Saab Events September / October

There are fantastic Saab events in September and October; the choice could be difficult. The geographical situation may decide where you participate. We would like to introduce three Saab meetings this week - a small selection of what is going on around the brand. Somehow the German southwest has an advantage. But it starts with the friends in Slovakia.

Saab Session Slovakia 2014
Saab Session Slovakia 2014

Saab Session Slovakia

There was already the Saab session in Slovakia last year - and this year the new edition is coming. Saab drivers from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania have already agreed. Three Saab days from October 9th to 11th are waiting for the fans; Last year there were 71 vehicles and 157 participants on site.

The preparations are running with a lot of love for the brand. Participants will experience the same Saab enthusiasm as 2014. The registration is for Saab Session Slovakia is online until 15. September possible.

Vintage Classic Days Rosenfeld
Vintage Classic Days Rosenfeld

Vintage Classic Days Rosenfeld

It continues in the southwest of the republic. The following mail came from Cristoph and the Stuttgarter Saab friends:

The Rosenfelder Oltimerfreunde have chosen Saab as their motto this year. That's why we want to visit you with our Saabs and present our brand in the Swabian Saab-Diaspora. The city Rosenfeld is on top of a mountain and you have a wonderful view of the Zollernalb. In addition, the community owns a brewery whose grounds are integrated into the classic car days. We do not have to stay thirsty.

The following would be for the 6. September planned:

From 8: 00 clock a breakfast buffet is offered in the restaurant Rosengarten near the Beutter car park. This has made the classic car friends with the restaurant Rosengarten.
This allows the early birds to strengthen vigorously and everyone can arrive relaxed.

From 10: 00 o'clock we would then meet at the Beutter car park to enter the city of Rosenfeld. The city center is closed, the Saab drivers are instructed by pilots on the Saab parking lot in front of the Tenth Barracks.

All day: Oldtimertag in Rosenfeld

Who later arrives with his Saab: just drive towards the city center and head for the fruit box (= Zehntscheuer).
Who has several Saabs: In case of doubt, the older Saab for Oldtimerfreunde choose.

So far, more than 20 Saabs have contacted Christoph. If you would like to be a part of the Saab flag in Rosenfeld, you can contact the following e-mail address: saabclub (at)

The Alb calls II

A new edition of the 2014er Alb meeting will take place shortly after the Rosenfelder Oldtimertage. The mail came from Dominik, he writes:

Due to the consistently positive feedback on the 2014 meeting, we were happy to decide on a new edition. Please make a note of the date September 11-13.09.2015, XNUMX. The motto of the meeting will be “From the Alb to the Swabian Sea”. We will also take a very interesting trip to the early Middle Ages and drive scenic routes in the foreland of Lake Constance to the “Swabian Sea”.

The meeting point will again be easily accessible via the motorway and give you an interesting insight into an industrial estate from the Wilhelminian era, which had an important role in the First World War. The starting point for our activities will be Balingen with the central accommodation in the Hotel Pfeffermühle. On Sunday morning there is a parts market.

So far, around 50 vehicles have been reported. More information about the program and registration is available at the Saab Forum.

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  • The meeting in Slovakia will take place this year at the 4. This will probably take place next year (again in October).

    I will go there for the first time and am really looking forward to it. What I have seen and heard from previous meetings was very good. It is sure to represent a wide range of Saab models.

    There were also participants from Slovakia at the meeting in the Bavarian Forest and several participants will now make their way to the High Tatras.

  • I envy all those who have registered for the meeting in Slovakia and can only encourage those who have the time to go there. In addition to the actual meeting, the area is beautiful and the people there very friendly

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