Saab 9000 Anna Project (Part 2)

I violated my guidelines with the Anna project. You buy an old car according to its condition and body condition. The mileage is of secondary importance, and if the 9000 hadn't had the great anniversary equipment and the W chassis number of the previous year - it wouldn't have ended up in the hangar.

Our Saab hangar. Anna has moved backwards in the last 12 months.
Our Saab hangar. Anna has moved backwards in the last 12 months.

In addition, the advanced, positive and untreatable infection with the Saab virus plays a role. If you see a corresponding car, everything is already too late, resistance is pointless…. Back to Anna: The condition is poor, rust is gnawing at the window frame, the maintenance backlog has the rating “remarkable”, the body is characterized by signs of close combat. But we're going to turn a rotten Saab into a really good car. Or?

In the summer of 2014 I remember the Saab, which is now in the back of the hangar. The time is right for a detailed inventory. Let's start from the outside: The paint looks bad, but is salable, 90% of the dents should be eliminated. One of the rear doors has a nasty notch, as it only helps filling and varnishing. The headlights have since 1998 gotten so many rockfalls that they should be replaced. A rear tail light has a crack, so away with it.

The technology looks worse. The camshaft seal no longer seals, Poly V belts and rollers are at the end. The cooling water thermostat has stopped the service, the wishbone bearings are knocked out, a bolt is torn off the exhaust manifold. The brakes need attention, all fluids are beyond good and evil, the spark plugs anyway.

In the interior hang the sun visors, the servomotors of the climate are defective, the air conditioning must be at least refilled. The seat heating of the driver's side has no function, the leather of the front seats is unkempt and hardened, the central locking system works only sporadically. The interior is filthy, some glue remains on the dashboard, and so on.

The list is getting longer and longer, frustrating! There is also the windscreen frame with the grate ... We have a long way to go, that much is clear. But what should you do? On the plus side, we book a good body, except for the window frame. Known history, a rare, accident-free car. Good 9000s are rare, so there is a plan ...

The 9000 gets rid of the worst dirt ... it's interesting what can be found in cars. From DM coins to historical tickets for wrong parking to Stone Age chewy sweets, everything is included. Then the seats are removed and the driver's seat - in my opinion sat through - goes to Sattler, who, however, will find the seat to be good and with a new dart for little money brings everything back into its shape.

While we are working on the anniversary seats, Anna is supposed to go to the bodybuilder who wants to take care of the rust on the window frame. But it doesn't get that far. In a phone call with Markus Lafrentz we talk about Anna; he offers to bring the project in Kiel to a good status over the winter. In view of the long list of technology and the lack of time, I say yes after a moment.

Okay, having a partial restoration done in a distant workshop requires trust. You can't just stop by Kiel when you've got 650 kilometers to go. And I know quite a few Saab drivers who gave their 900 to other European countries and were bitterly disappointed with the result of the work.

The confidence in the Kiel Saab Team is there, they treated me with my 9-5 NG always very well and very fair. The decision is made, Anna is sent to the north. But first the seats have to go back to the Saab, the 9000 Anniversary should get its TÜV approval in Kiel.

Let's talk about leather! Leather is a natural product, although it can be doubted on some younger models of Saab. For the 9000, the product is beyond any doubt, 9000 and 900 have the highest quality leather in Saab history. If leather is not cared for, it hardens. It loses suppleness, can crack at worst. The seats of Anna are a borderline case. For the driver's seat, I briefly consider the exchange of the front leather insert by the saddler, but let that be on his advice. One would, he says, see the difference clearly.

To give the leather back some suppleness, elephant fat is a good choice. Not for the hectic - the procedure requires patience. After the seats have been thoroughly cleaned, the funds come from as usual leather center, the affected area is treated with synthetic elephantine fat. The fat gets a few days to feed, the procedure is repeated several times. After each operation, excess grease is wiped off.

The procedure helps, and the driver and front passenger seats regain their flexibility. The rest of the repair is done by brush, sanding pad and leather tint in the original color. The anniversary seats are coming back to the Saab, as is the steering wheel, which has been given a new leather cover from the saddler.

