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A Saab is not a Saab! We are happy about every Saab that finds its way into the Saab community from previous ownership. It doesn't matter whether it's a relatively new model or a Saab in youngtimer or classic mode. It's not that easy to find a good Saab, because the market is getting tighter ...

Another Saab 9-3 Aero in the community - we're excited!
Another Saab 9-3 Aero in the community - we are happy!

New Saab - Part 1

A Saab 9-3 Aero adds to the Horst fleet. He now has two versions of the 9-3 II in the yard, despite everything, as he says. The 9-3 II got its facelift for the 2008 model year. That long ago? Really, but he still looks really good. Timelessly beautiful, a Saab. Congratulations to Horst on the addition - and always have a good trip from the blog crew!

New Saab - Part 2

With our Anna project we wanted to write the Saab 9000 back to the present. Even if I have to be guilty of continuing this week - my desk is too full, the operation seems to have been successful. There have never been so many emails in my mailbox on this topic.

Two friends from the Saab community went searching. Whether 9000 CS or CC was almost no matter, the main thing a nice 9000er with everyday usability. You have experienced a lot. If the market is already tight for relatively new vehicles, then it is super close to the Saab 9000. What is offered as a good condition or worth preserving or good basis for restoration is often not worth a penny anymore.

A particularly blatant example is the 9000 CC pictured, which not only has it behind in terms of looks and body. The great precious wood fittings don't help either; Oil in the cooling water speaks a clear language, there is a case for the recycler. Pity !

The search of the two fans went well anyway. A Switzerland import of the Saab center in Kiel - a very nice anniversary - will add to the fleet in the future. It is brought south at the weekend. The 9000 is in good hands, complements the collection of the two. Good news !

Peter and Saab readers mug 2015. Recorded at the Saab Bil Museum.
Peter and Saab readers mug 2015. Recorded at the Saab Bil Museum.

Saab reader cup 2015

For every published Saab story there is an exclusive one readers cup, The edition is limited, the largest part has already landed in the hands of fans. Blog readers who still want to secure a mug with the original Saab as a motive, should hurry. There will not be a new edition, and next year we will surprise with another equally limited motif.

Peter took our cup to Sweden. His picture is from the Saab Bil Museum in Trollhättan. Can there be a better place for the photo? I do not think so! Thank you Peter!

Borgward ...

I'll wave to Borgward for a reason. The IAA is history, the Borgward premiere only got mixed grades. Every beginning is difficult, and the future shows how things will continue.

But there is a story to tell at the edge of the IAA.

Borgward BX7 TS - so ordered only with other grill ...
Borgward BX7 TS - so only order with another grill ...

Saab collector Josef Zabel was a visitor at the IAA. Of course, because you can find it everywhere where engines are concerned. He is a passionate Saab person, but also with Borgward genes. His father was traveling in the Hansa 2400 and Isabella TS. A rare Borgward P 100, the last big car from Bremen, has been in an uncle's garage for 35 years. Any questions?

It is clear that he will meet Christian Borgward, the grandson of the company founder, and his wife at the booth. A long conversation, with foreseeable results. Josef Zabel ordered a Borgward BX7 TS, titanium metallic matt, 21 ″ tires from the founding grandson, with a different grille than on the exhibition stand. Delivery: Not before 2017.

The probably first Borgward in Germany could go to Saab collector Josef Zabel. I'm excited, the blog will follow up on the topic…

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  • Are we actually at war? These matte cars in camouflage color and with the darkened discs, just awful!

  • The radio operators of the family radio remain in any case Saab fans, even with rust, wind and fog, vg Tiga from the family radio

  • Thank you! My aero would certainly have been recycled by other people ... now it is being pepped up bit by bit! And the nice thing is ... I did it! 😉

  • Dear Christian - unfortunately Mark and I are not able to answer all of the emails at the moment. We're sorry, and we wish the situation were different and we had the time to do it. To answer your question: The blog will move to a new, technically better server in the foreseeable future. We plan to expand our offer for the readers and take your suggestion as a suggestion!

