Our Saab biotope may be cozy, but the world continues to change. Brands come and go ... sometimes they come back. They reinvent themselves - or continue as before. An old German brand from Bremen celebrates rebirth under the Asian sign. A manufacturer from Delbrück, briefly traded as a new star in the German vehicle sky, is reinventing itself completely.

Saab Aero X - dream car from Trollhattan
Saab Aero X - dream car from Trollhattan

We're talking about Artega, an exciting brand with as much potential as drama. The Artega GT, highly praised in the press, was certified as a Porsche hunter in 2007. The career was short - although at times there were almost 850 binding orders, the production of the GT ended after 153 copies. The thriller about the Artega brand can be guessed at. With the B6 Venator Concept based on Artega, Spyker and Victor Muller provided another, unfinished footnote on the history of Westphalia.

And there are still the rumors in the room about a completely developed, sinfully beautiful convertible based on Artega GT. If you speak to them, it becomes strangely quiet. No, I'm not an insider on Artega, it's just that small brands beyond the mainstream have always had my heart and interest. If you want to know more about the background, you should read the interview with founder Klaus Dieter Frers. Unfortunately, questions remain unanswered, but a little insight is granted.

Artega is back! Paragon CEO and Artega founder Klaus Dieter Frers bought back brand and knowledge, Artega showed presence at the IAA. The innovative GT is history, it will not be reissued. Which does not mean that the past in Delbrück would no longer matter. Artega mixes with the white GTR racing cars in motorsport, also waiting and modifying the produced vehicles in the factory. GT owners have not lost their home.

From the past, lessons have been learned. One rule might be that in the future you will not do what everyone is doing. The future of Artega is written purely electrically. First, fascinating proof of competence is the new Artega Scalo. Two synchronous high performance motors with a peak power of 195 KW each, an efficiency of up to 98%, a torque of 780 Nm catapult the Scalo in 3.6 seconds from 0 to 100. The range should be 400 kilometers, lightweight with polyurethane and carbon provide a weight of only 1.585 kilograms.

Twelve copies of the Scalo will be made to order; How much electrical innovation there is in the Scalo can be found in the press release from Paragon subsidiary Voltabox for the IAA.

As the second Artega product of the future, the Artege Karo is on the list of desirable options. According to the manufacturer a synthesis of quad, jet ski and scooter. I would like to think he is a fun mobile. The concept vehicle is ready for series production and shows that electric vehicles fit into interesting niches.

Artega is versatile in the present. Car supplier is watching in the background Paragon AG; Artega 2.0 focuses on development, homologation, production and prototyping. Who now reads parallels to a saga from Sweden, understood. Would Artega have been a blueprint for Saab?

Let us transfer the scenario from Westphalia to Västragötland ... Then you could read the following text on the blog, which in many parts is unfortunately pure fiction:

“Saab is making a comeback with an all-electric version of the Aero X. An electric super sports car from Sweden, innovative, fantastically beautiful, extremely expensive. Saab is back, the Aero X will be produced in 12 copies. A bang and finally what Saab and the friends of the brand deserve. Saab has always been progressive, unlike the others, the Aero X in its electric version is worthy of the brand's reputation.

In the pipeline is an electric two-seater, which will be available depending on the equipment as a pure Funmobil or green city car. Of course, the factory takes care of the Saab history. You are committed to history! Owners of classic Saabs can order restorations to the factory standard, the last conventional products from Trollhättan, the Saab 9-5 NG and the 9-4x are maintained with updates and adapted to individual customer requirements.

The Saab plant is open to external production, development and prototype construction. Contract work for other manufacturers is another pillar of the brand. ” Oops…

And already fiction and reality blur. We'll never see the Aero X electric super sports car. But we can shed a tear in the museum when we see him. An electric funmobile with the Saab logo also appears far away. Why actually? Think outside the box, go other ways than the crowd, that would have been a good fit.

Looking for special solutions ... be creative. We haven't seen any of this since 2012. Only NEVS Industrial Services became a reality, the order situation seems to be right there ... even if everything else is missing. Missed endless possibilities. Pity !

And now? Maybe an engineer in Sweden reads, finds the blueprint interesting, translates it to Saab proportions. Even more innovative, Swedish, crazy. That would be exciting.

