Saab - again and again

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet by Johannes
Saab 9-3 Cabriolet by Johannes

For the first time I was infected with the SAAB virus in autumn 1980. On a Sunday afternoon, my wife and I stayed in the neighboring village. At an open car exhibition of a Nissan and SAAB dealer, we looked at the vehicles on display.

In the row I then saw "my" Saab; a blue, beautiful EMS 900, three-door. I had to have this. After convincing my wife, I was able to persuade the dealer to swap my former subset, a Renault 20.
From then on, I was the proud owner of a SAAB.

The years went by, and little quirks, like broken coolers, etc., increased, burdening our household budget over crowds. Therefore, we decided with a heavy heart for a vehicle change. Cheap SAAB's were not available at the time. But we stayed true to the European car market. So, Ford, Renault and Citroen alternated.

Then, again in autumn, it was the year 2000, I was in St.Gallen with Hirsch and looked at the vehicles. And there he was, my future pedestal, a 6 month old, silver-colored, 9-3, 2.0i-16, LPT S Limited, with 15 kilometers. I quickly agreed with Hirsch junior and my Citroen Xantia had to look for a new family!

7 years and 100 kilometers later, the oat stung me again. During the annual maintenance, I looked around the Hirsch showroom. And it came as it had to come. I saw my next Saab. The Sportcombi 000-9 3, special model by Erik Carlsson, I was drawn to. A short time later, I introduced him to my wife. And I got the green light for the new "family member".

Saab 9-3 SC XWD by Johannes
Saab 9-3 SC XWD by Johannes

In the following years, SAAB was known to be increasingly struggling with economic problems.
And so it came that I wanted to change in the fall 2012 again to a newer vehicle. A three-year SC9-3 Aero, V6, XWD, with few miles, was offered in a SAAB garage in the canton of Aargau.

The holiday trips to the North Sea were a pleasure in the last two years. As often mentioned in reports, one climbs even after many hours and miles relatively relaxed from the car.
In many places, our Aero is marveled and I have also seen envious glances, especially if I can answer the question of any spare parts with reference to positive.

In the past three years, however, spare parts were only required after a collision with a handsome fox. Otherwise, he only needs to go to the garage for an annual inspection. Then in autumn 2013 our Aero got a little sister, called SAABinchen, a 9-3 Cabriolet, Vector, from first hand, with less than 40 kilometers on the odometer.

Especially this summer we were able to make endless trips with SAABinchen. The Aero was meanwhile looking forward to the coming winter.

Let's hope that SAAB will always be alive in some way.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

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    SAAB is eternally SAAB. I drive a 2,2 TiD, 350 000 km and 17 years. Running costs are lower than Skoda Octavia, but not so good. Still, I think SAAB is dead. The new owners come with different philosophy. If two do the same, it is not the same.

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    Well, like that, a blue 900 EMS. I had that too. In the middle of the 80 iger, my dad bought it from our friendly as a used one. A dream car. At the beginning of the 90 iger, I had taken over the car. Only 2003 I could separate from it. I still regret this. Now this almost original preserved, but already heavily rusted copy lives his life in a garage in the north of our republic.

    Nice report.

    Greetings from the Erik

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