IAA. Audi makes Saab - Borgward puzzles

We could find clear design elements from Saab in future Audis. The continuous light strip at the rear is a design feature of the last Saab 9-5 and 9-4x. It would also have adorned the 9-3 successor. But now Audi ...

Audi Q6 e-tron at the IAA. Tail light from the Saab 9-5 and 9-4x
Audi Q6 e-tron at the IAA. Tail light from the Saab 9-5 and 9-4x

Okay ... let's be fair! The last Saabs quoted the Saab 9000 CS as the first large Saab to drive through Sweden's forests. I still like the design today, Björn Envall did a great and timeless job.

After the 9000, the 902 showed the tape at the rear, this time reinterpreted by the current Borgward designer Einar Hareide. With the name change to the first 9-3, it disappeared. But who invented it, or better asked, did Saab have the hood in the race against Audi?

The Audi 200 (Type44), with which I was traveling in Sweden, had a solid rear panel. The long-forgotten Audi 90 too. Many Audi 100 drivers upgraded their rear end to the 200er Mimikri for image reasons. But Björn Envall was the first to implement the idea in the Saab 9000 CS. If there had already been LEDs, the rear band would have been lit. Wanna bet?

Borgward is a mystery

Borgward makes a lot of things right in the comeback. At the press conference for the first new Borgward since 5 decades, however, something was strange. You could follow the livestream on the Internet and was then strangely at a loss.

Borgward is still looking for its own center. A big rhomb dominated Geneva, nothing else. Brilliant ! In Frankfurt there was a riot, movies from the past, red colors and a rhombus overflow. There was no longer any trace of the sublime simplicity of the Geneva show, nor of northern German roots and restraint. The show was - I'm really sorry - worthy of a China car.

Borgward BX7 TS

The designers' approach was just as cryptic. In a tortuous and verbose manner, one tried to explain what could not be explained. Anyone who speaks of the design of an airplane wing as a design maxim (Saab sends its regards), but then presents an SUV block, has a credibility problem.

Either the wrong car happened to be there - and the Isabella study was accidentally left behind in the design studio, or ex-Saab designer Einar Hareide and his colleague had packed the wrong speech.

The journalists on site and the audience at the live event felt that. Some will have puzzled what was being talked about. Because everyone knew: under the covers there was a cuboid that had nothing in common with a wing. And unfortunately no Isabella Concept Coupe either.

An SUV was unveiled to cautious applause. Opinions differ about its design. The interior should be in need of improvement in terms of material and workmanship ... but in principle quite appealing and with the supposedly largest display in its class following the trend of the time. First pictures of the Borgward BX7 interior and details that are waiting for perfection are available on CarNewsChina.

The Borgward Way, that's for sure, will be long. The press coverage was not always friendly to the IAA. Beautiful cars, as they were previously drawn in Sebaldsbrück, would need the world. SUVs are felt too many, but the trend is endless. Maybe Borgward will get the hard work, then the freestyle and the beauty of the brand.

Has the world been waiting for the Borgward comeback? Interesting question ... What do the readers think?

Is Borgward enriching the automotive world?

  • No man needs. Legends should be allowed to rest! (72% 130 Votes)
  • In any case. Gas give Borgward! (28% 51 Votes)

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24 thoughts on "IAA. Audi makes Saab - Borgward puzzles"

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    My vote: “Nobody needs it. Legends should be left alone! "

    ... if a new Saab had been presented at the IAA, that would have been a sensation. To revive a Chinese Borgward (a brand that the majority of Germans living today) has never heard of is just boring in my eyes ... Saab still has the opportunity to provide a really big surprise, in 50 years it will be probably see differently. The time is now 😉

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    The name Borgward is completely out internationally! At most old crackers (like me) can do anything with it at all!

    The name SAAB is more than known internationally - here you immediately think of pretty and timeless Scandinavian design and excellent technology. This cannot be compared at all with Bolgwald - they will get the same problem as Quoros.

    I think that it is sufficient now, as far as the reporting on Bolgwald here on the blog. TESLA reports I would find interesting.

    • blank

      Tesla? Seriously? OK…

      • blank

        Tesla? Serious? Okay no Tom, you write so professionally on the blog about our “brand” Saab. There are tons of topics about our legends. Why other brands? How about a report on the extremely rare Saab 900 CD, with an extended body?

        • blank

          I am open to all suggestions ... no question about it. It is also the case that I like to think outside the box myself. Saab is of course the topic, after all, the heart beats Saab. But why no other brands every now and then?

          • blank

            Great article. I must also give my mustard to the topics. How about times to write about brands that have disappeared from the scene. So why and why? eg. Buick, Datsun, Apollo, etc. See us Sunday.

