Saabs above average

A Saab is a safe car, no question about it! If you want to know how safe, you can find the answer here. Folksam Sweden published the 2015 statistics on vehicle safety. And even if there are no more new cars in the 5th year, Saabs are rated safer than the average of all vehicles.

Saab 9-3 II. At least 20% safer than the average.
Saab 9-3 II. At least 20% safer than the average.

The Swedes have been testing and researching on behalf of automotive safety since 1983. The results of Folksam Insurance result from everyday automotive life. They are more informative than any crash test. Folksam analyzes property damage and personal injury in relation to 254 vehicles. The classification is made in 5 security classes. Level 5 cars are at least 40% safer than average; level 4 cars are at least 20% or more safe. Rank 3 is for cars with average safety. Level 2 vehicles score 20%, and rank 1 40% below average

The trophy this year went to the other Swedish brand, which builds a few kilometers down the Götä Älv cars. This defended Swedish honor against the rest of the world.

Saab vehicles are not in the top-tier group whose members need to be at least 40% safer than any other car. Which may also be due to the fact that the Saab 9-5 NG and 9-4x do not appear in Folksam ranking due to their rarity.

Saab 9-5, 9-3, 900 II

The above-average second group includes products that offer between 20% and 39% more security than the average. Also included is the Saab 900 II, which was launched in 1994, the 9-3 I from 1998 to 2002, the current 9-3 generation and the old 9-5. It is remarkable that older Saab 9-3 and 900 also perform well above average. Proof of how much safety is anchored in the Saab DNA and how far ahead Trollhättan was.

And finally, a reassuring sensation for those who travel daily with a Saab 900 or 9-3 the first series. Safety is not a question of vehicle age; Saab Youngtimer can be safer than a younger competitor's vehicle.

Saab 9000 & 900

Folksam also leads the Saab 9000 in the statistics. The 9000 is rated as average safe. Its base dates from the early 80s; There are a surprising number of cars in its class that are considerably younger. A good result - an extension of the license for everyday use.

We come to the classic in the Saab range. The Saab 900 of the first generation likes to be seen as a very safe Swedish car when talking to regulars - which it cannot be due to its age. Foliage brings us back to reality. The first 900s land in class 1. They are 40% less secure than the average.

Anything else would have been a surprise, since the base of the 901 comes from the 60s from the Saab 99. And if the result was not so, 50 years of security research would have done nothing. Which would not be a good thing ... So the first Saab 900 series remains what it is. One of the most beautiful classics from Trollhättan - a Saab with a lot of charisma. No fun can take the result.

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  • In the 80s, car insurance in Switzerland was cheaper if you drove a Saab or Mercedes-Benz. This was what the “Winterthur Insurance” offered at the time. (Today it is called AXA-Winterhur). Volvo was not part of this campaign at the time. I'm totally amazed that the 902 was so safe. According to euro-NCAP, it was a disaster. Only the 9to3 was absolutely safe. Has the 902 been touched up in terms of security? Greetings from Zurich

    • Yes, it has been thoroughly improved. The data from Folksam are "real-life data" and are based on the accident situation, regardless of NCAP and Co.

      • Hello Tom. Thanks very much. Saab had so-called "accident blackboxes" in Saab's in the 70s and 80s, exclusively in the Nordic countries, for the purpose of real accident data in Saab accidents. Saab became more and more secure from the data. It's really such a shame that Saab no longer exists. Saab had the world's first 60-circuit diagonal braking system in the 2s. Greetings from Zurich, Markus9-3

  • The first surprise for me was that the 9000 does well from 85 upwards - after all, the first vehicles at the age of 30 have classic status.

    But the 902 is the real sensation. After all, the floor pan of the Vectra A is partly underneath. From this, Saab has "conjured up" a car that is still above average safe even after more than 20 years.
    Incidentally, Vectra A is sorted by Folksam into the 1 group. More than 40% less secure than the rest.

    • and also less durable. Have already largely disappeared from the streets. one wonders after all, which milk maids people actually buy their cars. In any case, I also included an analysis by Dekra in the purchase decision.

  • The 901 worse off is possibly synonymous because they are in Sweden as in this country old 3 BMW or 190er Benz and juvenile drivers geheitzt and if the accidents are evaluated here should play no significant role.
    The 902 already has a few more security features compared to the 9k, such as the taise between the biscuit and passenger compartment, more stable side impact protection, and the airbags have been engineered together and not subsequently implemented as in the 9k.

    But still reassuring to be on the way, the subject of safety was what brought me to SAAB!

  • Those are very interesting results, the 900 II safer than the 9000 - I would not have thought. But in daily comparison I always notice that, for example, the brakes of the 900 II grip much better than the 9000. So even there you can see about 10 years of further development despite GM! A series has to be brave and calm now 😉.

    • Why should the brakes be a safety criterion? Maybe because of the ABS? Incidentally, you could build stronger brakes on the 9K as well as the 901er (which from 9K to MY 88).

  • For me, the same applies: A Saab 901 is one of the safest cars ever built as long as the body is well cared for. I survived 3 serious traffic accidents each with a Saab 901. In the second accident I would have had no chance of survival in a thin sheet metal box because the entire front end was crushed at 100 km / h. The same was true of the third, when a coupe with the rings hit my 100 at the front left, also at 901 km / h. Mine didn't have any airbags back then….

    • Back then…

      • My MY89 had no bags in contrast to others like the MY91 onwards? and the successor to the 902 or 9-3 ect .... That's why my "then"

  • SAAB: Safer Than Other Tin Boxes

    • Excellent!

  • The trophy goes to Volvo. Just out of curiosity, how did our 3 cut off from southern Germany?

    • I interpret the list "at first sight" for BMW before Mercedes and as third the vehicles with the rings ... ;-)

  • Good cars never become obsolete!

  • To be honest, I'm not surprised (also from my own experience) ... a few years ago the 900 was put through the NCAP test again and came back with four stars.

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