Journey into the future. Saab - The journey 2007!

We continue to digitize old Saab films. From Saab Service Frankfurt and Saab Kiel Old Saab videocassettes were provided for the project. Fans around the world are also supporting us, and in the next few days a silly movie from the early days of Saab goes online.

Saab - the journey 2007
Saab - the journey 2007

A digital treasure from 1950 that documents Saab's first activities in North America. It was the years of the Saab 92, Saab's first production car. Small numbers were sold outside of Sweden. The video is a historical document; We don't want to reveal too much about the content yet.

The commercial shown today was created over half a century later. Typically Saab is hypothermic and plays with Scandinavian origins, roots in aircraft construction and unconventional ideas that have their origins in Trollhättan. Turbo, the Saab BioPower concept, active headrests and the never realized Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept.

Three electric motors, a 300 volt battery and a 260 HP BioPower motor would have ensured environmentally friendly transportation. The Saab would have driven purely electrically at less than 50 kilometers per hour, and ethanol turbo-power would have provided propulsion when moving faster. A car that only Saab could have built and that we would have liked. E85 - the dream of being able to move around in a climate-neutral way with waste from agriculture and forestry was once a young, hopeful plant.

The idea is now as dead as the production lines in the Stallbacka. And while there is at least a chance of a comeback there, E85 will slowly disappear even in Sweden. Eliminated by the diesel lobby, which was able to successfully promote “Environment Diesel” as a green alternative.

The Saab Aero X, the most beautiful study ever, runs through the picture in “Journey 2007”. The Aero X still provides material for dreams today. Even if it stands for all time in the Bil Museum and will never go into series production. Some of the design ideas of the Aero X were realized in the 9-5 NG. Thanks to Muller that at least these Saabs were allowed to see the light of day.

2007 felt like a long time ago. Nobody could have guessed that the lights in the Stallbacka would go out 4 years later. Have fun with a piece of young Saab history.

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  • As I get compressed again shown, why I drive SAAB and that there was no alternative and gives.

    Seen in this way, the spot almost hurts.

  • Cool spot, in the truest sense of the word. I especially like the slogan “flying without leaving the ground”!

  • I already realised that . Tom gets more biting. I think so too. Gladly more of it.

  • I think this spot was already on the blog, but for those who missed it back then:

    Very nicely made clip by a fan. The beginning could have been shown on television. Who knows, if the situation had been different at the time and the clip had turned out similarly ... In any case, I would have jumped out of the TV chair and dashed to the Saab dealer. Unfortunately only for a test drive, as the necessary change is missing 😀

  • Tom is getting snappier ...

    I like that!

    I would also have liked fuel and gas from agricultural and forestry waste. At the moment I leave an E85 column still on the left.

    Gasoline is in the basement and E85 has only dampened the price fluctuations down or not at all. Due to the lower calorific value you would now pay heavily.

    It is not wanted politically.

    Incidentally, ethanol contains almost 50% more hydrogen atoms in terms of its carbon content than diesel fuel. A BioPower actually runs to a significant extent with hydrogen. Of the geopolitical and geostrategic aspects of a (sleepy) domestic production I do not even start now.

  • In previous centuries there were always wars and / or revolutions in which the leadership was "disposed of" in one way or another. We live in a great, peaceful world. But to keep it that way, a “reset” would have to take place UPPER. Starting with politicians, over high officials to the greedy decadent managers. Then good ideas would have a chance again, the felt is already impenetrable 🙁.
    But we want to talk and write about our great cars here.

  • That's the thing that annoys me so much. These recklessly squander chances. There was knowledge there that one could have gilded. If you had not broken down everything in bankruptcy and pulled through the matter quickly, you might have been able to hold a few clever initiated heads. An investor with heart and mind could have used this knowledge meaningfully and profitably. But the licenses are probably now in the drawer of the GM because you can make even faster money with conventional technology and such innovations are simply not desired by the mass producers. Until a few years ago, there was a small company near my place of residence who had been able to develop a biofuel for diesel vehicles, which could achieve exhaust emissions that were far below the legal requirements and also significantly cleaner than diesel from mineral oil the case is. Probably VW would have a few problems with this juice now. The two owners of the company have sold their patent to Esso, are now made people, have dissolved their company and are now looking forward to a worry-free life. Strangely, I have not seen this miracle juice at any Esso gas station. Will probably be so that you can still make the better cut with the good old oil.

  • Hydride / ethanol what a brilliant idea! But too revolutionary for the “oil lobby” ... What an innovative company SAAB was! This film makes it clear again! 🙂 It almost makes me proud to continue to move a SAAB / next to my bikes 😉 ...

  • The film is just great! This marketing is simply wonderful to see, as if the spot had just been shot yesterday. Just a shame ...

  • Super great!!! And still up to date, so refreshing !! I just do not understand it's over, I do not understand it !!

  • Gorgeous the good old SAAB movies. Own style that nobody else had!

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