Saab Seasonal Offers 2015 / 16

Autumn is here - time for a new Saab campaign from Orio Deutschland GmbH. Saab drivers will find mail with the manufacturer's logo in their mailboxes in the next few days or have already received it. The new offers fit the season perfectly. It's about lighting and better visibility.

Saab Seasonal Offers 2015 / 16
Saab Seasonal Offers 2015 / 16

The participating Saab partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer an autumn and winter check, tire changes, new lamps and wiper blades. New headlights for the 9-3? The 2015/16 Saab season offers bring that too, because nothing is as important as seeing and being seen. Original Saab batteries, alternatively battery technology from Exide, ensure for customers in Germany and Austria that the Saab gets through the winter safely and reliably.

Saab Offers 2015 / 16
Saab Offers 2015 / 16

The current campaign runs from now until January 15, 2016 and while stocks last. For the first time, the mailing is presented in the new Orio AB design. The colors have changed, the big Saab logo has remained, the content is still pure Saab. The 3 year quality promise is still valid and will not change.

Participating Saab partners in Germany and Austria are integrated via direct mailing or via the web version, which is completely free for dealers. The bases in Switzerland are present at the Saab action via the Internet.

More Saabish from Orio is coming to us in the next few days. The 4. Saab Inside, the customer magazine of the Saab Service Club, is online for registered members. Anticipation is just the best pleasure!

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  • Moin, I have a question that does not fit the article here but that conjures me a big question mark on the forehead.

    I just found an article about the Saab 9-3 (Epsilon) platform, which was probably sold to a (state-owned) Turkish investor. As I understand it, you want to get your own car on the platform before 2020.
    The images of the prototypes look very much like Cadillac BLS and SAAB is mentioned several times in the articles.

    Does anyone know vlt. something about it and maybe that has something to do with NEVS?

    • Tomorrow 10: 00 Watch Press Conference in Trollhättan!

  • I think it's cool !! The car maker is now offline how long? And we Saab driver is still offered such a service? Great!! Since the competition can only be amazed, right?

  • I also had in the mail today

    Nice to think of customers and workshops.

  • ... was already in the mailbox 🙂

  • Presentation and design typical Saab.
    Very nicely done, the content is also ok, I will also "strike".
    It was really encouraging to get “Saabpost” again on Saturday.

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