Saab Car Museum - the film

Saab Car Museum celebrates next weekend 40 years, The longing of the Saab fans, guardians of the historic Saab collection. We would like to be there, would visit Trollhättan.

Saab Car Museum - the movie
Saab Car Museum - the film

Saab friends from Switzerland bring us the Saab Car Museum home! The virtual tour through the halls, shot in the Ultra HD standard. The film is accompanied by music by Oh Laura. The song "Release Me" was released in 2007; in Sweden and other countries it was the official song for the Saab 9-3. But it became famous as a hidden request to GM to release Saab into independence.

The shooting in the Saab Museum and the production of the film were realized by fans from Switzerland. Highly infected with the Saab virus, they also operate the Saab hall in Altnau. Your mission: collect old Saabs, restore them, drive them. Every now and then a nice copy is for sale. This is how they ensure that Swedish passion stays on our roads. The History The Friends and their hall, marked by the Saab brand, was already 2013 theme on the blog.

There is no doubt that Saabs will continue to travel for many years to come. Saab hearts are not only in Switzerland, "Made in Trollhättan" is also popular in Germany. A well-known Saab traditional partner will expand. A beautiful, very cool new building will be built in 2016, and of course Saab will be there, along with another brand. This guarantees continuity, Saab passion and good service in the years to come.

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  • To howl nice. Sigh.

  • Perfect made little brother!

  • Watched the film yesterday, also impressed and today I bought my 4th Saab, a 93er 2.0T XWD with HP on 240 PS. The winter can come….

  • Thank you - a very nice film that makes the old Saab heart beat faster!

  • Brilliant!!! The weather here on the Baltic Sea is great, my fingers itch. I could sit in a SAAB and start up…. 🙂.

  • Very very nice!

  • Thank you, David 🙂… a small slope and some damp grass is enough…!
    ps The convertible is an 89er and not 98er vintage!

  • Really good!!

  • SAAB spirit with Swiss eyes ... 🙂 Wonderful and THANK YOU for this great implementation!
    It also becomes clear why the blog subscriptions continue to increase ... 😉 It's good to drive SAAB!

  • But that must have been a daring photo shoot
    get well!

  • “Keep calm” inevitably, “drive SAAB” will unfortunately not work for the next 7 - 8 weeks ... I broke my right leg 98 900/1 weeks ago because of a photo shoot of my 1 2 convertible ... ouch ... :-(! What do you do not everything for the beloved SAAB's ;-)!

  • Many Thanks. Also to my girlfriend, who had it on Sweden vacation this year not easy with me. For example, because the suitcase was actually too small for my camera rail :-))
    I have a few other Filmschnippsel which I will cut together on occasion.

    Keep kalm and drive a Saab!
    Greetings from Lake Constance

  • Bravo, just Bravo ... well done, awesome ... :-)!

  • An absolutely impressive and very emotional atmosphere ………. !!

  • Goose bumps ! With a crying eye.

    SAAB lives on ... In my heart forever.

    Great video ..

  • Big compliment to the initiators! The atmosphere of the museum is perfect, almost like visiting Trollhättan!

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