Saabig… 43/15 Electric people's cars

Almost 900 entries in Google News in the Turkish press. There are hardly any reactions in Sweden, and with some delay the news fires in Germany. A Turkish folk car, also electric, comes on Saab 9-3 base.

Saab ePower Concept
Saab ePower Concept

There were many short messages on the subject, and also the shortness offers the opportunities for prescribing. You just have to know the possibilities. Here are the best quotes of the week:

Prescribers at Fokus:

"Most recently, NEVS tried unsuccessfully to bring an electric version of the Saab 9-3 onto the market together with the Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng."

Prescriber or Reality? Does the focus anticipate the future? The reality: The NEVS EV for China is planned for 2017 or 18. We'll see in two or three years whether the focus is right.

Prescriber at

"The basis of the vehicle should be the pre-developed electric version of the no longer produced Saab 9-3."

Prescriber or reality? Reality: Pre-engineered versions of the 9-3 have gone down with the Saab Automobile AB 2011. NEVS relies on other suppliers and technologies. The NEVS EV is in the prototype stage.

Prescribers at the Donaukurier:

“The cars are not allowed to be called Saab; the arms company Saab has the trademark rights. "

Prescriber or reality? The reality: The thing is still unclear. NEVS still uses the Saab logo, Sweden is divided. The Saab AB is silent, but since NEVS has completed the process of reconstruction, the advantage should lie with NEVS.

Prescriber at the Krone Zeitung:

"Saab, created in 1949 from the spin-off of the arms company of the same name ..."

Prescriber or reality? The reality: Since 1947, the brave group of Saab-producing Swedes was a division of the arms company. Airplanes and cars were built in the same halls for a while, the Saab 95 is a fine example. Since 1969 the company traded under Saab-Scania AB, only 1990, the Saab Automobile AB was founded and split off.

How is it feasible to pack so many prescribers into so many reports? The reason is probably the press work at NEVS, which does not take place internationally. Saab is of interest, still. Interest meets a vacuum that nobody wants to fill.


The business with the 9-3 seems, as far as the prototypes are concerned, according to Turkish sources, not free of problems. Yesterday a list was released, the prototypes are called Phoenix 1.0 and 1.1. In addition to the sedans of a station wagon and cross-over the speech. That, and the electrification, could lead to the conclusion that NEVS has sold prototypes on the Phoenix platform.

The factual situation is timely, there is only one Turkish source whose authenticity we can not verify. There is no confirmation from NEVS.

Phoenix platform?
Phoenix platform?

National Electric Vehicle Sweden… is coming.

But the electric car is coming from Sweden! Not from the city, as we expect, not from the plant in question. It will carry the Volvo logo, will be on the market in 2019, and by 2020 every 10th Volvo is to be driven through the area purely electrically or as a plug-in hybrid.

Volvo speaks of a range of 500 kilometers, a new mid-size SUV will be the first Volvo of modern times to be electric. That's nice for Volvo, but for NEVS people it has to be frustrating ... especially for Saab fans!

Because Saab has always been the more innovative brand. In year 4 of the takeover by NEVS there is (so far) nothing more to be seen. The balance since summer 2012: zero. National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB has to be careful that it is not the other brand that is bringing the Swedish electric car into series production.

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    Thanks, Tom for the state of things. Also looking forward to the upcoming Saab articles.

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    This whole Turkey story really only raises questions….
    1. Has NEVS sold the Phoenix platform or does Tübitak only allow use?
    2. Or maybe you have. but only sold the rights to the 9-3 Sedan? (The optics of the prototypes would speak for this ... or are they Phoenix Mulettos)
    3. What will become of the development partnership with Dongfeng if you sell the Phoenix platform to Turkey?
    4. How do you want to reactivate SAAB without Phoenix (if you ever wanted to)

    And who can give answers to these questions: Only NEVS ... and they should be interested in it if NEVS doesn't want to lose the last bit of seriousness ....

