Borgward BX7 - the comeback

The Borgward comeback is on. Exciting and interesting because our brand could be facing a similar adventure ... and also because former Saab designers and a former press chief are on board. Friday had the Autobild first photos of the new Borgward published. It goes by the unspectacular name BX7 and should be the reason for my IAA visit ...

Borgward BX-7
Borgward BX-7


I was eagerly awaiting the details, and now…. Oh well. A car that is definitely pleasing heralds the comeback, and you can find stylistic elements from various brands. The front of the Borgward BX7 is reminiscent of Buick and Audi, even if the radiator grille is supposed to cite the P100. What pure marketing prose is. The rear is VW, something Porsche. A design that is compatible with the masses. Nice and…. a car that you can see and have forgotten right away. Even after taking a third look, there is little tension.

Class! Because vehicles that I see as brave, trend-setting and exciting tend to flop. The best example is the Citroen C6, which just 23.384 people wanted to buy. Vehicles that I find a bit bland, on the other hand, sell brilliantly. The Borgward has opportunities.

And where is Einar Hareide? The former Mercedes designer Benjamin Nawka is responsible for the BX7. He is led as chief designer, Hareide as senior colleague. A Borgward, so to read, should never be aggressive. Sounds like Saab, but I'm looking for design elements from the Hareide Monastery in vain. Let's wait for the pictures of the interior!

Under the hood of the Borgward BX7 is a 2-liter turbo direct injection, diesel and 401 PS (!) Hybrid follow. 6-speed double clutch, modern assistance systems - the Borgward is up to date. The BX2016 will go on sale in China from 7, with Germany to follow in 2017. Affordable premium - the 7-seater will start at € 26.000 - is a concept that targets the middle class and could work. VW placed Skoda similarly. Anyone who drives Skoda might also like Borgward.

Of course there are open questions. How is the processing, how does the Borgward drive, and where is the sales network? One has to worry less whether a “China box” will roll in there. Not only does Borgward, headquartered in Stuttgart, intelligently play the map of Germany, the construction is also largely German. Development partner FEV, who also operates a branch in Trollhättan, suggests a certain standard. The cooperation was deepened into a long-term relationship a few days ago, further models will come in quick succession.

Questions about the Borgward BX7 come from China. The national motor press speculates who should buy a Borgward and why. The brand is completely unknown and the range of SUVs in China is vast. Is Borgward threatened with a disaster like Qoros? BAIC could possibly take over the sales - it is speculated. Borgward is 100% owned by Foton, the manufacturer is part of BAIC's vast empire. For this reason, one also philosophizes whether the Borgward could have a Saab Turbo under the hood. But the good old Trionic engines are not direct injection, so thumbs down for the assumption.

Also thumbs down for the IAA visit. Saab isn't there, of course, and Volvo doesn't like either. The new Borgward is certainly a handsome car. But nothing that would make my automotive heart beat faster, which could also be due to the SUV as such, which has now been chewed through. Nevertheless - great respect for Borgward. The comeback story remains on the blog. From time to time.

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  • I don't know what this car is really about. Nobody in China knows Borgward and in Germany those who still drove this brand are either 60+ or ​​dead. So the name Borgward doesn't have a special ring to me, even if I know that it was probably a great German manufacturer. Visually not particularly, technically possibly also “only” up to date, but not innovative. Who needs it I can only imagine that it's about the price ... For most people the brand name is neither positive nor negative, that may be an opportunity. But honestly who would be interested if Cord or Packard were revived in the USA, or Talbot and Panhard in France?
    Now the car finds a lot of attention, is then tested because a German brand, win against Asians and lose to VW, Skoda and others.

  • Very daring that Borgward is the first model to bring an SUV onto the market. Therefore, a connection to the original brand is even less recognizable for me. From a marketing point of view, it would have been smarter, in my opinion, to present a coupé or a sedan as the first vehicle. A "BX-7" has nothing to do with the original name either. In any case, the design is better than I expected - but somehow the vehicle looks more Asian than German.
    This is precisely why I have the impression that Borgward intends to transplant Chinese cars “by compulsion” by tying in with supposedly still existing German roots. It's about as unspectacular as Qoros, Ssangyong and co. Ergo: Not a car that I would park in front of the door.

