Nevs has paid its debts to the creditors

Nevs has made the second 106 creditors today with a total amount of 231 MSEK. This means that Nevs has no longer any debts to creditors.

NEVS - National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB
NEVS - National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB

Nevs exited the reorganization in April 2015 with a composition approved by 98.2% of the creditors. According to the document, 14, 2015.

"Being debt-free gives us stability to continue our building relationships with industrial, financial and technological partners, who are significant when it comes to developing and implementing our business plan. Mattias Bergman, President Nevs, said: "To be able to make these payments earlier than agreed.

In May 2015, Nevs introduced the City of Tianjin (THT) and State Research Information Technology (SRIT) as its new strategic shareholders. The investment from the new investors have been implemented as planned. The Tianjin manufacturing plant, which will be Nevs' second global production base focused on EVs, is under construction, as a complement to the Trollhättan Factory.

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    Thylmuc, that's probably what's going to happen. The work in THT is finished but this is still to be built in THT mus. I assume that this is possible for THT and that production people will soon be accepted again. Also hope that this will happen because that would be a blessing for the resident of THT.

    • The business plan of NEVS will come in the next few weeks. Then we will (hopefully) have more clarity about the future of the plant in Trollhättan.

  • Something is funny. Either NEVS does it like Cargolifter, which one or the other may still remember, and builds a plant before they have a product. Or the development of the Phoenix-based vehicle is at least so far that it is clear that a work for it must. But why? Why not build in Trollhättan first and test the market with the product?

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