Saabig… KW38 / 15 - 9000 & Platform Connection

The Saab Bil Museum gives an insight into the history of the Saab 9000. From the first test vehicle to the last 9000 produced, visitors can embark on a journey through history. All of this will also be worth an article on the blog, production is already running. In addition, the race for the most capable engineers between Gothenburg and Trollhättan has started.

Saab 9000 SC in Trollhattan. Turn to Bil Museum or towards Saab factory ...
Saab 9000 SC in Trollhattan. Turn to the Bil Museum or towards the Saab plant ...

Trollhättan I

Sweden is beautiful in the fall, the Saab Bil Museum worth a visit. It is more peaceful in Trollhättan than in the summer months, visitors can explore the historic Saab collection at their leisure, and the mostly volunteer employees have plenty of time to talk about their work at Saab Automobile.

Saab 9000 Talladega at the Saab Bil Museum
Saab 9000 Talladega at the Saab Bil Museum

Thorsten is Saab 9000 fan, in his garage is an 91 2.3 Turbo, and he was traveling in Sweden in recent days. The image of the 9000 Talladega, vehicle number 2, comes from the current exhibition. Thanks for that !

Trollhättan II

Trollhättan is a small town, but from the Saab Bil Museum to the train station, it is a path across the community. Where buses and trains depart for Gothenburg in the early morning, former Saab employees meet. They go to Hisingen, in the Volvo factory. Or directly to Gothenburg in Theres Svensson's Gata 9, where CEVT, as a developer of Geely and Volvo, has offices.

The waiting time for the transport to Gothenburg will be shortened in the next few days employees of NEVS. Stallbacka is looking for engineers who are highly sought after in the Swedish labor market. CEVT Like NEVS, has a long list of job vacancies that are recruiting for the best brains. The rise of Volvo was only made possible by the disappearance of Saab and the release of many capable developers ... who NEVS now wants to have back.

CEO Bergman spoke of a second chance for NEVS after the reconstruction a few days ago. Whether the company really gets it, also decides on the platform and bus station in Trollhättan.

Deer performance

From Hirsch Performance there were highly recommended exhaust systems for various Saab models. Sold out for a long time now comes a limited edition. Produced again by specialist Sebring; the quality of the reproduction will be beyond reproach.

A sporty, subtle sound, long-lasting quality speak for the products. Owners of a Saab 9-3 II, Saab 9-5 OG and Saab 9-5 NG can now pre-order from Hirsch Performance Cardyourcar systems.

Saab 9 3 Aero 2014, NEVS
Saab 9 3 Aero 2014, NEVS

Griffin up ...

The 9-3 is a great vehicle - and if you like, you can give your Saab a little makeover. At Stefan Individual you can find the Saab 9-3 Griffin grill, the rear bar, bonnet emblems and wheel hub covers of the 2014 models. You can customize your Saab according to your taste - whatever you like is allowed.

What do readers do on the weekend? Mark and I are in Saxony on Sunday. The autumn exit of the Saab friends Saxony takes place around Bautzen. We are happy to be here !

We will read again next week. Allen Saab pilots a great weekend!

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  • Dear Anddeu, unfortunately I do not know that. An email to the museum would be a suggestion.

  • How long is the 9000 special exhibition?

  • Hello dear Saab driver, just reading a book about which the Hamburger Morgenpost comments: If you don't love this book, you don't actually need to read anymore. The first chapter begins: Ove is 59. He drives Saab. Title of the book: A man named Ove by FREDRIK BACKMANN. Not really suitable for Audi drivers. Gerd. He drives Saab.

  • Stag was always top quality! I think it would be great if we could do a new production for the 9-3 I.
    BTW: I have now renamed Lars II, after which there is a Lars here

  • The beautiful autumn exit at Bautzen. Since I was so looking forward to it and now my 9³ sick. That is really a shame. Well, maybe next time, hopefully.

    Best regards and have fun. I'm looking forward to a report and a few pictures here.
    All a saabiges weekend.

  • Hello - I already have 3 interested parties for the middle pot (Saab 9-3 to 2002) that has to fit the deer rear pot. If someone is still interested, just let us know. I am also looking for a deer muffler for the SAAB 9-3 Turbo until 2002

  • Thanks, Tom, that gives us a little hope!
    Due to the different diameters, my workshop here in Bremen is unfortunately somehow unable to attach the deer end pot to the standard central silencer ...

  • Nice that the blog like! If we come to Eulowitz, I do not know the route and let myself be surprised, then let's have a look

  • The question is how high the minimum circulation must be for Hirsch / Sebring to reissue the product. Till Drescher is the initiator behind the story, I'm going to ask him to find out.
    If it is feasible - there will be a call on the blog!

  • A little hope flashed in me when I read “Hirsch Performance” and “Exhaust Systems” - unfortunately, as the SAAB 9-3 I Bestzer, we are again empty-handed 🙁 I'm still urgently looking for a Hirsch middle silencer for my Aero Cabriolet . Wouldn't it be possible to get a few people together on this great blog to have exhaust systems (middle and rear silencers) made for the 9-3 I?

  • Hello Tom, First of all thank you for your great coverage. I have been reading the blog regularly for a long time.
    Then you're on my way near the weekend. In Eulowitz (small village near Bautzen) stands at SAAB Service Klaubert a white 9000 in the back yard. Unfortunately at first glance in a not so nice condition. Maybe the time will come to look. Have fun at the exit.

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