Movement therapy for old cars

This week starts a bit calmer and with a look back at the weekend. The focus is on old cars. It is Saturday, the 2.3 9000 CS gets clearance today. In the warm months, the Saabs are moved out of the hangar regularly. To avoid damage to the stand, take the road, 50 kilometers through the Spessart. Country road cruising… movement therapy for old cars.

Saab 9000 CS, 1993, 1. Hand.
Saab 9000 CS, 1993, 1. Hand.

The 9000 CS we had brought 2012 in the middle of winter from Munich. A well-maintained vehicle first hand. We have had the rust removed, since then the limousine leads a life in early retirement. The Saab is at an unfavorable age. With 22 years too young for the H-plate and therefore not on the radar of the collector. But since he has a clear history, less than 100.000 kilometers are on the clock, he is definitely worth protecting.

Does it start or not? After all, it has been standing for a few months again ... the ignition key moved, the starter turned, and after a few seconds the old technology is running. After a few minutes of idling, we leave the hangar and the grounds, heading towards Spessart.

Technology is happy, it is allowed to show what it is capable of today. The 9000 CS is 22 years old, nothing rattles or creaks. The casual velor seats, the relaxed automatic system that also makes some of the 145 hp disappear ... that's Saab. You slide across the street in the 9000 and could drive from the Main to Lake Vänern. In one piece, casual. Just like that ...

When a traffic obstacle appears in front of the 9000 CS, it gets tight. Suddenly it is clear why Saab has sold so many cars with the ingenious turbo. The CS is a sucker. With the big engine, but that only helps to a limited extent. Overtaking maneuvers are a matter of patience, thrills with announcement. The 93 9000 can do more than you think it can. As with all vacuum cleaners, the automatic transmission is shorter than that of the turbos. This is good for the overtaking route on the country road, but it is annoying with high revs on the motorway. Nevertheless: Driving a vacuum cleaner needs patience, Turbo flies.

Even the best and most economical Saab has to go to the gas station. There are surprises here. No, not the teenagers who take photos of the CS with their smartphones. The box is rare, terribly rare, especially in this color combination. And young people seem to like the Swedish transport.

Back to the surprise. You think you know your cars. You don't do it! The fuel cap is red and I've never wondered why. Today I notice. Treason ! It says Volvo on it. And that on my Saab!

We have the Hochspessart behind us. The Saab rolls supple, gently springing to Lohr am Main, then through the Main valley in the direction of Rothenfels. We ignore the smallest town in Bavaria and the highly recommended Bayer Bräu with the neighboring beer garden. Driving through the Hafenlohr valley, one of the most beautiful and loneliest valleys here in northern Bavaria. The sunroof is open, the window partially. A mild summer wind is blowing, the Grundig Stereo Radio is playing Roxette. Kitschy ! But those are the moments in life that are priceless.

There is room in the carport, the 9000 CS is parked next to the 9-5 NG. Petite he looks in direct comparison. 18 years lie between both vehicles. Maybe the Saab Scania time was the best time at Saab and the last GM years not so hopeless. Otherwise there would have been no 9-5 NG and 9-4x. Hours later, it is already dark, I look again after the two Swedes. Beautiful cars, each from his own way. Rare and worth preserving in any case.

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  • blank

    At least a Swedish gas cap, but of course that doesn't work ...

  • Same time my 9000 start and turn a round.
    If the weather permits, then a round of 99.

    • Is the best idea in the sunshine! Winter is coming

  • blank

    A white CS, is there any such thing? And a real Grundig radio, nothing from Turkey? Just awesome the box, believe more you do not have to say

    • blank

      I have a 9000CS aero in white, MY94, 1993 registered. Back then white was not the trend color, back then people were more into muted signal colors such as dark blue, dark green, black ... :-)

  • blank

    Dear Tom,

    It would have been cheesy, if you had passed the Dutzendteich so. Grundig radio and Roxette is also not cheesier than Blaupunkt radio and Patricia Kaas.

    I would classify the GM era at SAAB under “wasted opportunities and misunderstandings”. Trollhättan also fondly remembers some of the defining personalities of that era - see “Butler's”. If you had decided on a classic split with SAAB for the upscale and Opel for the volume segment ... well. Is probably pointless to speculate today.

    In that respect, have a nice week.

    - pwb

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