandfather Ersthand Buchalter 9000 who stood at the gas station around the corner. 21 years and how fresh off the line, a dream on long distances and my friend would never give it back!

  • These are the TX license plates! Do not you think he had to leave, Tom?

    • Aha, very attentive! The TX goes on season because the license plates were no longer useful and were used cheaply

  • Oh, I would also have a well-groomed CSE in full equipment and 5000 € I would not even want to have .. Is, however, is CH.

    • Is there a link? Where advertised?

      • Is advertised at and ricardo. ch (the scarab green).

  • I can still remember how impressed I was with the 9000. The interior, the speed, the cool design, and then with hatchback. And I can also remember how almost shocked I was then about the boring 9-5, which had neither more space nor comparable good design, could drive even faster.

    Therefore, I think it's good if as many of the vehicles remain as possible. All older models except for the old 900 are now rarer in the streetscape even here in Munich.

  • Can only join me here, take good care of your 9000! And down from the meadow!
    otherwise there will be no rescue ... .. the rust does that his ...

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