Saab 9000 Anna Project (Part 1)

7. April 2013. A Sunday in the spring, a quiet day. In the capital of the 33 runs. Berlin Half Marathon, in Montenegro are presidential elections, on a web platform a Saab 9000 Anniversary is advertised. 1. Hand, a few kilometers, switch with sunroof. Can you resist that? Interesting 9000er will be rare, the Saab is exactly what I'm looking for.

Saab 9000 CSE, Anniversary, 1998.
Saab 9000 CSE, Anniversary, 1998.

I am not alone with my Saab search, the demand seems enormous. The viewing appointment in the Mainz area I get after telephone request until the evening, as the last interested party. That the Saab still be to have, the shop assistant does not believe.

In the late afternoon I start with a friend in the Turbo X in the direction of Mainz ... not sure if the 9000er is still for sale. We just feel like a few miles turbo flight with the TX; the way is the goal, and if the Anniversary is already sold, we want to take it sporty.

The surprise: it is still on our arrival, not without reason. What I did not know at the time was the discussion about the 9000er in a forum. The Anniversary had rust on the windscreen frame, and following the course of the comments, this should be his death sentence. However, the Forists had done a perfect job and provided the facts. Surprisingly, nobody wanted to buy the Saab, which will later be named Anna.

Saab with care emergency

The inventory location is fast. The 9000 is neglected, unloved. One senses missing attention in every detail. The once so chic body is full of quirks, scratches, dents. Nothing that could be polished off. The interior is shabby, unclean, on the dashboard sticking some holders for some nondescript stuff. The leather has lost its smoothness, the seats look great, the vehicle has an enormous maintenance backlog. 40.000 kilometers with Saab Service, almost 100.000 with a freelance workshop that was only able to do the most necessary things.

Yes, and then there's the bad rust on the window frame ... On the credit side is the low mileage, less than 140.000 kilometers, a clear history. No smoking, no accident, possession of 1. Hand, the Anniversary equipment.

As I stand in front of the Saab and think about the stupidity that could come up to me, things develop their own momentum. The question of whether to buy or not, surprisingly no longer arises. The competent preliminary work of the forum showed effect. The owner, annoyed by a day Saab tourism and unsuccessful sales talks, wants to get rid of the Saab now only.

The price she calls us leaves us speechless. We could certainly have acted. But good education and courtesy prohibit that, I suggest. The 98er 9000 changes hands. Was that smart?

The 9000er stands on beautiful 16 "rims with new tires. The sum that leaves my purse this evening is about this value. The rest, the car with rust on the window frame and the fabulous maintenance jam, there is free.

In addition, the Saab, seen from the window frame, seems to be completely rust-free. An impression that will be confirmed later, because there is nothing except for a small spot on the spare wheel well. Seriously asked: well bought or not? The answer I suppose in advance: Badly bought!

Mission Saab rescue

But there is a mission: to save a Saab with care needs before exporting. Show that you can turn a ugly, unloved duckling into a beautiful and desirable 9000er again.

There's the question of how to evaluate the thing with the window frame. Work on the body is expensive, you can not do it yourself. But I've already bought Saabs without rust on the window frame. The brown plague found itself in other, unexpected places. On tailgates, wheel arches, underbody. While a rusty window frame seems to be a specter, other grids are accepted as a natural event. Furthermore, we will only see how it is really ordered to the rust, when the disc is outside. And it could only be half as bad as it seems ...

The way back, over the highway, goes faster than you think ... and faster than just let 170 PS suspect. The Anniversary follows the Turbo X fleet-footed ... and that's where the fundamental problem of all Saab 9000 lies. No matter how much you neglect them - they walk, run, run. As long as fuel is in the tank, the engine finds a drop of oil, the Swedes are indestructible.

The Saab lands in our hangar, is forgotten first. The 16 inch rims with the new tires move on the 9000er of a friend, the Anniversary is now on old 15 "wheels. Somehow something always comes up in the coming months, there's never time for Anna. Slowly, the 9000 moves backwards into the hangar until it is at its last position. He dusted in, the rust gnaws happily on the window frame, that does not look good. By the summer of 2014 the Saab is sleeping. Then there is movement in the matter.

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  • That sounds like a lot of work and is courageous. Would I have ventured to the 9000 under these conditions? Do not believe

  • Congratulations to the 9000 2.3 CSE! This will be a dream!
    A SAAB to the "rim price" is ok., At this low mileage! 🙂
    A SAAB, which one sees the use is but OK, should not be a museum piece ... and the 1. Parking loter comes faster than planned ...
    Seated seats at 140 thousand Km ??? Hardly likely! Except: SAAB owners with 30 or more% overweight were transported ... (What did the sellers look like ???
    I hope for a good and positive ending of the story! The SAAB should become a dream! May the "Alp" dream be spared ...
    I'm curious how the story continues to develop!

    • So no nightmare history will not go out ... The seats are the subject in the next episode, and also the tidying up

      • Exciting!!!

  • Have a similar project on the run, a grandpa Saab at the year nothing was done. But first hand and until he was put away for reasons of age was well maintained. The effort is worth it, believe me! The 9000 is one of the most robust cars in Trollingen, the best part of it

  • I would check if the 9k ever got a new windscreen. Improper installation is the most common cause of rust at this point. The problem with the window frame is that you need a knowledgeable coachbuilder so you can not refurbish the frame two years later. Similarly, when installing the disc, if as the freshly renovated frame accidentally scratched / damaged, you may start again from the beginning. A hole in the subsoil is a much smaller challenge. Can you ever do it yourself?

  • I almost thought so ... but did not want to write the name

    • That is the point. Our CS from 1993 also has the first disc, no rust. Details on the work of the certain company follow in continuation

    • I also already had a '97 9000 Anniversary', which had been fitted with a new windshield at Carglass by the previous owner about four years before my time - after that time he was out in wind and weather. I could not find any rust on the frame.
      I believe that blanket statements are dangerous.

      • Should not be assessed as a flat rate. It depends on the conscientious work of each branch. At the Anna project, the work performance was in the negative range.

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