Saab Inside - number 4

The fourth edition of Saab Inside has gone online today. The current issue is more Saab than ever and was filled with reading pleasure with the collaboration of readers and Saab friends. Already the cover picture - a 4-9 Viggen was selected in Eschborn - makes you want more ...

Saab Inside issue number 4
Saab Inside issue number 4

Reports from the Saab world - from Sweden, Norway to Switzerland - provide many pages of reading material. The current issue focuses on Saab in Switzerland. The Steffen Garage AG, has been on the market for 50 years and is closely associated with Saab. Daniel Blaesi, After Sales Country Manager, has been working for Saab and Orio Switzerland for many years, and a permanent contact for all Saab drivers and partners in the Alpine Republic. The Orio World delivers a compact update on the new central warehouse in Hesse and the new ordering system for the partners.

The story of Max and his Saab collection comes from Germany. His enthusiasm for Saab knows no bounds, and he now has 7 vehicles in his fleet, all of which are "Made by Trollhättan". Together with friend Henning, the cars are regularly moved; Appropriate husbandry is a matter of honor. The photo of the vehicle fleet is no longer up-to-date, however, the inventory has been optimized a bit in the last few days. A Saab was added, another changed hands. There is always movement - this is the material for a story of its own when blogger and Max meet soon as part of the Anna project ...

As always, the new edition of Saab Inside was sent to all registered members of the Saab Service Club. In addition to the special offers for spare parts and accessories, Orio Germany always guarantees that you will receive the latest edition - a good reason to register.

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  • Hello saab community. Drive yourself 2 saab 9-5 aero deer and a diesel. Both top vehicles we drive in the year about 50tkm the diesel I bought in 07.15 with 193tkm. I'm very satisfied. Before I had a Renault espace fully equipped bj 2013 that was the biggest mistake of my life. 10 months in my possession 40 tkm only driven 1 month in the workshop was not reliable. My dream is saab is resurrected and bring a combi 9-5 on the road I would immediately buy one. Ps have been so about 30 saab it was once used to dealer. If someone has to deliver a Saab 9-5 estate car from 2012, let me know.

  • Very Saabig! Many thanks to Orio and everyone involved!

  • Reading, perfect for the weekend!
    Thank you for that!
    I'm looking forward to it!

  • I'm looking forward to meeting Ana

    I'm looking forward to the magazine. Nice that there is still such a strong community!

    Have a nice Weekend

    • When is the meeting

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