Saabig ... KW 36/15

From Blogger's perspective it was a quiet week. Superficially ... Because she was not free from scandals and the shadows of the past. In Sweden, the judiciary quotes former Saab Automobile AB CEO Jan Åke Jonsson and chief lawyer Kristina Geers in court.

Saab 9-3 eSID2
Saab 9-3 eSID2

But are potential scandals from 2011 interested, the clarification of which Saab will not bring us back? In principle not, and therefore there was no text on it. If you want to deal with coming to terms with the past, you can read the facts on the English version of "The Local".

Saab Inside, Spring 2015
Saab Inside, Spring 2015

Saab Inside

The editorial deadline for the new edition of Saab Inside was on Monday. Orio Deutschland GmbH invited us to collaborate again for the autumn edition of Saab magazine. We were happy to receive and deliver ... and were not there alone. Other Saab fans have also participated; There is always enough Saabian reading material to fill the magazine.

The new magazine is already the 4th edition and will be published in autumn. Members of the Saab Service Club receive the online edition first. Saab drivers in Switzerland, Austria and Germany can register, membership is free of charge. Anticipation for the new Saab magazine is the greatest joy ...

Saab 9000

Our Anna project has become a long story and a multi-part. To lead a badly neglected car back in good condition - an experience in itself. Sometimes you swear, then you're happy again.

Of course, it's good to have at least one spare key for every Saab. With the 9000, two reliable radio-controlled eggs are essential for the central locking and the immobilizer. Nothing works without the “eggs” or “frogs”; if you only own one copy, you live risk with announcement.

Saab 9k Key. New.
Saab 9k Key. New.

The Anna project the second remote was worn out, a key missing. The reordering at Orio was not a problem, the delivered 9000er key has a new design. Saab 902 drivers will know it. The Saab logo sits in the middle, the key has a light source.

90s style - more style security is not possible.


The Choice of the most original Saab 9-3 image was a real thriller! Two pictures were ahead, the victory was close. More than 800 readers have voted, new record. Not everyone was satisfied with the result, some nerves were clearly blank.

We are looking for the most original Saab 9-3 image

  • Image 7 (23% 184 Votes)
  • Image 3 (21% 167 Votes)
  • Image 5 (17% 134 Votes)
  • Image 13 (9% 71 Votes)
  • Image 11 (6% 50 Votes)
  • Image 10 (6% 48 Votes)
  • Image 2 (4% 29 Votes)
  • Image 1 (4% 29 Votes)
  • Image 6 (3% 23 Votes)
  • Image 8 (3% 21 Votes)
  • Image 9 (2% 19 Votes)
  • Image 12 (2% 17 Votes)
  • Image 4 (1% 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 804

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But Saab fans are basically very cool people, the runner-up reacted very confidently to the result. I liked that…

The eSID2, provided by blog supporter Till and his Cardyourcar shop, goes to Berlin. Congratulations to Maik! Maybe he is writing an experience report for the blog and the community?

I drive into the weekend without eSID2. Old Saab tin is announced, every beautiful and dry day in autumn wants to be used. A perfect Saab weekend for all readers!

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    Although I have not sent a picture, but of course voted. Unfortunately, my taste was not a majority
    I ordered the eSID2, came yesterday and will be activated tomorrow ...

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