Saab's colorful troupe

Sunday, 05:10 a.m. The 9-5 merges into the freeway, the adaptive bi-xenon headlights switch to freeway lights. They cut up the darkness, the Saab flies through the night with a bright beam of light. I have 1.200 kilometers ahead of me - or two tank fillings. The path leads to the east.

Just wonderful. Saab 9000 Anniversary and Saab 900 ...
Just wonderful. Saab 9000 Anniversary and Saab 900…

The Saab friends Saxony have invited to the autumn trip around Bautzen; Mark and I like to come. Würzburg, Bamberg, Hof, always towards Leipzig. The highway is practically empty, the Saab has unlimited travel on unlimited sections. The Hirsch system produces a sporty, robust sound that has goosebumps potential. The Saab is also on the road at speeds beyond the 200 km / h. Only flying is nicer ...

08: 50 clock, near Leipzig. I ended up with co-blogger Mark, who naturally hoisted the Saab flag. A pair with a 9-3 Aero Cabriolet with Viggen Body Kit is added, and in formation flight we head towards Bautzen. A short refueling stop. We meet a 9-3 II with Swiss registration. The dispensers are now fully occupied with Saabs. The Swiss, who actually comes from Saxony, can not believe it.

10:00 a.m., Radeberger Marktplatz. We fly to the meeting point on time, and the parking lot at the market fills up in the next hour with more and more vehicles that are “Made by Trollhättan”. Saab's colorful team drives Saab 99, Saab 900 and 9000. There are also 9-3 from both series and 9-5 from both series. Vehicles in every condition, from new to used, people of different ages and from different professional groups. You are all Saab that day, very relaxed. From the blog there are Saab safety vests for the participants, useful and suitable for the coming cold season.

11:00 o'clock. The colorful Saab troop starts to exit. It's on small, winding country roads around Bautzen. Picturesque valleys and villages whose names I have never heard of. But there is also one in small Saxon towns Saab service… The 900s produce the bubbling sound while driving through, the 9000 in front of us delights with the typical turbocharger whistling when accelerating, the 9-5 growls smokily through the small towns. Saab drivers could identify this sound image immediately. Here comes a pack of Saabs before you even see the first vehicles.

Rest in Cunewalde, followed by lunch, Saab Talk. Open hoods, petrol talks. Not a few use the stops for a seat test in the Saab 9-5 NG, which is a rarity on the tour. But not the only one. A Saab 900 with Heuschmid Body Kit is also included, never seen before, super rare, maybe the last survivor and probably another theme on the blog soon.

It continues through Saxony, which shows its best side. Passers-by wave at city crossings, everyone has fun. Life could be so easy. It follows a photo stop with Saab flag, which defiantly blowing in the wind, then it goes on towards the highway. Before Saab's colorful troupe disintegrates, the traditional Saab muffins are distributed at the last stop. Then the participants say goodbye to a day that passed much too fast. Many thanks to the organization team and the two muffin bakers. You are wonderful!

20: 00 clock. At Mark, there is still a strong coffee, then it goes back to Frankfurt. The 9-5 seems to enjoy every meter of the ride, it's just home on long hauls. In rain and darkness it goes in the direction of Bavaria, the traffic is dense, but almost without Saab participation. The 9-5 and I meet only a single Saab with Polish approval on 450 kilometers.

23:00 p.m., near Schweinfurt. The mobile rings, a Saab friend from the exit answers. He is now on shift work and wants to know how the drive home is going and whether everything is okay. Typical Saab community, I think, already the right troop!

