NEVS and the national car for Turkey

NEVS sells the rights to 9-3 to Turkey. On the platform, a new, national car project will emerge, which should differ in design from what we know. Through cooperation with the state Tübitak Further 100 jobs will be created in the Stallbacka.

Development center at NEVS
Development center at NEVS

I am at this point, as usual, a bit baffled. Another partner, not from China this time. The 9-3 is for Trollhättan past, which was not to be expected. The blog is written from a fan perspective, and so the question is: will that keep us going?

In detail, and because the subject is not very brief, the following happened:


Nevs sells the rights to 9-3, secures contracts for development, production preparation and creates synergies. That brings an undisclosed amount to the till, jobs to Trollhättan. A good deal - from the NEVS point of view.


Passing a Spanish caravan in a race to discover America with a dugout canoe? I would have expected a different decision from Turkey of the year 2015. The new national car will be based on a platform that has already passed 2020 decades at its launch in the year 2.

But governments make irrational decisions when it comes to national pride. Not only in Turkey.


Simple arithmetic task. 500 employees, more 100 are added. Research and development for Dongfeng, Turkey, an electric car and a new plant for China. Additional development work for other partners. In the background the preparations for the order production.

How much energy remains for the master plan - the revival of the Saab brand?

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  • There are and there will be no new SAAB. Nevs is simply incapable and needs money. Therefore, every dollar that comes is taken.

  • There were no engines anymore

  • Remaining waste not more. Saab is dead since 2011. There is nothing left. Unfortunately. Will finish my SAAB u.umsteigen.Das life continues without this mark. Takes much too long.

  • If it brings money into the cash register, that's OK.
    It was certainly clear to everyone that NEVS will not revive the "old" 9.3.
    I have not given up hope that NEVS will be working on the Phoenix platform on a new, hopefully SAAB.

  • NEVS would have liked to have done that. Unfortunately, GM holds the license, no chance for a reprint

  • Why did not you just keep building the 9-5NG ???

  • After all, NEVS has won such a new customer and some money in the cashier.

  • I'm slowly falling from one power to the other ...

  • a Saab from Turkey is not, as already written some time ago, your saab's, worried you parts that you might need or provides you to the possibility of a fight out. Drive your saab and let them become oldtimers, because at least there is nothing better for me than driving a saab no matter how old he is. If man / woman, of course, always wants to drive the newest and supposedly hottest car then you are here and so wrong.

  • I wonder if this was a general NEVS plan, because there was no obvious reason to discontinue production of the NEVS 9-3er or not to start it up at all. Well, retrospectively, it turns out that NEVS from the remaining) -3 parts (without GM) made a whole car against it to mock it. It has something ingenious, and for the first time I feel something like respect for NEVS.

    Unfortunately it will have been for “our Saabs” ... in 2020 to buy a mutilated 9-3- anno 2013 doesn't sound so tempting and since I don't assume NEVS ever had the intentions to revive Saab, I take care of my Saabs and get better or worse change .. but to what?

  • It's good for Saab and doesn't change anything. Nobody, I think, believed that a 9.3 would come back to life. That would be an old car - the last Saab 9.3 is not a classic and would only damage the brand.

    Inasmuch as remnants recycled and all the energy in the Phoenix platform and then perhaps with a Saab emblem?

    So for me a day of the new Saabs if there was a chance for it might be more possible even if I generally do not really believe it.

  • A good day for NEVS, no doubt. If it brings jobs to Troll Town, I'm fine. Thanks that the blog stays tuned, even if NEVS is not a light stuff!

  • The Turks used old technology / platforms from Fiat for their own models many years ago - so they have now significantly improved with the 9-3 platform.

    I myself have used these Fiat replicas as car hire on Turkey holidays several times in the past and I would be happy for a future Turkey vacation on a SAAB replica as a rental car properly.

    Finally, new SAAB models in Sweden will be built on the PHOENIX platform as planned. On the whole, really good news from Sweden. Keep it up!

  • The Turkish 9-3 / BLS replica will already have a certain technical standard.
    At a reasonable price, he could be quite competitive.
    In any case, I am glad that a little Saabgeist is allowed to live on.

    What NEVS is going to do in a few years' time is a whole different story.
    If the Saabzeichen stuck on it, then the technical requirements are much higher.

  • As I said, the 9-3 gives or gave it in at least two Elektrovarianten: A probably very good (SAAB, source of this blog) and a good one (NEVS, source of this blog). And that can be the deciding factor.
    The only thing that makes the original 9-3 look “out of date” in 5 years is that it is probably not built from an aluminum / steel (/ carbon fiber) mix, as is now standard. But this can be an advantage, especially in countries like Turkey, as repairs are much easier.
    But since Turkey only wants the platform and seems to want its own design, I do not see that as a problem myself.
    Either way, the platform is not lacking much to those of other manufacturers ... apart from platform fetishists like the VW Group.

  • I'm still waiting for the great miracle ala Borgward ...

  • Chinese and Turkish Saab derivatives show that the 9-3 and 9-5 platforms are still up-to-date for licensees. But maybe this only shows how little the car (in spite of all the hectic model changes and the attendant marketing talk) actually developed further?

    National mobile and the model policy (only one!) Such national companies have a pang of aftertaste for me. One thinks of Wartburg, Trabant, Dacia (the old ones) and many other national underpinnings which the real existing socialism produced.

    I have considerable doubts that Turkish car buyers - the market will eventually be global and open and Turkey is not a planned economy behind the iron curtain - will have a national vehicle prescribed. This is all mumpitz.

  • Is it a difference if 2013 is presented on this basis, like NEVS, or in the year 2020? I think the train has gone, a Lotus Elise is the absolute exception due to the genius of his platform.

  • Hmmm ... was not it mocked at this point that Dudenhöffer made fun of the outdated platform on the NEVS 9-3?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think a 10-20 year old platform is bad per se either.
    The first Tesla was based on the 10 years old Lotus Elise. Or look at the Seat Exeo, which was also based on the old A4 platform.

    Saab has already proven that the 9-3 can also be built as an electric car and that could have been the rage for Turkey.

    That probably has absolutely no meaning for a SAAB revival ... but NEVS will probably never happen again anyway. Let's hope that a group needs a traditional brand and then SAAB buys ... but with the SAAB spirit, it is not far away.

  • Well, anyway! There will be nothing to report about new Saab vehicles, new achievements, new ideas or new test's and that's a pity!

  • The sum has not been published, contract manufacturing is on the horizon - but there are still no facts.

  • A positive decision for the job market in and around the former “Troll City”. 🙂
    SAAB goes empty-handed.
    The 9-3 platform “lives” on, only without SAAB models. Cheaper and something like that, everyone can ... Let's see what the Turkish business people make of it ...
    The flow of information is becoming increasingly complex in spe:
    NEVS in Sweden a. China,
    Fa. Dongfeng in China and now also
    Information from Turkey.
    At the ex-company SAAB please stay tuned to the info!
    The blog is getting more and more complex ... like in “real” life! 🙂

  • A good decision, the Saab spirit lives on in Turkey.
    The old 9-5 platform is known to still live in China.
    There's nothing wrong with that, you do not have to buy yourself
    as a German. For Turks and Chinese definitely a win.

  • How much has Turkey paid for the platform? And for whom do you want to produce in the upkeep?

  • Hmmm ….

    All over the world car brands are “dying” (or are only living on under the umbrella of big brands), new car brands are usually difficult to get going.

    And now there should be a new but already obsolete state Turkish quasi-Saab descendants? What for? What shoud that?

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