SAAB-Erik Nielsen's "Sleeping Beauties"

This year Tobias finally managed to convince me that a visit to the north of Denmark was a better decision than a stressful working week. And so I went once again to the incomparable region of Thy in Northern Jutland. This time it should be a very special trip ...

SAAB-Erik Nielsen's "Sleeping Beauties"
SAAB-Erik Nielsen's "Sleeping Beauties"

My meanwhile 32 year young SAAB 900 Sedan presented itself this year finally well equipped for the ride over 1000 km. TRIBORON lubricated and thanks to the good maintenance by the SAAB service Gaworski I had no doubt about a trouble-free round trip. Lively with my eyes were still experiences of past rides, when just as the campground in Klitmöller was reached with howling release camp or the engine overcooked in a Danish traffic jam.

Besides wind and waves, this time there was another reason for the long journey. My friend Götz had told me about a fantastic SAAB farm near the town of Thisted, which I absolutely must! must look.

The decision in the windsurfing World Cup had fallen and my own water sports activities were finished now it was time to go to the mysterious tip of Götz to the bottom. I dialed the phone number and an elderly friendly gentleman answered. We agreed on the exchange in English and he invited me in about one hour on his property. After a short and eventful journey I finally found the yard. Some older SAAB 900 and a black 93 greeted weathered from the driveway. The elderly gentleman greeted me happily shortly after my arrival. My old SAAB 900 and the SAAB service Gaworski License plate holder did the rest and we were already engrossed in conversation. As I learned later, SAAB-Erik used to deliver a few cars to the Gaworskis and of course they had a very good memory of him.

Now I went on a tour of discovery over the spacious property and as a SAAB enthusiast my heart was pounding. First we went to the large warehouse, which is crammed with rare SAAB parts. In his over 40 years of SAAB passion, SAAB-Erik has collected an undisclosed number of spare parts, especially for the 92, 96, 99, 900 and 9000 series. The variety and the sheer mass almost took my breath away. Engines, wearing parts, fenders, used 96s, interesting restoration objects, vehicles in good condition, this list could go on and on ... After the warehouse, we went over to the courtyard building. Spare parts of all ages were stored right up to the last corner of the roof structure, which with their unique patina and history create a wonderfully enchanted atmosphere on the property. This farm was definitely worth the long journey.
SAAB-Erik told me that interested people might like to drop by because he no longer runs the workshop and he now sells the parts. He can not get all the parts online and that's why he prefers visits.

The farm is conveniently located just a few kilometers from Thisted. Once you have reached the Fulda sign, you are on the right track. The contact details are:

SAAB-Erik Nielsen
Ballerumvej 1127700 Thisted
Denmark 0045-20492698

Finally, SAAB-Erik told me the secret of the little blue additional springs from Holland. They were actually only developed so that the 900 was not too obvious for the border guards in the ubiquitous private alcohol smuggling at the German-Danish border in the 1980s. My father also had additional equipment with similar intentions in his aerodynamic model from Ingolstadt. It was called "ski bag". When it comes to alcohol, this generation of fathers developed an amazing inventive spirit ...

Thank you SAAB-Erik I never want to forget this great visit!

Saab reader cup 2015
Saab reader cup 2015

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  • Wonderful! Such people make the salt in the SAAB soup!
    The next time you visit the north of DK, the date in Thisted is on the note….

  • Thank you for this very nice report! While reading, it becomes very clear to me again that it is people like Erik Nielsen who fill the Saab spirit with life and not just any Kai-something or NEVS press offices ...

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