Shortly before midnight. The 9-5 is in the carport, crackling to itself. 1.200 kilometers more are on the clock, and every meter was pure driving pleasure. The Anna project is parked next to the 9-5. The 9000 would also like to have flown to Saxony. Maybe next year, when the Saxon Saab friends take the next trip…

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  • Hi Torsten,

    We will move to Rodewisch in mid-December. It is a Saab 9-3 convertible; Yesterday 2000 with 205 PS, which has now run almost 300000 km. Faithful is really very close. We are welcome to short-circuit.

    have a nice Sunday

  • Hello
    Thank you for the tip.
    I drive since 1978 continuously Saab u. my daughter now for 3 years. When you drive Saab the virus is indelible. My daughter had a classic 900 I in black. We had then sold the heavy heart to a film studio in Berlin because they were looking for one. He will be seen in a thriller in the cinema next fall. We're looking forward to. Now we have just this 9-3 Convertible SE u. Here you would like to install another radio. That's why our request. thanks again
    Best Regards

  • Very competent advice you usually get in the forum. This is the more suitable place. Otherwise, enjoy the car!

  • Hello, with my 4 Saab I am in Zwickau (Zimpel & Franke or Boschdienst Dörfeld) Leipzig, Bitterfeld or Kiel, depending on the problem and car. Sometimes also with the neighbors in Treuen.

    Where do you move? What do you have for a Saab? Can you even contact me when you arrived here!


  • Thanks for the tips. I am used to my previous residences for my Saab 80 or 120 km workshop approach in purchasing. In Bitterfeld at the car service Höbold is also a Saab partner from which one hears much good.

  • Very nice report! Since you have mentioned the SAAB service KLAUBERT in the post, now the question: Have you had time to sift the 9000er? Too bad that I did not know the route, I would have liked to have a look, if you have been so close. vG

  • What a great summary of the tour
    Our journey to the meeting point started as a small mini-event with 5 SAAB s, we flew in the formation flight over the Saxon streets. On our short highway visit we were greeted by a Swiss 9-3 joyfully, that was probably the same with you already refueling

    It is always a pleasure that our small exits receive so much positive feed. Also from me, at this point again many thanks to the organization team and the delicious muffins. And may the SAAB flag blow for a long time in the wind over Saxony

  • Hello Michael, for the expansion you need to my knowledge a pinch. Otherwise you will not get the device out.

  • Also we had a lot of fun and Peter was quite gracious with us at the exit. In addition, our beloved vehicles learned respectful and friendly looks of the Oberlausitzer. Such Saab density is in the Bautzner room but rather rare. Thanks also to Florian and Tobias, who planned and organized the tour. The muffins of Marc's wife also increase the well-being and whet the appetite for a next time. Class tour, great troop, class that Tom was there and has taken the long journey to Saxony. We'll give it to you: always happy to return and we look forward to the next year!

  • Hello
    I would like to contact the Saab community with a problem because I can not find another solution.
    Last week my daughter bought a convertible 9-3 Bj 2000. Here I want the radio from u. install your own. Who can give me tips? Need definitely a bracket, aperture, etc. It does not necessarily have to be operated on the steering wheel. Would be very grateful for all tips

  • You can only experience something like this in our Saab community; what other car brand can imagine such a thing? Not a single. This only applies to our Saab driver. Last Sunday we took a trip to “Meetjesland” with Saab Club Belgium; there were also at least 25 Saabs present.

  • Zimpel and Franke would be the closest, at least from the distance. I would recommend but rather a trip to Bamberg to Mr. Muckelbauer (maybe not necessarily for every little wee-wee (insofar as your Saab has), but at least for annual review).

  • A very nice summary. All the more I am sad that my 9³ is in the workshop (unfortunately, the named Saab service representative from the report is not innocent of it

    Greetings from Lusatia. Marco

    PS .: I have to agree with Thorsten. Although you do not necessarily expect an invitation, but unfortunately you can not find anything on the Internet about planned meetings / exits.

  • Something you like to read!

    I'm already curious about the Body Kit topic in case something comes up.

    Nice that a brand connects people so ...

    Have a good trip, all Jet drives 🙂

  • I can only think of Zimpel and Franke in Zwickau spontaneously

  • that was fun, why do not I receive invitations as Dresdner?

    saabige greetings, thorsten

  • Great summary from the exit. That you're crazy, I've already told you Sunday. I think several times.

  • Speaking of Saab in Saxony: We will soon move to Vogtland. Can someone recommend a Saab workshop in this region?

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