    At Saab, a revival could still fit much better - even if the owner is Chinese. At Volvo it also worked with Geely. But to let such a traditional vehicle run exclusively on Chinese production lines would be a fatal mistake for me. Therefore, for me, Borgward is unfortunately only an example where you should see what you should urgently avoid at Saab.

    Best regards, the Saab fan

  • The Borgward investors are initially calm. Now they do a little chichi, show the car around at a few events - then the money runs out. And off the mouse. Why? Because the brand is synthetic and does not have a complete history. And because no one with common sense will buy such a car. That can only work with a built-in leasing company and a guaranteed residual value - but nobody can be that stupid. In addition: Nobody knows what was built under the name tens of years ago. This ugly thing is only interesting for a few porcelain neurotics who always need something extraordinary in order to be able to feel and present themselves as something special. I praise the reliability of common brands. With a dealer network and a healthy supply of spare parts and, if you like, the image of the ordinary. Better a car that drives, the depreciation of which is calculable, the supply of spare parts is secured and whose dealers and workshops can be reached in max. 30 minutes than a hip frippery car that can do nothing better, but should mutate into a bottomless pit.

  • crystal-clear

    It has been recognized that other retort children lack a name and history and that Chinese cars are almost unsaleable in Europe.

    A company headquarters in Germany and the resuscitation of the brand name - it is not more, after decades the company is dead - make an attempt to make a history and a pedigree to another retort child.

    Whether this is clever or ridiculous, the market will decide. There is nothing to me. The maneuver and the camouflage are much too transparent and the car too arbitrary to let me impressed by Bolgwald.

    There are enough car manufacturers and brands that do not have to tell their own story, but have a complete CV of 70 years and more.

    • Complete agreement.

  • I really enjoy reading the blog, actually every day. I would be happy if Tom & Mark left the focus on SAAB, but would also write about exotics like Borgward and everything that comes from Sweden. I liked Fisker, Tesla would be an issue and why not test a Volvo?
    This will make the blog even more attractive, lively and it's not just about our beloved brand that is unfortunately a thing of the past.

    • I once looked at a Fisker in Hamburg at the well-known Saab dealer.
      I liked it much better in photos and in preliminary reports than "live" on site.

      • The Fisker was already daring. The driving experience and the materials used in the interior were a force. But stop again for the special taste of certain fringe groups

        • Moin Tom.

          Valuable looked inside (and outside) already!
          But I felt - as you will surely suspect - inside too much “monitor” and “modern nonsense”. 😉
          By the way, I would have loved to see a “Fisker Surf”!
          I like this kind of station wagon (Volvo, BMW, etc also had socl kind of "sporty station wagons" decades ago ...)

          But when I got in and especially when I got out of the Kama, I almost got "joint problems"…. 😉

          And somehow I did not like the visual crease between bonnet and windshield at all.

          Of course, I never drove it ... Unfortunately, I only know the "sound" on Youtube films from downtown Hamburg.

    • As the blog evolves, the events in Sweden determine, there is always hope for a miracle. The idea is good, the question is what we can do in our spare time and what Saab is compatible with. There will be changes on the blog, as well as new, exciting and surprising offers for the readers. In January / February we want to switch to a new server that makes this possible.

  • The Borgward stories fit well on the blog. You can see what is possible with China money. Had SAAB got Foton or Geely, the company would run in 3 shift operation.
    Stupid that NEVS came, really stupid 🙁 may Dongfeng brings the shop on the track. 😉

  • Optically, not mine after the pictures. But does not work like a craft shack and I find that respectable for a new manufacturer.

  • Hmmm ... had expected more or something different from Borgward.
    Not a mix of various brands - rather something independent!
    And after all, there are also a lot of SUVs, some of them prettier ... 😉

    I thought Borgward should also be something “German Premuim” and not just “Chinese Copycat”.

    But somehow I still do not understand why Borgward has been chosen as a brand !?
    Except for a few "older" German classic car friends, nobody around the world knows the brand (anymore) anyway !!
    And for large parts of the world I cannot imagine whether the name Borgward will then be positively recognized as a brand internationally ...

