Simplicity. Saab Showroom Video 2006.

In 2009 we celebrated the last IAA premiere with the then new Saab 9-5. Since then, the fair in Frankfurt has been taking place without Saab. 2011, 2013, 2015- how will it be in 2017? Is there a perspective, is there hope, do we have to wait decades for a comeback? Like fans of another brand ...

Saab Showroom Video 2006
Saab Showroom Video 2006

For me and some friends, Saab has always been the main reason to visit the most important motor show in Europe. Of course, we drove to Frankfurt in a Saab. The most important and first goal was always the brand's booth. We had a lot of fun doing it.

Do we miss Saab? Me, yes. At every new IAA I feel reluctant to rush into the crowd and then do it with an after-work ticket. But without any real enthusiasm. Saab's appearance was always a center of attraction and a haven of peace in the hectic trade fair. Reliably different from the others. Soothingly calm, always a bit Scandinavian undercooled.

For everyone who experiences withdrawal symptoms: a dose of Saab showroom feeling from 2006 is available on the blog today.

At that time, the new Saab 9-3 TID rolled to the dealers, at the same time there was a video to set the mood of the customers. Simplicity is a buzzword in the video. Simplicity, simplicity. Simple things can be welcome in our hectic times. For those who need 3 minutes of quiet life and an extra helping of Saab feeling after a hard day's work. Here comes the movie after work.

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  • Just saw an advertising trailer from Zurich Insurance for the first time. With a 9-3 convertible. Your heart opens up. Should be seen. Perhaps a car manufacturer will discover his heart for Saab in view of this. If it's not VW (grin).

  • I've been attending the IAA since 1999. The Saab booth was of course always a must! I still remember the premiere of the 9-5 BioPower, the great studies and of course the 9-5 NG premiere in 2009. The year when Volvo was on the brink of being sold to China, Jaguar was already sold to India, but SAAB was still in “European” hands and would not be sold. Today we know Jaguar and Volvo are doing better than ever.

  • Hello Tom, thanks for the moment of happiness !! I can only join rob bruist. No matter which Saab convertible comes around the corner, my heart beats higher. Therefore, we maintain and nurture our vehicles for lack of replenishment and thus a bit to ourselves. The advertising appeals to me today, the friendly seller had an easy game. Maybe another Saab joins my 9-3I convertible.

  • In Saab, advertising is always on top, even better than the release of the cars themselves

  • Thank you Tom! Saab at its best: style, design, strength, philosophy of life and ... loyalty! I'm much less concerned with which brand, but rather which convertible. And for no money I will part with my old man (2002 he 9-3 in silver with black top), that would be an emotional betrayal for me against Saab and myself - all the shared experiences!

  • My heart bleeds when I see this. Also because I was often in Sweden to present Saab newbies. Also because I hand in my 9-5 Aero - have to hand in - and change the make. Shit service at a large car dealership that is no longer interested in the 300 Saab drivers and says you have to line up behind Opel customers and wait 14 days for a workshop appointment. In addition, the top Saab mechanic has also quit. On top of that, there are also spare parts problems. It is enough. I keep the 9-3 convertible. At least that. But we cannot afford to have two Saab in need of repair in the stupidest case and not be able to move. It's a pity. Should there be any signs of a change for the better, I'll be there right away. One should always hope. See Borgward. The rising like a phoenix from the ashes again at the IAA.

  • That's really pure relaxation. Is there an endless loop? And let's hope there is something new until 2017. The hope dies ever known.

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