9-5NG meet at Läckö Slott

Pretty much exactly one year ago, the 5 year anniversary of the SAAB 9-5NG was celebrated with a special meet in Trollhattan, 9 September, thirteen 5-5NG Sedan's and one 9-5NG specific meeting were made on Saturday XNUMX September SportCombi gathered at Läckö Slott, a beautiful castle on the shores of Lake Vänern.


First stop: Jonkoping
We left Stockholm early in the morning and headed south on the E4 motorway. Saturday mornings are usually a good time to drive and we knew our first stop was Jönköping.
330-9NG's passed in the opposite direction, but as we were closing Jönköping a beautiful artic-white Aero appeared in my back mirror and this time on the car shopping mall, the place where most participants would gather.

After having enjoyed breakfast at Sweden's world-famous furniture store, the engines were started and the 140 km long drive to Lidköping (the city where Läckö Slott is located) commenced. It's a wonderful sight with many of SAAB's most beautiful models on the road. Out of their pockets to take pictures of the unique combination of SAAB's.


Along the way we had received a decent dose of rain in the morning, which meant that all the carefully polished cars were not really spotless anymore. No problem ... we stopped at the local car wash and about 20 mins and very careful treatments later, all the mud and the convoy what's looking bright and shiny again!

Läckö Slott
With roots in the 13th century, Läckö Slott has played an important role in the region over the years, in particular as a fortified castle in the defense line against the Danish and Norwegians. 1935 and today it became the backdrop of our impressive line-up of 9-5NG's!


Countless engaged discussions and several 100's pictures of Lidköping to the center of the city.


The group stayed in a hotel in neighboring city Skövde. And so in Skövde our cars became "head-turners" with a local blogger posting on the outside of the hotel.

It was a great event indeed. Kristoffer Bengtsson, Stefan Hammer, Oskar Persson, and Erik Punt for organizing! Many thanks to all attendees and spectators. I'm looking forward to next year's 9-5NG meeting!


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    What an event; look already forward to the next one. Congratulations to the organizers that in this way show what Saab has made in an effort to change the situation for good. We need to keep these cars as long as possible on the roads. Just a pity that modern cars will not become real old-timers because of the "electronics" that now are such an important part of a modern car. But we will drive the 9-5 NG as long as realistically possible 🙂

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    The 9-5 NG is a gorgeous car, so nice together.
    Thank you for the report and for the pictures, too!

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    Thank you! Great impressions! ... and soooo many SÄBE! 🙂

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    Nice pics!

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