  • I know this problem with the low vehicle selection. I've been looking for a touring car (or station wagon) for quite some time, but so far I have not found anything where it seemed worthwhile for me to travel across Germany.

    Because it's also about the Saab community in the article, a quick question to you Tom:
    Some time ago I wrote to you whether it would not be worth considering adding a picture section where readers could send pictures to you for the others. On my trip to Scotland I met two beautiful Saabs and shot (and edited) a “surreal picture” of them.
    I am happy to make the image “available” to the community. 🙂
    Best regards Christian

  • It's true, not everything is salvable even if it hurts. In order to completely rebuild a grate arbor the Fuge are still much too cheap on the market, even if the prices for good copies rise for months.
    A pity, probably one less

  • Well Saabansbraten, not everything where a SAAB sign attached, it is automatically worth preserving. Almost three years ago, we bought our second-CS also very filthy, but was able to save, because technically OK and largely without rust.
    This year I was looking for a certain type 902 / 9-3 I. We drove all over Germany, looked at specimens in Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck ... The photos were awesome, I didn't even take one of them for a test drive, it was such construction sites.
    The problem with the Schräghecks is simply that they are too practical and therefore simply consumed until nothing works. Then a dealer comes and slobbers what future pieces of lover, but not such wrecks.
    I have watched Anna since she was delivered to Kiel, that was a completely different situation.
    It is a pity that so many SAABs are getting into the junk now, but you have to be realistic, most of them are really not to be saved, if the effort should be reasonable.

  • The blog would immediately call to the rescue if there was anything to save. Unfortunately, the vehicle shown is not only damaged in terms of the body. Even with the technology, the effort cannot be estimated. If this vehicle existed at the “scrap price”, it would have been valued differently by the potential buyer. No, it's not in Hamburg.

  • The above images show little of the critical 9000 locations that determine the extent to which an 9000 is really junk-ready: jacking, windscreen frames, end tips / floor plates, rear shock absorber mounts. And even if the rust has already eaten there, a repair to the junkyard is to escape.
    Various 9000s and their repairs have already been reported here: Anna, a white CS, a CC ... what is wrong with the green one from this article to be repaired too?
    The things shown look familiar to me from many 9000, simply because the 9000 is also a good, solid car to use - there are such traces. As is known from the 900s, the hanging sky can be fixed by yourself or by a saddler. Footwells with their carpets and mats can be vacuumed or, depending on personal preference, cleaned more intensively with more effort.
    The illustrated door grate I think for a 9000 CC for little.
    Why pulled over the object so and immediately opened the gate to the junkyard, opens up to me in no way (is it the already almost scrap price offered in Hamburg 1991er 2.3 Turbo with automatic transmission?).
    A SAAB is not partout lover vehicle, the long-term Ersthandfahrzeuge are here also the exception and not what we expect at least 17 years old used cars (to stay with the 9000). Without people who simply enjoy using a SAAB, but who are not concerned with flagship or brand membership, it would look even thinner on the streets and in the offer lists.
    In my circle of friends and also in my own vehicle fleet, I mainly saw 900s of the first type, which were similarly looked down at the time of the offer, or which were not even looked at at all - they are all still alive, and some have covered tens of thousands of kilometers without major flaws in the time, where they lived with friends or with me. And these too, and I think especially these are SAAB and make the picture at meetings even more interesting.
    Should the green 9000 shown above really be sent to the scrap metal, please contact me in advance. The specimens are no longer - and if more of them end up on the scrap metal because of such statements, we dig the hole ourselves, about the dimensions of which we repeatedly complain in the same breath, but only bigger.
    Because every 9000, and even 900, is still worth more than a cent - it still carries parts that, should it really no longer be able to be used on its own wheels, will help other living specimens to survive.

  • The 9000 is not only ready for scrap, that is already extremely disgusting. I've also experienced something like this over the past few weeks and finally found what I was looking for with our people in Kiel - more later.

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