Saabig… KW37 / 15 The dream car

5 years without a new car, and the Saab flags are still blowing in the wind? More than ever ! Saab is rock'n roll, as the clear emails in my mailbox prove. Fancy Saab pictures? The most beautiful dream cars from southern Sweden appear on the blog at the end of the week.

Saab 900R in action
Saab 900R in action

Saab 9-5 NG meets Bauhaus

The 9-5 II is a design highlight made from Trollhättan. So off to Dessau ... Hans from Switzerland was on tour through Germany with his Saab 9-5 NG. 2.100 kilometers, the Saab likes the German highways, especially the free eastern part, where free travel is possible ...

He sends us pictures from Dessau. German architecture meets Scandinavian designer piece. Fantastic!

Saab 9-3x in Denmark

Martin is a daily blog reader, remains loyal to Saab as long as there is still a drivable Saab somewhere. In addition, he writes us, he is one of those super-patient people who are still hoping for the comeback of our brand. He is not alone in this, there is always hope.

Saab 9-3x from Martin. Holidays in Denmark 2015
Saab 9-3x from Martin. Holidays in Denmark 2015

He drives a rare Saab 9-3x. Low production numbers make the 9-3 an off-road look an insider tip - another dream car “Made by Trollhättan”. The picture was taken during the summer vacation at the southernmost end of the country. That would have been a great photo for our competition ...

Saab in the snow

Fails (yet) to the season. No matter ! Saab four-wheel in the snow is fun, a lot even.

Pure joy! Saab 9-3 XWD from Andrè in Davos in the snow
Pure joy! Saab 9-3 XWD from Andrè in Davos in the snow

Andrè enjoys his Saab 9-3 XWD with manual transmission. In Davos, his homeland, there is still a lot of snow in winter. The XWD, equipped ex works with sports suspension and 19 ″ rims, is the perfect snowmobile. A real car, as Andrè writes.

Rushing through the snow with four-wheel drive Saab is fun. See photo !

Turbo X - true love

Already noticed, dear reader? The fans in the south have the upper hand in this article. Maybe it's because we love southern lights Saab in particular? Like Giovanni from Italy.

He drove a 9-3 V6 in front of the Turbo X, but always wanted a four-wheel drive Saab. The request was heard, Saab gave the Turbo X to the world. An absolute dream car with world-class sound. Giovanni drives one of them. True love - as he says.

Saab 9-3 Aero on the glacier

The Saab 9-3 Aero with hatchback and Viggen Body Kit, built from 2001 to 2002, is a big piece of turbo. As a deer version with even more power, he is fed up and becomes a strong rarity. The liter output is well above that of a 911 Carrera from 2001, any questions? Akos from Munich often travels in Switzerland with his 9-3.

Saab 9-3 Aero with Viggen Kit on Bisgletscher
Saab 9-3 Aero with Viggen Kit on Bisgletscher

With the “Steering Rack Clamp” and subframe - refined according to blog advice - the Aero confidently brings the turbo power to the road, robbing alpine passes is fun. The brakes can still be improved, says Akos. Correct, what is acceptable for the Aero series is just a compromise with the 9-3 Aero Hirsch. Not a good one - the topic will still occupy us on the blog.

The Aero rims from the 9-3 II look great on the Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe, as does the steel-gray paintwork. The Saab 9-3 hatchback is a Drömbil - soon another topic on the blog.

Saab 9-3 Aero 2014 and Saab 9-5 2012 sports car

When it comes to dream cars, these cars cannot be missing. Josef Zabel owns the largest Saab collection in Germany. Its halls on the Lower Rhine are a delicious paradise for big boys.

Unique in Germany. Saab 9 3 2014 and Saab 9 5 SC 2012.
Unique in Germany. Saab 9 3 2014 and Saab 9 5 SC 2012.

When can you watch a 2014 9-3 Aero from NEVS and a 9-5 NG sportswear together? Forget the mass produced by Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren, Lamborghini and Co! This is more exclusive, casual!

The team wishes all Saab fans a great weekend with the dream cars from Trollhättan! The weather is good, the sun is shining. Enjoy the time !

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  • A matter of taste 😉 We had the Alu 88 from the 9-3 II on our Aero for a long time. Ralf Muckelbauer was then able to convince me that the Alu 36, the originals, look much better ... And in principle these are the nicest rims for the 9-3 I .

  • @ D.Ansmann + @ 9-5 Aero

    Certainly, paying off debts is not the main criterion for a successful restart - but it should be viewed positively. There are enough examples in which this did not happen and the financial situation actually had to be ironed out by taxpayers' money - how about, for example, the bankrupt company GM or the temporary nationalization of Renault?

    Neither NEVS nor SAAB-Automobile was ever given a helping hand with taxpayers' money - actually a good achievement that NEVS gets back on its feet as much as possible on its own. Smartism is completely inappropriate here!

  • Thanks Tom, nice report, great pictures. Just do not really like the wheels of the 93er Aero Coupe! The standard double spoke I like much better!

    In the CH there is currently a Turbo X Limo, with 113000 km and Automatic for CHF 15800.- !! So if you are looking for a TX, now access it! (Have no personal interest in this post)

  • Somehow I couldn't get the gene - to buy a SAAB - again. 3 SAAB unfortunately went overboard in the family. I struck twice this year and changed my two from the BJ 2008 (SAAB 9-5 / SAAB 9-3). Including a 9-3 X !! (rare and beautiful ... ..) and caught a SAAB 9-3 (BJ2010 / 2011) with tolerable mileage.
    Now the light in the tunnel must finally come, right? Even with us there are still enough fans of the brand! Greetings from the north

  • Paying debts is a matter of merchant honor. Sounds old-fashioned and certainly has no meaning for investors at NEVS. Otherwise, Mr. Bergman would already have publicly apologized for the botch he hired from his suppliers and employees.
    So far, NEVS has cost taxpayers a lot of money, suppliers had to bleed, and Tom must have turned gray hair 😉 ... That he persevered anyway is to be credited to him, like the whole team and Mark and Michel.
    NEVS will first have to prove that you deserve a second chance, I have legitimate doubts!

  • Is that something special to settle his debts? Above all, significantly outside the original payment period and only after a write-off from the creditors. As progress I can not see that yet.

    Who wants to get the stars from the sky, should first master the simple, everyday things.

  • Well, there are always different perspectives. 2 or 3 NEVS Saab 9-3 even made it to us. Michèl has the best relationships with NEVS - so we're very close when something happens. Your optimism is good, we will see soon whether it is justified.

  • Hi Tom,

    5 years without a new car always sounds huge - but not entirely true. Last year, NEVS brought new 9-3 cars to customers under the SAAB label (albeit very few). You shouldn't just drop that under the table.

    In the meantime, NEVS has paid its debts (even exemplary) and, like Michél Annik, I am assuming that NEVS will again produce vehicles under the SAAB label in the future.

  • Bergziege said everything you can only say about it.

    The brand lives.

    Thanks for this really great report. Weekend sunshine and a good report really great.

  • The sight of the new, almost mass-produced 9-5 SC still gives me a nasty stab every time ...

    So shortly before the showroom failed. Did not have to be. Really mean! Otherwise very beautiful and safe to look at pictures.

  • Oh man ... yes, dream cars. The TX will probably remain my dream forever. Regardless, that makes you want to SAAB 🙂

  • Good feeling! 🙂 PURE emotion! A wonderful start to the late summer weekend ...

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