Saab Memories - Dealer Tour 2011

Yesterday 4 years ago, on October 24, 2011, the Saab dealer tour started in Germany. Initiated to give Saab partners an exclusive look at the new models from Trollhättan, it became a Saab fan tour through the integration of the blog.

Saab dealer tour 2011 - Saab center Kiel
Saab dealer tour 2011 - Saab Center Kiel

The German idea grew into an international event. The two Saab 9-5 sports cars from the pre-series and the two 9-4x, which we at the 23. Followed in October before the factory, then drove in Austria, France and Spain.

The days were dramatic, exciting, improvised. Constantly in contact with Trollhättan. Matthias Seidl, Executive Director Sales, informed every minute about the development. Time pressure, long stretches, many talks, short nights. The teams of Saab Germany did everything to keep the flag in the wind. The interest of Saab customers and press was enormous.

Today, a few years later, we know that all commitment could not save the brand. The fight for Saab - it is part of the great Nordic saga. We were a small part of it. The dramatic Saab days of the Saab dealer tour 2011, with many pictures never before shown, can be seen on Facebook relive. Since yesterday we have been publishing photos of the individual stations from our large Saab archive; we show what it looked like behind the scenes. Saab memories at their best. Now to be rediscovered every day!

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  • Both Team 2 vehicles are in Switzerland and have the same owner. “My” station wagon is stationed in Spain, the current owner has a holiday home there.

  • Hi Max.

    By the way…. Information about the whereabouts of some cars can be found on various other nice sites on the internet. 😉

    The new 9-5SC even has its own website with a list (and Facebook account):

    For the 9-4 there is something here and there, for example - often here:
    ... and some nice comparisons / reports: (great comparison pictures I find) (unfortunately the 3rd page is currently "hacked" due to a server failure some time ago)

  • Really a very, very great action! Back then it was really a very exciting and exciting time ... 🙂
    If there was really a photo post on the blog, it would be exciting to find out what happened to the vehicles =)

    Then as today just a great action!

  • The dealer tour was and still is my only live contact with the new 9-5 SC.

    A really impressive and impressively beautiful car. My personal SAAB world would be much better if just as many SC had been delivered before the end as before sedans ...

    Meaning, if you 1. a realistic chance of one and the 2. not too rare and precious to serve as an everyday vehicle.

  • After all, the Phoenix platform has survived. Let's see what's going on there with Saab genes in a few years.

  • Yes, they are really great pictures, but from today's point of view also very depressing, that everything, but also completely everything has gone down the drain! Classics certainly have something, new cars but also!

  • And for me, the photos are twice as cool! Because both vehicles are in the same garage again next to each other! GWM 850 and LGT 265! Furthermore, a beautiful sight. I would like to have more photos from the tour! Thank you!

  • Is the question under what sign you organized something. For many dealers, classics and youngsters from Trollhättan are becoming increasingly important. Clearly, stock and community are shrinking, creating an exciting market for Saab infected enthusiasts who just want to drive Saab and not. Let's see what the year brings 5 after the tour, 2016.

  • At the end of the virtual Facebook tour, we consider bringing a photo post on the blog. Nothing is promised, but we stay tuned.

  • The only ones who would benefit from such a tour would be Orio. But they earn their living with spare parts for the vehicle stock. Something like that only makes sense when there is something new and unfortunately there is nothing. If there is nothing new, you unfortunately have to put up with the fact that the Saab community is shrinking rather than expanding in the medium and long term. With the exception of the classic car scene, you can't really win new customers with old cars. The 2011 tour was about showing that there was something new and of course about getting customers excited about the new vehicles.

  • If the tour had not existed at the time, I would def. (unfortunately) drive no more Saab !!
    In 2012 I already had two cars for sale: a VW station wagon and an “old” 9-5 SC.

    Had the tour (and partly synonymous partly through the blog) not convinced that you can continue to drive a few more years Saab, I would probably be in something today from the VW Group.

    The VW was then sold in 2012, but the Saab was upgraded a bit and then “swapped” again in 2014!

    It's good that things turned out differently after all! 😉

  • there was still some hope, was there in Leipzig. I don't think anyone is doing the tour today, possibly as a season ...

  • I agree; are there any other ways to look at these pictures?
    I canceled my Facebook account more than 6 years ago.

  • Really a pity, were exciting times. The idea with the tour is great, only who organizes and who has the time

  • I understand the wish, we made a conscious decision to use FB as the medium for this campaign. Since we will bring pictures of the tour and the intermediate stops several times a day over the next few weeks, FB offers itself as a platform for uncomplicated posting. Our free time is limited, the blog is a more complex and demanding medium and should remain “free” for other articles

  • Too bad that I did not have anything to do with Saab at the time and missed this great action.

    Perhaps one could (right now) repeat a tour like this to show the public that Saab is still there and to support the service partners / Orio. Just not with new cars, but with everything that Saab offers today ... youngtimers, oldies or even more recent models

  • Hello ... really nice pictures ... but once I join the mac9-5, I would also like to see the other pictures ... and that without a Facebook account, it would be great if that could be made possible.

    Have a nice rest Sunday for all of you.

  • Had a nice after effect with you 🙂 Yes, for all other pictures it needs a Facebook account. Facebook is just part of everyday digital life among many readers.

  • Good Morning.

    Nice pictures here in the report!
    (So ​​far only knew the "rear" part of Kiel)

    Too bad that one unfortunately needs a Facebook account for the others, right?

    PS: The dealer tour was really something great and, for example, the presentation in HB was somehow a bit “lasting” for me! 😉

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