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  • Compared to the Aero X, the Artega is an unfolded kitsch box.

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    An Aero X, I do not know. How many could have been deducted from the year? 1000, 2000 pieces? nobody can live from that. What has been missing or missing Saab is an evolution of the 93x. When I see how these Tiguans, Kugas and consorts are sold. Or the Volvo XC60. Unfortunately, Saab missed the train completely. A Saab middle SUV and I would buy it right now!

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      A medium-sized SUV from Saab was (almost) already available ... Based on the 9-3, very well developed, and on instructions from GM, the prototypes were scrapped. According to my information, it was around 2005. Saab would have had the right car on offer at the right time.

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    I already presented Tom den Artega in a Saab forum at the beginning of the IAA and that the purely electric one will become a Porsche hunter. Whether the 911 or the new all-electric Porsche….

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    At the moment NEVS is collecting capital, in China, in Turkey…. 400 hydrogen filling stations are to be built in Germany soon. The fuel cell appears ready for series production, and the increased networking of cars begins. Who knows what will soon be found in the place where the “fossil” engine is humming today? I find the automotive future exciting, why should NEVS not get involved? The technical potential is always there. And why shouldn't the new product be called SAAB?

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    I do not expect anything and watch! If something nice Saabiges comes out, cool. If not, then not.

  • The last message, cooperation with TUBITAK, again makes it clear that NEVS is developing further as a manufacturer and developer of other cars and thus tries to survive financially. Good of course, purely for business purposes, but we will never get Saab back. Let's take care of our Saabs as well as possible and show what Saab once was. Let us only dream what Tom writes here could one day become reality.

    • As I understand it, the electrosab is being developed further ?! Probably slower than expected, but already. And that NEVS tries to otherwise employ the developers, even with things that bring in money immediately, is good.

      That's what Porsche did. They had too many engineers for the few products and have therefore carried out contract work to exploit the development, for example for Seat. That did not hurt Porsche or Seat.

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    I can well imagine that SAAB AB might someday sell the rights to someone else ...

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      Funny, I already had that idea. NEVS will never bring SAAB back because it lacks everything. The funny sales action of the 9-3 is the last felling, more is not there anymore. In my opinion, the next 12 months will not survive, the plan and the background for success are missing.

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        It has already been informed several times that the NEVS business plan will be announced this fall.

        Currently you are still collecting money (selling the rights to the last 9-3) and then probably want to get a good start with additional additional business partners.

        Because of its own product portfolio, it would of course be advisable to resume talks with SAAB AB. Maybe something is already happening behind closed doors - it is well known that NEVS does not trumpet every activity in the style of a VM.

        I think we should definitely take the announcement of new SAAB models into account - incidentally, everything on the NEVS website still points to a SAAB revival ..

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          Blog author Michèl has a direct and good connection to NEVS, he will report if there is something in the business plan. The autumn extends until the end of December. Waiting is announced.

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    From whose pen actually comes the design of the AeroX
    Also interesting that the car saabuntypisch has a back-tilted window line

  • Exactly Troll4ever, we have to be patient. So far I think the NEVS is very sustainable. We've already had enough empty, hasty promises in the past.

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    Aero X does not work, GM has the rights and will not release them.
    But electric vehicles want to produce NEVS. If we're lucky,
    then they have some Saab spirit and the Saab logo. Still waiting for 3 years!

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      Where the rights of the individual studies are, the change of ownership in recent years makes it difficult to say. Even with a forecast of the next 3 years I have a hard time. There is a lot possible, in every respect.

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    It is still UNBELIEVABLE that the SAAB AERO X never really came true and that a lot has landed in the bin ... 🙁
    In fact, Tesla would certainly have made big eyes!
    Too bad.

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    The SAAB dream car ever! Had TESLA look old. To this day, I wonder why one did not have the courage to innovate new beginnings. Is probably over, there is no more.

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    Too good to be true.
    I am glad that I have at least the model in 1: 43 in a great packaging.
    The Aero is also a model as a dream. When visiting the Saabmuseum, of course, a picture had to be taken in front of the Aero

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    Oh man, unfortunately only fiction. That would have been it, NE .. builds the AERO X. But is not, may not think about it!

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