Saab 9000 Anna Project (Part 4)

Old cars are fascinating. The Saab 9000 is no exception. He is a child of the 80 years, the mechanics are still visible and noticeable, the then considered extremely progressive electronics is now touching antique and charming. But: everything is manageable, every module can be repaired somehow or by someone.

Anna with Super Eros
Anna with Super Eros

Anyone who gets involved in an old vehicle gets a lot of individuality and style. In order to be on the road without regrets, one must first rid the object of automotive passion from defects. In the Anna project, the worst maintenance backlog has been eliminated, the pane frame free of rust. The painter has removed the worst quirks, the door and spoiler look good.

I'm visiting in Kiel, actually not because of Anna, but because of tour preparations for the Saab Festival. Of course, I use the time to drive my 9000er. Even if it is not a new car - there is always great anticipation for a new toy. Anna, the ugly, rusty duckling, is hardly recognizable! The 9000 is on the way to becoming a beautiful car. The new 16 ″ Super Eros make the 9000 look 100% better. They are one of the most beautiful rims for this Saab ever.

Red numbers, off to the track! A journey back in time starts again ... Worn out wishbone bushes have been replaced, the chassis is now in perfect condition. Anyone who has forgotten how a 9000 felt like a new car should have a look at the chassis components. The 9000 was designed taut from the factory, which brought Saab some criticism from the specialist press in the 80s and 90s. The chassis is hard, uncomfortable. At that time, the journalists had no idea what the misunderstood sportiness would be like two decades later. To make a long story short - the 2 rolls perfectly over the streets, the chassis provides the precision and feedback that we can expect from a Saab.

That is fun ! A 17 year old hatchback sedan feels like a new car. The mechanics are in the best condition, the B234 with its balance shafts runs so silky smoothly, just as people in Trollhättan thought back then. The 9000 is a relaxed car - the best way to travel long distances in a Saab classic. Where are we going? Munich or Stockholm? What, just around the corner to try it out? The 9000 is disappointed.

And promptly two things disturb the enthusiasm. Full acceleration on the country road, the Saab sets off, but not really. The clutch slips, announcing her death. Does it have to be that way? The budget is already overdrawn, and now that ...

And the fan motor of the automatic climate control chirps happily again. It also has to be replaced, there is no alternative. Since we still have a tuning action in mind, Anna should receive the clutch from the aero. It is the same price as the normal version, but should be more robust ... which cannot be wrong.

The Anna budget with the two unforeseen items is definitely beyond any planning. An unpleasant surprise, and it will not be the last. Old cars, if they were neglected by the owner like our Saab, take a certain toll. You have to plan that, everything else would be naive.

It's only bad at the moment, because you can see the progress. But not the end of the road. Anna stays in Kiel, going on the road with a dying clutch hardly makes sense. While the 9000 is getting its repairs, it's time for a little bit of extra work. Because a Saab is a turbo, a boost pressure indicator is essential in every cockpit. Or?

No problem with the classic 900 and 9000, the instruments have a modular structure and can therefore be exchanged individually. Anna receives the turbo needle from another model vintage, and already looks the panel much saabiger.

So far so good. In the next chapter, more than 600 kilometers of motorway to the south are on the plan. At home on long journeys? Still after 17 years? Or just an annoying old car that you like to get out of? We will see.

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  • How do you actually notice if the window frame has rusted?
    For example, can white spots on the edge of the glass be an indication or is it simply because the film comes off between the glass panes?

    • The stains come from the glue, which is subject to an aging process. Not nice, but harmless. If rusted, the rust will bloom. In the initial stage you only notice it, if you control the sealing rubber very meticulously. But even that is no guarantee. Incidentally, there are funds specifically for this problem. They stop the rust and should not (supposedly) attack the rubbers.

  • As always a great article. Many Thanks!
    I hope we still get pictures from the interior.
    I wonder how that might look like with the turbo needle now.

    Greetings Daniel

  • Also I can not wait, starting from 01.11. to drive my 9000er again. He was already prepared in advance TÜV (the brakes were due).
    Next summer it will be the turn of the "Operation" window frame ". But it's worth it, because my Anniversary is otherwise flawless, especially the engine + gearbox also work with 268 tkm 1a. And the driving comfort is really impeccable - better than in the “presidential limousine”!

  • Every 9000 contribution creates desires. Please stop it or I'll get weak ...

    The car is and remains a highlight of the company's history. Located in his time, one may confidently count him among the most advanced production vehicles - if not the most convincing overall package on the market at the time.

    Back then, I briefly had the pleasure of riding a 94 Aero. The memory puts the drive word with “g” on the tongue. The car is just ... beautiful.

    • You will have to be strong. Part 5 and 6 are currently in production. We let Anna fly ... 😉

      • The anticipation for these reports is increasing ...! Your 9000 simply looks amazing! Congratulation!
        During a test drive of a SAAB 9000 CS in the year 1993 I was infected by the S virus

      • Fly, yes that fits too.

        Already because of the legendary ball lights. Or because he was the last Saab with a relatively steep windshield.

        With the flat, large-format windows of modern cars, I notice again and again that you have to look through more dirt and / or water. Disturbing factors (including insects, small stone chips, glistening in the sunlight, etc.) accumulate over a larger area, at a less favorable angle, and are further ahead of the eye - thus becoming easier to focus on and distracting more.

        Anyone who has ever experienced a 9000 extensively, probably only has two options: mourning the car behind or buy one.

  • Hello Tom, I want your next post and the question - at home on long journeys? - don't anticipate, but the result is clear. Like you, I got our 9000 anniversary back on the road with the intensive help of Mr. Kreil - Autohaus Kreil in Hof - and this year we have unwound around 8500 km without any problems (if you hide the central locking). The last big trip 1200 km in 2 days. Just beautiful. And first the seats ... but we already had that.

  • Even if you have quickly sunk € 3.000 in such a classic, these are peanuts compared to the depreciation of 30-40% of the new price that you burn in the first two to three years when buying a new car ...

    • Absolute! Above all, if you do it well and fully, you have 10 years of rest and driving pleasure!

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