  • I'm like Tom. Where is the handwriting of Hareide? The car looks like a mish-mash of all VW brands. What is hinted at in the technical field sounds interesting, however. And I think Borgward with a good sales will be able to sell cars at this price. I'm also one of those people who do not care much about SUVs anyway, so this Borgward is out of the question for me anyway. Let's see what's coming. Perhaps it is better for Mr. Hareide (if he is still chief designer) to design a station wagon or a convertible or even a hatchback. However, what does not work for me at all: no matter which brand is on a vehicle and no matter where it was developed, a car built in a Chinese factory, I'm definitely not on my doorstep.

  • It's not my taste but the marketing is not bad, so I would have liked that at NEVS.

  • I can not follow the argument. Who buys what everyone buys, just buys what everyone buys, and no Borgward. The unique selling point, where is he? Not in the exterior design, which reminds me of an assemblage of Audi and Porsche. But he should be there if Borgward does not conjure another usp out of his hat.

    C6: yeeeaaaah

    • Reviving a brand after a perceived geographic era is like the famous blank sheet of paper.

      Borgward's slogan is “affordable premium”, what will become of it remains to be seen. What is certain is that we are only experiencing the beginning from the beginning and that everything is being done correctly. Manager of Daimler, German AG, headquarters in Stuttgart. The production in Sebaldsbrück is still missing to credibly fill a traditional brand with new life. That could be made possible by the Daimler - BAIC - Foton Connection. The SUV is due to the market and the taste of the masses, as are the other SUVs that are in the pipeline.
      Who wants to buy a Borgward also depends on who will sell a Borgward. The Mercedes dealer, a Saab dealer, its own sales network? Or new distribution channels? Is exciting, remains exciting.

  • The comeback with an SUV as the first model is certainly thanks to the marketing strategist. Who rejects SUV in principle, will not be able to inspire for the BX7. The design? Mainstream, which will not be a hindrance to the success, rather even mandatory. It will be exciting to see how the dealer network in Germany develops. Which (multi) brand dealers dare to include Borgward in the program? If I did not have Saab (service) at least today still a real volume maneuver on offer, I would run into those in Stuttgart the doors. The price is a challenge. My conclusion: Borgward has real chances to win former Saab riders. This will make a Saab comeback even less likely. Nice that you want to stay tuned to the topic!

    • How to address and win SAAB riders with such a car is probably not just mine.

      On the contrary: We are waiting for a homogeneous and successful design from Trollhättan - this would not only appeal to SAAB enthusiasts. A SAAB comeback would of course also be highly desirable and useful for the other reasons we know.

      If the Borgward Chinese continue to stick to this level as with the BX7, that would be very beneficial for Bergmann & Co.!

  • Unfortunately, the front design is once again aimed at the taste of the show-offs among motorists -
    is unfortunately designed for almost every SUV and looks completely exaggerated (too huge grill and somehow aggressive-looking headlights).

    In such a car, the interior will not interest me anyway!

    • I feel the same way!

    • Perfectly described!

  • Ah! Was not there any doubt that Borgward has a car at all? The BX7 is the beginning, supposedly come to 2 new models on the market each year. Phew, they give gas!
    NEVS, where are you?

  • My first thought was, oh, a Tiguan blend! The pictures do not work. Maybe it's better in the original! I also did not like the pictures of the Jagaur XE, when I saw the car in Natura, I changed my mind. I wish Borgward much success!

    • The new Jag is great, I could admire him several times yesterday. 100% better than in the pictures.

      • Absolute!!

        • I can only fully agree with you both. I can not do anything with the Tiguan-Audi blend, but I do not like SUVs. With my car taste, it's more like Tom, which I like is not mass-marketable.
          But the XE 🙂. I took a close look at it a few weeks ago - the cat made a giant leap forward.

  • Greetings from Audi ... ..

  • Only great the Borgward comes back; but I can not find these cars very nice.
    I expected more. Give me a little more "Isabella" !!!!

  • Borgward, by Audi ...

  • So the chocolate side is clearly the backside. Unfortunately, I think the front is too much Audi with an intrusive grill. We have every day when I-crawl-in-your-trunk Idi…. on the BAB. The world doesn't need anything else in this design.

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