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      I hope that Michèl picks up the topic again and maybe gets it directly from Nevs answers. I'll try an answer regardless.
      To 1: Nevs developed for Dong Feng (?) And Tübitak vehicles on the Phoenix platform. Customers pay for the service, and if it's running optimally, Nevs gets (maybe) royalties per vehicle produced.
      To 2: Old Saab 9-3 were in THN with Phoenix platform as test vehicles on the way. The look says nothing, the deal goes with the Phoenix platform.
      To 3: I assume that the partnership with Dong Feng is up to date. Tübitak would not have exclusivity like Dong Feng.
      To 4: That can only answer Nevs.

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      I think NEVS does not really care what is meant, meant or hoped for here. Cars as we wish them, will not get more !! At least no Saab

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        That's right, European customers were always irrelevant. That's why my next article is again about the actual topic of the blog: Saab.

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          Good choice

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    I'm curious how long NEVS financially endures.
    I would not be surprised if NEVS soon becomes a case for the Swedish state prosecutor.

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    Allegedly, NEVS did not deliver the prototypes on time ... and the EV prototype should not have been to the satisfaction of the customer ...
    If you already have problems there, how can you develop a product that does justice to the name SAAB?

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      NEVS = No more SAAB's!

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      A prototype is a prototype ;-) ... Seriously: When Mark and I were on the road with Saab pre-series vehicles in 2011, we were told what everything could be. Vehicles that are built by hand are special and have defects. What is unusual, however, is that Nevs’s Turkish partner publishes these things.

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    Name and platform stood for a possible resurrection of SAAB.
    Now there are increasing indications that both are only part of a bankruptcy estate for NEVS that has been taken over and wants to realize ...

    What would a new SAAB from Sweden (if it ever came) still have to do with the old ones?
    And what about the company that once was SAAB Automobile AB or even SAAB-Scania AB.

    I think the point has been reached where every new SAAB would be a retort child with no parents and no pedigree. Something like the VW Bugatti or the new Borgward.

    The SAAB history seems to flow into the vehicles of other manufacturers anyway.

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      The break is there, the point is reached, not just now. You see, or rather read, in the comments. NEVS did not succeed in claiming the subject of Saab successfully. If you deliberately drive Saab, you will be spoiled for your own personal luxury, also because he does not like NEVS anymore.
      The fact that Nevs does not draw any conclusions from the problems of the past can be seen in the handling of the Phoenix platform. A very positive thing is made negative, by deficiencies in the media work.

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    Hi Tom,

    I can only agree with you, it is always interesting what journalists make of a message over time. There is no research, but always felt somewhere to be copied. So that this is not recognized, the message is changed slightly and at some point something completely different comes out. Especially if it is combined with your own memories or other information that no longer fit together etc.pp ..
    This not only affects SAAB, but all sorts of news, unfortunately also very topical. Nothing with impartial and neutral ... no, rather opinion-making.
    As a reader, it is always very, very difficult to find out the truth of the 2 pages of a medal

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    Well written, Tom.
    But I'm starting to cry.
    What did we miss here?

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    About the film: Already a bad example back then: the driver is not buckled up and drives on a public road ... 🙁 If it's a perfect idea, then right!
    Press article: I have also noticed for some time in the local and national press that there is sometimes poor / inadequate research 🙁. Not everything that is in the newspaper is believable! Unfortunately ... The NEVS does a "special" public relations work is another topic ...
    NEVS-EL / Volvo-EL: Volvo will probably be the first company with Swedish roots that will be partially electric in Europe / worldwide 🙂, according to my previous knowledge / understanding, NEVS only has the Chinese domestic market in mind ... 🙁. The former "competitive situation" has won Volvo ...

    THANKS to Tom for bringing "light" into these dark pages of SAAB history! Thus, the blog remains a source for hot SAAB information! 🙂
    I'm curious what the Turkish engineers will do with the good old 9-3 ...

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      It is, according to current information, not the old 9-3. But Phoenix should learn to fly there.

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    And what, if it's not just the name Phoenix, but THE Phoenix platform ??

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    Was the more innovative brand, was! With NEVS she will probably not be it anymore!

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