All my Saabs ...

... also in your mind. I actually drive my sixth. The “look” started and became noticed during the summer work in Sandviken in the Swedish summer of 1972.

Saab XWD ... and more ...
Saab XWD ... and more ...

Back then 24 years. I already had the girls in my imagination, but it stayed that way in Sweden. But a new picture caught my attention. It was the curves of the 99th When I looked closer, I discovered the many technical subtleties built into the basic equipment as standard. I was impressed. Hardly noticed, for example, the rubber apron, which was attached to the underbody in front of the cables in front of the rear axle and served as stone chip protection. Or later in the EMS, the “pivot-mounted” coil spring.

This word melts on my tongue today.

Yes and my first self-driven SAAB was finally 1991 900 Tu 16V Sedan with about 170 Turbo PS.

Built fully equipped for the US American market in 1984. A revelation after my previous 50 PS students from Wolfsb and Rüsselsh. "Good things take time". Professionally equipped with a Hasselblad, life could now start in a new quality!

That also corresponded to my growing personal demands on my own work. I consciously wanted to represent what I am showing on the outside. The sedan received unexpected praise from the outside: like "this is like in a living room" a young lady fluted.

A male passenger: "Wow des is a comfort tank".

The 900er accompanied me to 330T Km with original engine and turbo. 1998 I also got an 9000CSE, Bj 1996.

For this class I was not yet mature enough. I moved the vehicle quietly, like a bus. Parallel I continued the 900, there I was, certainly due to the lowered landing gear much faster on the way. Sold the CSE to a SAAB friend and drove the 900 for 2 years.
Now needed an 4WD because of moving to the foothills.

The 900 bought a young lady who called him “Mr. Gustafson ”christened and disappeared to Sweden for a year abroad.

I slid around in the 4WD Sub for three years, looking for the ideal seating position that I found straight away in every SAAB. (otherwise the sub was a good car). I didn't care about winter now! wanted to feel "at home" again. and found a 900 Talladega very cheap (bought for the possibly wintry “worst case” snow chains). However, good winter tires on the Saab master our winters.

2011 then a 150 PS TiD a very light, playful easy to drive car.

Was constantly on the Internet; maybe not finding an XWD after all. And actually last year, a Viennese architect sold "the best car in the world" as he said. Reason: with triplets he received too much family offspring for the SC.

I bought the 2009er SC XWD Aero and since then I do not have to see what's up there anymore. Well, I have what I need. I did not take a picture to photograph. On the European Tour, the 3 convoy with 95NG, 95NG SC, and 94x, all in white, made a stop in Salzburg.

All three stood together. It was already Saturday afternoon. I stole around the vehicles, compared the design lines. But, photo I did not do any. But I have it in my head, like all the other Saab s, whether obsessed or not. They are all mine.

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

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