Saab 9-3 from Turkey?

All day long mails came to my mailbox about Saab and the Turkish auto industry. The Saab 9-3 has been celebrated in the Turkish press for days as the basis for a new, national car. The background - unclear.

SAAB production at NEVS
SAAB production at NEVS

Sometimes the Saab 9-3 appears as a sedan in the press, then the 9-3 station wagon in the shell. Other magazines show the Cadillac BLS, which is a Saab 9-3 derivative. Camouflaged prototypes are more like the BLS than the 9-3, interior photos are clearly Cadillac.

There were investors from Turkey who were interested in Victor Muller's time at Saab Technology. During the reconstruction of NEVS these contacts were again. Information about the background, which are sound and resilient, even Turkish friends do not have. In the press, a very general article is frequently circulated, which always seems to come from a single source.

The solution of the riddle could be in Trollhättan, just came the following message in my mailbox:


Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car - press conference Friday at 10.00 in Trollhättan.

National Electric vehicle Sweden's President Mattias Bergman wants to present the cooperation at a press conference at Nevs:

Time: Friday October 16, 10.00 CET.

Place: National Electric Vehicle Sweden, Saabvägen 5, Trollhattan.

The press conference will be broadcasted:

A press release will be published at the time of the press conference.



Exciting! Tomorrow we know more!

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  • Hello, all this "tinkering" with electromobile solutions, in which the German "premium manufacturers" stand out in particular, will, in my opinion, dissolve in some time.
    Until really powerful batteries bring the German very heavy and completely overpowered plug-in hybrid monster on acceptable ranges (currently they usually only create about 30 to 50km purely electric !!!), It has all through the Fuel cell technology done.

    It may sound a little fantastic at first, but it should be noted how fast the number of LPG filling stations has grown in the past. If you really push the hydrogen technology, then the battery cars will soon turn off the light. Not without reason, Toyota has recently released all its proprietary patents on fuel cell technology.

    • One can only wish that.

      The production of hydrogen can also be done with renewable energy from excess capacity.

  • Oh dear, they're talking about electric cars again ...
    What I do not quite understand, where does NEVS always take the arrogance as if they could actually build electric cars in a big way? Did they build something else apart from the few 9-3EVs?

    I am not against electric cars in principle, but I don't see a really forward-looking concept anywhere (except maybe Mia), because "just" quickly plugging an accus and an electric motor into a steel body is not really innovative ...

  • if you enter "SAAB from Turkey" in the search engine, you will get dozens of messages in various trade magazines on this topic from 2011 ... that the Turkish state wants to (wanted?) to buy the brand

  • Great news! I do not know what you have.
    NEVS not only wants to build its own cars, but also wants to take on development jobs in order to keep a horde of developers on the ground in bread. Since they seem to have pulled a fat chunk ashore. Either the customer gets a car on Phoenix base, or on the old platform. Trollhättan may also be able to supply parts, somewhere between full knock down kit and parts manufacturing in Turkey, the partial dictator has something of his national pride, and NEVS can produce more to cut costs.

    FINALLY something is going on, which lies beyond new financing concepts for survival. Of course I would also find new cars from Trollhättan better, but that still lasts. No wonder, considering the energy densities of current batteries. My 9-5 is supposed to last at least 8 years, I can wait

  • national car? Automobile nationalism?

    After all, it is not automobile racism if the “national car of Turkey” is based on Nordic autogenous from Chinese property.

    But it's interesting that in all (well, many) countries today a national car production is given the prestige and importance that it was also given in Sweden in earlier decades ...

    Sad, only sad, how little of this spirit and how little of Sweden's once legitimate pride in the Volvos, Scanias and Saabs, is left on Swedish buses, trucks and automobiles.

  • Let them do whatever they want. Soon, Erna Kasulke will stick a Saab emblem on the rollator and also has a flaming new vehicle with Saab genes. Great

  • Nearly 1 hours, then we may know more.
    Joy does not come up. A purchase option looks different.
    NEVS is out of the interest. They have finished

  • So I would be happy if there was someone who picks up the Saab genes that are still there and builds a car from them. Since there is also the hope that Swedish engineers will (further) develop the car, it would be a ray of hope. As far as I know, my 9-5 was also built by Valmet in Finland ... would have no problem if my next "Saab" comes from Turkey, is closer than China and you could combine it with a great trip 😉.

    And, to be honest, I don't want to buy a NEVS car anymore either ...

    So one can only hope that you can buy the car in the rest of Europe.

  • My 9.5NG will soon be 5 years old - and I love it. 5 years in which I followed the blog faithfully, but also 5 years in which all the silver lining on the horizon has disappeared. I think I'll leave the "Saabgemeinde" soon.

    • Well, that's life. But you would miss Saab 😉 (and first the blog ...)

  • Out of which one should be smart.
    NEVS can produce question marks but unfortunately no Saab cars anymore.
    Just ridiculous the whole thing ...

    • Can you agree only. What's that bad joke? Soon we will see Pakistani carriages with Saab genes. Just ridiculous.

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