My Saab story

To be honest, I never had anything to do with the Saab brand. To be more honest, my only contact with a Saab 900 I in 1994 was quite negative, because I found the design to be quite backward and could not understand why my friend chose this model and not the new 900 II had decided. Little did I know….

Saab story of Markus
Saab story of Markus

11 years later, this experience still had an impact. At that time, my employer at the time ordered me to work as a trainer for colleagues in our English branch near London for two two weeks. In the first two weeks I had the choice between a Saab 2-9 and a Rover 5 as a rental car. I chose the Rover because I was not impressed by the design of the 75-9, which our secretary in Slough had twice more as a skeptical inquiry and only noted with a shake of the head. For the first weekend of our stay, I went on a trip to Stonehenge with my colleague. We drove with "his" Saab 5-9, which of course he was more than happy to take. After the first stop, we changed places and for the first time I drove a Saab that had hitherto been spurned….

After a home vacation at half-time, the question came up again, which rental car I would like to have and this time I hardly let my colleague say: "The Saab, of course!".
"Well, of course!", She said, "But which one?" Just have a look! ". I went outside and saw a 9 Saab 5-2005 Aero next to the previously spurned but then lastingly impressive 9-3. Wow!

I know this initiation story is atypical, especially for sustainably saabified contemporaries. But this encounter left a lasting impression on me. I had never driven a car like this before. Swedish design, subtly classy undercooled and this incredible pressure, despite the automatic transmission ..., wow! On the last day of my stay I had to know, pushing aside any concerns about British fines, I had to accelerate this incredible car! A sustainable experience! I wanted to take him home!

At home, I was again awaited by the German field staff home cooking. One day, at the end of the year 2008, I saw an 1-9 Sportcombi on the A3 at Kamener Kreuz. All of a sudden, the memories of three years ago came out again. And these taillights, it should be!

Until then, two German company cars, one quit job and three years should pass. In 2011 my employer decided to liquidate myself, so without a mobile base I suddenly needed cheap replacements. I chose one, and that is actually the second exclusion criterion for a typical Saab story, Saab 900 II V6. I still love (and although not ready to drive) this car today, despite trying to convince me otherwise; and will eventually bring it back onto the street (or one of his now rare brothers ...).

My first trip a week after the purchase led me directly to a Saab Guru in Kamen to have the timing belt change that was long overdue. Unfortunately, having become cocky, I got involved in an acceleration duel with a 44-series BMW on the way there on the A3, which I ostensibly won first, but I was won over by a suddenly flashing warning light regarding the coolant and the convincing display of the current coolant temperature about breaking off the whole thing and leaving the autobahn as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there was no warning light for "There is no longer any coolant available", so that the engine stopped working as a prophylactic measure when leaving the motorway.

To cut a long story short: the accumulated maintenance backlog and the technical inability of the previous owner had given my "Sven" the rest. In addition to a burst coolant hose, there was a burned-out cylinder head gasket and, thanks to the coolant that was unsuitable for aluminum heads, considerable corrosion of the cylinder heads, which could only be remedied through courageous welding and planning.

Several attempts and a lot of money to get the car back afloat, then came before a new job without a company car. And now it should finally be time. A detailed Internet research was followed by a trip to Bonn to visit two 9-3 (a sedan a Sportcombi).
First the limousine: a somewhat sleazy, supposedly “premium cars” dealer in a suburb of Bonn. A white 9-3 limousine was waiting for us here. As it quickly turned out, a grotto !, a former rental car in Romania (!), With an empty tank and empty drinks bottles with Romanian inscription behind the seats in the supposedly “Premium” showroom. The question about a test drive was answered with: "Unfortunately the battery is empty, we charge it, but just have to get a canister of fuel from the gas station." We thanked them and tried to give a credible assurance that we would come back straight away ...

The rest of the way led us to Automobile Kunert in Bonn. It said "she". My Svenja! Year of construction 2008, 1.9TTid Sportcombi, freshly polished, gray-metallic, leasing returns, Brock summer rims in body color, less than 60tkm and a more than suitable price, etc, etc, ...

Short test drive, despite the diesel, the familiar "Saab feeling" set in immediately. The decision was made quickly! When we rolled back into the courtyard, the next prospect was already picking up the outside door handle. To my question, which he answered in the affirmative, whether he was also interested in this car, I unfortunately had to give him a noticeably disappointing answer: "I'm sorry, you don't need to test drive it anymore, I'll buy it now!" I can still see his desperate expression today and I can only wish him to have found his Saab too!

We have had our Svenja for four years now and it is clear that if it ever has to give way, then only for another Saab. Unfortunately I can not decide whether it is a 900 I, a 900 II V6, a Sonett or rather the Turbo-X ...

And then there is Sven who would like to drive again….

Or a 99 ...?

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

Thanks to Markus for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

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    A nice story and in the photos you can see planes with Soest license plates - very, very strong!
    Greetings from the pilgrimage town of the district

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      Thanks and best regards back from Bad Rentnercity

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    Great story. And get the 900 II ready again, they will be really rare.

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      Thanks for the encouragement! At the moment he's standing dry and waiting for me to find time for him ... 🙂

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    Neeltje Jans / Oosterschelde / NED? Greetings from Zeeland

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      Yes, dat is on!
      Are there in the first week of October again (Den Osse).

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