On a winter evening, the time has come. A car carrier is at the door. Anna is loaded, the driver finds Saab strong, regrets that the brand no longer exists. He wants to know what's going on with the 9000. He should be repaired and back on the road, I answer. The trucker likes that. They are sympathetic people among the truck drivers, I think.

The next part deals with the nitty-gritty, in other words: the rusty window frame. It's going to be dramatic!

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    I can only join my predecessors. The Saab 9000 will not let me go.
    Now is my third Saab deceived after 95 2.2 tid, then 95 Aero- lacks the attention to detail and now a Scarab green 9000er with Pamirlederausstattung.
    Is an 92er CSE with good care condition and potential.
    Have it discreetly rebuilt in the spring with painted spoiler and side skirts from the Aero and bumpers were also painted down with.
    The result is brilliant - the car is so consistent. And with attention to detail!
    And the original sound from 2.3-16 without turbo is awesome - it babbles.
    Original exhaust system from 92, only the flexible tube is new.
    Was this year in Croatia nonstop home-back pain.?
    Not with the 9000er. He drives and drives.
    Laxed timing chain - not with me.
    Consumption - 7.7 liters.
    Everyone who drives is enthusiastic about the place and worlds better than in the 95.
    Luckily he's an insider tip - otherwise everyone would have him.

    PS Saab logo on both mirrors and on the passenger side in Spiegelschrift- that's cool !!!


    Would also like to write my Saab report - where to?

    • blank

      Saab reports are always welcome. Mail to tom (at) Congrats to the ingenious 9000er!

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    The 9000 is one of the most beautiful SAABs. Every time I see one, there are still some well-kept specimens in our region, the heart is beating. We exchanged ours too early and too fast for a 9-5 I.
    Today I'm sorry, I always play with the idea of ​​buying and restoring one. It's probably something that will not let you go if you have an 9000er.

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    Who bought 2012 or 13 probably had the right nose. Meanwhile, there are only expensive or scrap metal. Not every ruin is worth saving, but the Anna project is right. An Anni, who does not want that?

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      In addition, the parts situation for the 9000s has deteriorated extremely recently. I don't mean the technology, but interior fittings and add-on parts. A replacement for an exploded rear panel (which are very brittle due to UV) can hardly be found, there are no longer handsome leather seats due to age, as well as wooden fittings ... etc. It took me about two years to work through the wish list for my Joe. If I look at the relevant portals today, they are literally cleared away. or just full of junk.
      But when the 9000 is finished, you enjoy it and don't give it back ... 🙂.

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        Unfortunately that is correct. Within a year, many specific 9000 parts were sold in Sweden for a small amount of money to be out of stock. The rear panel is just one example. The prices were far below the regular UK, including Saab / Scania logo. Reproduction? I do not see. Some things are incomprehensible.

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          But rename themselves in Orio (how stupid is that?) And prefer to sell for third parties. What does not happen, right? Instead, there would be enough projects for Saabs, and enough crazy people who would buy the stuff, too. Bristol also earns his money with restorations.

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    Please no further reports on this topic. My attempts to simply not read them have so far failed miserably, you do not even skip a title on Saabblog.
    The times when I thought I could stop reading at any time.

    Why not more articles?
    Very easily:
    The urge to buy a 9000er myself is getting stronger and stronger, but so far it has always been based on the arguments of family planning, lack of (cheaper) garage parking space nearby (oh, how nice was life in the small town, where you can sometimes buy 5 € a month could rent an underground parking space ...) pushed back. I don't know much about this model either, so I would have to read it up with a lot of effort. Then there's the fact that you don't let such a big long-range bomber go to waste in the garage.
    The 9-3 II has not covered 4 kilometers in the last 7000 years, comes out of the cave almost only on weekends. Subway dominates my everyday life.

    My heart is bleeding.

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      Dear Daniel, Nothing could be further from me than wanting to arouse 9000 enthusiasm 😉. Part 3 will be really cruel, from Part 4 it will be dangerous ...

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        I'm curious; wait, and read everything from A to Z.

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    The embossed aircraft emblem already looks strong ...

    I'm already looking forward to the next part, when it reads just as amusing 🙂 Stone Age chewy candies ... you can be happy that the glue residue isn't on the back seat 😀

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    Wonderful .. I love 9000 and look forward to the next report!

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