            • blank

              If I had material for it too. My first car came from British Leyland, my second from Datsun ... Mail has arrived - it fits. Mark and I will see you on Sunday!

          • blank

            Tesla S:
            -large interior in the exterior size, up to seven seats
            Saloon with large trunk
            -Super aerodynamics

            Would be a dignified and modern Saab today, a direct 9000 descendant.

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    You should give the Borgward people a chance. The AuBi sees it as a flop, the booth was just bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv1oLWaYMaM - but who is the Autobild.

    Let's wait where the shop is in 3 or 4 years. Every year 2 premieres, that would be already 6 to 8 model series. Would be glad if NEVS at least once a model would run to run. After more than 3 years

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    to the continuous strip of lights: You have forgotten the Seat Toledo 1st generation. Came in 1991 and was therefore also designed in the late 80s. In this respect, the roots of the Audi designs are closer to the Spanish sister brand than to Saab. To Borgward: Hey, be patient! Nowadays, no one pounds a “new” brand completely out of the ground. Please think of the development of Skoda in the 90s or Audi in the 80s: it takes decades to build up or regain market position and image. I don't think it is fair to point out small mistakes by Borgward in the starting phase, especially not from the NEVS perspective. (Who sits in the glass house ...) Regarding the China genes: whether we want it or not, the Chinese will probably dominate this century. You are hardworking, quick and (in contrast to many Western Europeans) also disciplined. In addition to “copy & paste”, they have now also mastered complex high technology. The Japanese went through a similar development in the 70s / 80s, the Koreans are just doing it. Have you ever moved a current Kia or Hyundai? Nothing rattles there! Borgward is particularly interesting because of the conglomerate: Chinese, Swedes, Germans and everyone are working together on a vision: the return of the brand! I have been missing this “pulling together” in Sweden for a long time….

    • blank

      Correctly. There was also the Toledo. Is not bad if you do not remember it, right? And of course China does not have to be a disadvantage as a production location. Volvo builds there for the US, the vehicles should meet the corporate standard. Only: A production also in Sebaldsbrück would be of enormous advantage for Borgward. Buying a car is partly a gut decision. Made in Germany could be helpful.

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    Well, it just has too many SUV models of x car brands. It is said that it is trend. Ultimately, the end customer decides what he sees as a trend. I see the same white Saab 9to4 in Zurich almost every day. As a car normal, as Saab? Design? I do not know, I would never buy, after all, is based on the Cadillac SUV. Has nothing to do with Saab for me. Let's let Saab live on as a legend. Regarding Borgward, I am sure also massively disappointed. Apparently refining a Chinese Lego Mobile by sticking a Borgward logo on it is like taking the old Audi A4, putting a Seat logo on it, and then offering it as a brand new Seat Exeo. How long the end customers will put up with that will be shown. I think that's the best Saab blog in the world here. Let Borgward rest. It is not written here about Packard, right? Saab is a cult, every day more than ever. Grüezi from Zurich

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    The premiere was a bit disappointing, I expected more. Apparently, the BX7 is based on a Foton China SUV, which is disappointing. Since the Bremen DNA is missing but huge.

    Anyway, I would like to see the topic further tracked on the blog, because it can get even better.

    • blank

      Moin mac9-5,
      I had forgotten the Senator. Was also a styling feature at Monza. Did Opel invent this? With the Saab it definitely looks better.

      • blank

        Hello Tom, the mad Citroen SM began in the 70ern already with a kind of rear panel and that was then resumed at the XM.
        You could certainly find something with the Ammis and Japanese, but I don't know my way around ...
        Greetings from the SAAB coast

        • blank

          Shame on me to forget the SM. Have the original sales folder and then that. The rear panel is a design theme but older than expected.

      • blank

        For sedans and station wagons yes. The Carrera 4S, facelift 2008, was the first sports car with an LED band.

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    The question of whether you need Borgward or not, I think is not easy to answer yes or no. Basically, I say yes it would be nice if somebody loosens up this automobile Allerlei something. But I would have expected something different from Borgward and especially Hareide. And there's far too much China in the game, and what does not work at all is a Borgward made in PRC. A Borgward must come from Germany or at least Western Europe and be built there. Declare this style break a Chinese as a German premium brand I take those already evil. A German company headquarters is not enough to be credible. So I would answer the question we Borgward so: Yes, but not in the form.

    • blank

      Put perfectly, Peter! I also see it that way ... and add: the same applies - at least in my eyes and as far as my personal future purchase decisions are concerned - also for SAAB!

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