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Saabs are dream cars ... as before! The picture of this mercilessly beautiful 9-5 sedan comes from Nico. His Saab is very exclusive in a major southern German city that is known for more than one vehicle manufacturer. A (presumably) lonely 9-5, but we're not that alone. Because Saab appears again and again in the media and advertising ...

Saab 9-5 NG. Dream car.
Saab 9-5 NG. Dream car.

Saab in the movie

On the weekend the Einsfestival “Executive Protection” ran. If you are looking for high-quality, sophisticated food from Sweden, you can skip the text. The film is not really well made and full of mistakes. The bad guys come from Germany and drive cars with “German” license plates that would not even be accepted as fakes here in the country.

The Saab 9-5 of the police and the 9000 of the gang of criminals do not make the film better, but they are almost worth seeing. You can look at “Executive Protection” with a good feeling for another reason.

Many scenes were shot on Lake Vänern, in Vänersborg and in Trollhättan. The final scene takes place around the old power plant in Trollhättan and the sulfite factory in Vänersborg, and one discovers much trollhättan in the shoot.

The film was shot in the film i Väst Studios near the Saab Museum and broadcast in Sweden in 2011 under the original title “Livvakterna”. “Executive Protection” always runs on different channels. The reputation of the production is worth considering for Sweden, Trollhättan and Saab-savvy people.

Car tool

Saab in advertising

The frosted taillights of the Saab 9-3 sports suit have not only impressed many owners, the station wagon from Trollhättan is also well received in advertising. Raimund scanned a brochure for us that advertised anti-slip mats. A 9-3 sports suit was signed as a photo model - which still cuts a fine figure.

Saab 9-3 key. New on special terms with the Saab partner.
Saab 9-3 key. New on special terms with the Saab partner.

Saab 9-3 key

The keys for the last Saab 9-3 generation are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear and are no longer noticeable after a certain period of use. Even with the best care, as soon as you use a key ring, the plastic gives the impression that a small animal has gnawed on it - Orio AB has a solution.

For all members of the Saab service club there are new Saab 9-3 keys at discounted rates. The prices are inclusive of the programming, which the authorized Saab partner carries out. The new keys are available at special rates only at the participating Saab partners. The action is still running until 30.09.15.

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  • That does not have to be a disadvantage. In the park, for example, you can always find your car fast

  • Fantastically nice car. To kneel!
    This design will not be worn in many years.
    I would love to have a station wagon! Unfortunately this will remain a dream ...

  • sooo beautiful. Why does he have to be soooo long?

  • Right …. the 9-5 he does TOP - against this backdrop

  • Thanks for the information. And good to know, there are still a few leftovers to find on the net. I struck immediately.

  • The Ursaab key chain is sold out, there will be no new production. The minimum quantity to start a production is 5-digit, the manufacturer does not dare in the current situation.
    Should the situation around Saab change positively, a new edition would be likely.

  • Hello Tom, I allow myself to ask you here. Will the Ursaab keychain be returned to the shop?

  • Right decision

  • Viewed and bought 🙂

  • In Bamberg are 2 9-5, once in Java and once Arctic White. I always go around it when I have to do close
    But not for sale but could belong to Muckelbauer's collection. Are awesome beautiful SAABs

  • The Saab world is small - Nico once looked at my 9000er, which was then sold to Hamburg. I have admired his pictures several times (on the well-known Saab forum page). The 9-5 in this color combination is a dream, the color rare, a really nice car.

  • The pictures of Nico are awesome ... There will be, and that's the bad news, no calendar campaign this year. The 9000 calendar campaign was a unique story ...

  • Nico is not entirely alone in the city with his wonderful Saab, which houses more than one car manufacturer. The other day a beautiful white 9-5 from the same town was standing in front of me on the A 81. . .

  • Class SAAB in the HH-Speicherstadt! 🙂 A calendar photo ....?
    I am in the key action! 🙂

  • Is a good idea with the keys, ours are honest no longer beautiful

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