Swedish cult cars at the classic day

A whole SAAB formation will be on 6. September in the historic Rosenfelder Altstadt expected. In addition to all the other classic cars in the history of motorization, the fans of the Swedish cult brand will also be presenting an automobile range from the far north at a vintage car meeting. Far-reaching contacts of the Rosenfelder Oldie friends made the project possible.

Classic Day Rosenfeld
Classic Day Rosenfeld

Its sporty image characterizes the brand SAAB. The successful rally drivers from Scandinavia, with their fast front-wheel drive unbeatable on snow, ice and gravel, it is thanks. So Erik Carlsson also triumphed in 1962 and 1963 with spectacular driving style at the famous Monte Carlo Rally: a tall man in the small SAAB 96, a venomous three-cylinder two-stroke. Similar to the VW Beetle, the Citroen Duck, the Humpback VOLVO, the PORSCHE 911 and other distinctive-looking models, the SAAB 96 is the hallmark of the Swedish brand. Meanwhile, his two-stroke engine from 1967 was replaced by a Ford V 4 four-stroke engine with 90 PS. As usual with SAAB, at that time this evolutionary stage was incidental. So also in the two-seat, small sports car "SAAB Sonett" with a lightweight plastic body, actually designed for the racetrack and tailored to the target group of athletic customers. Of this model, which will probably be seen in Rosenfeld, there are only a few copies today.

Aerospace constructive elements have also influenced the aerodynamic body shapes of SAAB automobiles. Not surprisingly, especially since this brand started at the beginning of the 30er - years as an aircraft factory: The Swedish government urged then to merger of branched, small aircraft manufacturers in Sweden and especially on the construction of purely Swedish fighter aircraft, probably a need of the hour and for national defense commanded. The automotive industry did not really pick up until the end of the war: 1947 was solemnly unveiled to the original SAAB in Trollhättan, Sweden. On the parade of SAAB history vehicles at 6. September in Rosenfeld may be curious.

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    Small correction ...
    The V4 had (as 1.5 HC (High Compression) as well as 1.7 LC (Low Compression)) not as standard 90 but 65, with register fiber later 68 PS.
    The rally cars in their last expansion stage had up to 100 hp more ...

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    Thanks Tom, that's what I was looking for

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    How can you read older articles in the new presentation of the blog? I have not found the archive anywhere. In an earlier article about this event in Rosenfeld there was talk of a parts market in Balingen with the address of the parts market. How can I find this article again, or can someone tell me again exactly when and where this parts market in Balingen takes place?

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    A well-presented press release!

    Even if you will look in vain for a connection to NEVS, I assume that Bergman & Co. read along - after all, the NEVS website continues to advertise with the SAAB history.

    Dear NEVS company leaders in Sweden, the continuation of the SAAB story with ultra-modern electric and hybrid vehicles is eagerly awaited worldwide, especially by us SAAB enthusiasts (everything takes far too long) - finally getting going !!!

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