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What did our readers experience with their Saabs over the weekend? Our Saab 9000, the Anna project, made a pit stop at Saab Service Frankfurt on Saturday. Since the 9000 does not work quite as it should, an appointment was made with Gerard Ratzmann ...

Saab 9000 pit stop in Frankfurt
Saab 9000 pit stop in Frankfurt

At full acceleration, the 9000 Anniversary has tended to jerk for a few days. No need to worry! As is the case with new projects, it always takes a certain amount of time until everything is 100% in order. The reason is due to a trifle - and a result of operational blindness. The vacuum hoses have not yet been replaced ... they are 17 years old. One thing that should always be done immediately with the 9000. The hoses are cheap by the meter and at the same time a popular source of error when they are old and porous.

New vacuum hoses solve the problem, and the old turbo hoses are next on the list. Another problem was also eliminated at the same time. The central locking does what it wants, although the corresponding module has been re-soldered. It works for a few days without any problems, then it pretends to be dead. Saab Service Frankfurt always has new ZV components overhauled by a specialist company. The 9000 is a topic that is also becoming increasingly popular in Hesse, because more and more Saab 9000s are coming to service in Frankfurt. The module is swapped and that ends the annoying story.

Now the antique central locking has a surprisingly long range ...

Saab Service Frankfurt is worth a visit, if only because of the cars that are in the yard. And because the company philosophy is “pure Saab”. From the Saab 96 V4 to a Saab 99 barn find, Saab 900 and 9000 everything is there. Modern Saab 9-5 NG and a Saab 9-3 NEVS complete the picture above. Pure Saab - and Saab as a passion and business model.

For our Anna project there is still some good and useful advice on how to optimize Gerard Ratzmann. The next visit to Frankfurt is programmed, the Saab 9000 story and the Anna project will remain an issue. Before I reveal too much - part 2 of our restoration story goes online this week.

Pit stop II

In principle, the Swedish Touring Car Championship is a pure Volvo show. The Polestar pilots dominate the series. At least almost ... Polestar has now become Cyan Racing, the two top performers Thed Björk and Fredrik Ekblom are facing an uncertain future.

Instead of three Polestar Volvos, there will only be two cars in the team in 2016, and Sweden Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte will take one of the two places.

STCC run Solvalla. Image: Cyan Racing
STCC run Solvalla. Image: Cyan Racing

Maybe it was a lack of motivation, possibly the big lead in the ranking. The penultimate date of the STCC in Solvalla became the Saab event. In the first race 2 Saab 9-3 STCC came under the first 5. In the second race the places 2, 3 and 4 went to our brand.

Great, we would have liked to see more of them during 2015 season. The race is available at SVT.

Run 1 Solvalla - Top 5

1 Daniel Haglof Saab 9-3 26 laps
2 Richard Göransson Saab 9-3 + 2.241
3 Thed Bjork Volvo S60 + 12.191
4 Fredrik Larsson BMW SR + 13.097
5 Emma Kimiläinen Saab 9-3 + 30.816

Run 2 Solvalla - Top 5

1 Fredrik Larsson BMW SR 26 laps
2 Daniel Haglof Saab 9-3 + 11.885
3 Richard Göransson Saab 9-3 + 14.155
4 Emma Kimiläinen Saab 9-3 + 14.674
5 Fredrik Ekblom Volvo S60 + 44.951

STCC 2015 - Top 5 - rating

1 Thed Bjork Volvo S60 311 points
2 Fredrik Ekblom Volvo S60 288 (-23)
3 Fredrik Larsson BMW SR 255 (-56)
4 Richard Göransson Saab 9 3 209 (-102)
5 Mattias Andersson Dacia SE 184 (-127)


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  • Wrong answer of this workshop. They have no idea of ​​Saab and especially the 900 (901). There were 3 series within the years where the 901er was built, of which there was only 2 in the CV, all with the 16 V engine with and without turbo. The difference in the series and in the spec. in the CV was when on the one hand the handbrake changed from front to rear including new rear axle and the introduction of the driver's airbag. What can also be that you have a US model? There was also another version, but this was due only to the other lighting in the US and mW was not concerned with the control part of the engine. Do you have the part number that is on the old control part? Then look for the number in the Inet afterwards. There are 3 parts dealers here in Germany, which are well stocked and you may sell the right part.

  • ... and at the weekend Tom Blomqvist won a DTM race. Stig Blomqvist must have been happy.

  • The hoses for the crankcase ventilation were due for me last year, when the SAAB was 15 years old. The jerking really started on the return journey, however, because the Trionic had to recalibrate itself - the speed dropped again and again to approx. 500 rpm when the clutch was disengaged. And all of this in the evening rush hour between Frankfurt and Mainz ...

  • Maybe agree to come back when another 900 is in the workshop and swap the control units one after the other on a trial basis? So a bug was found in mine 5 years ago (unfortunately one month after the warranty expired ...)

  • After my friend with the flash at each workshop appointment meant to sell me an Opel, I switched to the free SAAB screwdriver.
    There our 9-3 are the youngest, the masses are 9000 and 900. We are very satisfied and continue to SAAB with a good feeling. Every workshop appointment is a SAAB event and the old 9000 as a rental car is just fun

  • Then you just have the wrong workshop. Maybe she's not busy with the 900 anymore?
    Years ago, I was helped quickly and very competently by Muckelbauer in Bamberg. The new controller was not a problem and was not a lottery either, which fits or not.

  • Just for safety, this is not a troll attempt, but a serious question:

    For years our 900 convertible lights up the engine indicator light (once not brought into a Saab workshop and he was already botched).
    When we brought him to Saab then we were told that a new control part is needed, but there are different 3 and if that is ordered now, then it can not be said, whether the right one comes ... and there would be no withdrawal on electronic components.
    So, since we had no desire for a lottery with 800 Euro lots (aka control part) and the convertible was anyway third car, he was unsubscribed.

    Now the question: Would the lottery still bloom? Or does that mean that we order once with the correct tax part?

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